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FGMCC Meet Photos
2001 Meet in Indianapolis, IN


Indianapolis 2001 Review!

2nd Annual FGMCC Meet
Indianapolis, IN
July 12, 13, 14, & 15 2001
The Super Chevy Show
Members Present: 26


Club Sponsored Awards:

President's Choice Winner - James Conkright
1971 Lime Green 350

Member's Choice Winner - Tim Smith
1970 Shadow Gray SS 454

Long Distance Driver - Walter Wojciechowski
St. Petersburg, Florida
1970 Gobi Beige 350

 Super Chevy Show Award Winners:

70-72 Monte Carlo Stock Winner - Ron Bozarth
1970 Black Monte Carlo 350

70-72 Monte Carlo Stock Runner-Up - James Conkright
1971 Lime Green Monte Carlo 350

70-72 Monte Carlo Stock Runner-Up - Kevin Wiles
1970 Black Cherry Monte Carlo 350

70-71 Monte Carlo Street Winner - Tim Smith
1970 Shadow Gray Monte Carlo SS 454

70-71 Monte Carlo Street Runner-Up - John Kolb
1970 Black Monte Carlo 502

70-71 Monte Carlo Street Runner-Up - Les Lugibihl
1971 Black Monte Carlo 402

72 Only Street Winner - Dave Salisbury
1972 Red w/ Black SS Stripes Monte Carlo 402

72 Only Monte Carlo Street Runner-Up - Adum Munn
1972 Placer Gold Monte Carlo 402

72 Only Monte Carlo Street Runner-Up - Len Waites (non club member)

70-72 Monte Carlo Modified Winner - JR Kulikowski
1970 Cortez Silver Monte Carlo SS 454

70-72 Monte Carlo Modified Runner-Up - Jim McLaughlin (non club member)

70-72 Monte Carlo Modified Runner-Up -  Gary Brizenbine (non club member)

Super Chevy Featured Car and Top Ten Editors Choice - Tim Smith
1970 Shadow Gray Monte Carlo SS 454

Best Overall Monte Carlo (any year) - JR Kulikowski
1970 Cortez Silver Monte Carlo SS 454

and finally…

Club Participation Award Winner
First Generation Monte Carlo Club!

Club Awards revealed!

The club awards (Members choice, Presidents choice, and Long distance driver) are very cool.  No shiny gold trophies here, but instead something very very unique.  It’s a 1/24 scale metal model of a first gen. Monte which has been completely decked out with the club logo on the roof, the name of the award on the door, “Indianapolis 2001” on the trunklid, and “FGMCC” all over the hood.  The President’s choice award is signed by me, Kevin Wiles.  They are displayed in a clear display case.  These awards have been mailed out to the winners.  


The President's Choice Award 

Stellaä talks about INDY  

Wow!  What a trip!  This had to be the best gathering I had ever been to.

Those fortunate ones who were there know what I am talking about.  There are no words to describe the excitement around having so many fine First Generation Monte Carlo's gathered in one place.  I couldn't sleep.  I would wake up at 6:30 in the morning every day and look out my hotel window to see if anyone had started gathering around their cars.  I didn't need an alarm (except for the first day when my Mom woke me up at 7:00 ).  It seemed like there were new Monte's too look at everyday.  All types of Monte's were there.  Restored ones.  In Progress.  Modified.  Stock.  And just about every color was there too.  

There was so much going on during the weekend, there was no way that anyone could be present for every thing, but here are my highlights.  I know many of you have your own.  One of my highlights was having the opportunity to meet John Moss in Person.  He was kind enough to autograph one of my sales brochures, my 'More car then it has to be' ad, my new vehicle warranty, and my owner’s manual.  What a guy!  Of course, I will always remember Pete_72_Monte flying by me on the interstate going 90+ MPH, crossing 3 lanes of traffic, only to have the Indianapolis Police right behind him.  The fact he never got pulled over will always amaze me.  What a cool cop!

I also will always remember all the nice drag cars that were present for the show.  I think the favorite of everyone was the "Cool Bus Fun System" bus.  It ran 12's in the 1/2 mile!  Then there was John Moss's Street legal Camaro, which was in the 9's.  Of course there were the Jet Cars!  What a rush it must be to drive one of those!

I think everyone found something that they needed in the swap meet.  There were tons of vendors present with plenty of Monte Carlo stuff around.  I was able to find a new mirror for my Iroc.  In the vendor area I found lots of cool bolts for my Monte, POR-15, and new carpeting for my husband's Firebird, and some weatherstripping pieces for my Monte.

I for one will miss all the comradery from this gathering, taking up 3 parking spaces with our fold-up chairs talking, eating cold pizza, and drinking beer until the early hours in the morning.  Just getting to know each other, however, I felt like I knew everyone already from talking to them for the past year on the boards.

I would like to thank everyone for coming and I hope to see even more of you at the next gathering.  I know for sure there will be one extra since my Mom just got a 70!!

Some Things I learned from Indy by Stella Cooper

1. Kevin Wiles can toss a tire farther then anyone, givin a extra try.

2. If you don't want to share your finds at the swap meet with the other 1st gen owners you will catch holy hell

3. Hotel continental breakfasts aren't too bad.

4. Konrad can adjust the heck out of a 1st gen hood.

5. If you drive dark green 72 Monte Carlo's you can run red lights and cut people off.

6. It only takes 6 people to put together a Super Chevy Runner up winner in a hotel parking lot.

7. You don't even need to have a driver's license to have the sweetest Monte Carlo in the bunch.

8. The saying of the weekend should have been "hood up, everybody gather"

9. Pete is the luckiest 'big nasty bastard' I know. Just ask the Indianapolis Police Department.

10. And it doesn't matter how much more chrome someone has then me, I will always be the chrome queen.

11. It just goes to show you if you have enough 1st gen owners show up in a parking lot, you will have a complete auto repair shop.

Indy Review Continued by Kevin Wiles

Its been over 2 months since the 2nd annual FGMCC meet and it is still fresh in my mind.  The greatest thing about the meet was seeing the faces that go along with the names I’ve seen on the message board of the site and on these mailing labels.  Not only did we get to meet with each other it was time to meet their Montes!  We had a very diverse crowd of Monte’s there.  From the stock look of Walter Wojciechowski’s 1970 named “Yvonne” to Andreas Kwetkus’ radically customized 1971 or how about John Kolb’s 502 Big Block Monster. We had those and everything in between.  A Super Chevy judge told me that we blew the roof off the old record for 70-72 Monte Carlos at a single event.  There were over 30 First Generation Monte Carlos in attendance with about 25 of those being club members.  The old record is probably around 8. The majority of those there who were not club members simply because they did not know about us, are now club members.  We had all our club members parked lined up behind the main SCS tent with a small shade tent with a big FGMCC banner on it.  It was a great backdrop to all of the events that took place in that tent including the big award ceremony.

Speaking of awards, there were so many Monte Carlo’s there that they split up the awards in many categories.  They even split up the First Gen Montes into several categories.  There were 71 total Monte Carlos there; all generations represented.  So we all got to see what the Monte Carlo has evolved into over the years. Many jaws were dropped by John Moss’ 1995 Monte Carlo. The 95-99 Monte is the Fifth Generation.  They all had V6 front wheel drive 4spd auto, not very exciting but…..  This particular one had gone through GM’s special car division “toybox”  It boasted a big V8 LT1 with rear wheel drive and a 5 speed manual transmission.  The body had been given the wide fender flare treatment.  Very sharp car.  With all the attention this car was getting, it makes you wonder how much longer it will be until GM starts giving us what we really want.  Rear wheel drive V8!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that’s why trucks are so popular today!

I really believe that every single club member enjoyed the meet tremendously.  Everything went as expected and the turnout was even better than expected.  One of the highlights of the show was when the club won the “Best Club Participation” award.  We were competing with the “Hot Rods from Hell” club all weekend.  It is pretty amazing that a club that specifies one particular model and generation can get this type of award. It was close, but we did it, and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who trekked all the way to Indy to be with us.  It was a special weekend that I will never forget.


Ron Bozarth

James Conkright

Tim Smith

Kevin Wiles

Les Lugibihl

John Kolb

Dave Salisbury

Adam Munn

Andreas Kwetkus

JR Kulikowski

Leo Konik

Bill Henry

Konrad Shaaf

Eli Brown

Lon Szabo

Kim Rambow

Roy Rearick

Richard Bond

William Pardue

Walter Wojciechowski

Stella Cooper

Pete McLearen

© 2017 FGMCC  

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