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FGMCC Meet Photos
Western Meet in Bend, OR


Bend, Oregon
August 8-10, 2014

August 8-10, 2014
Bend, OR
Members Present: 15

Members and Monte Carlos in Attendance

1970 SS454 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Blue interior
Owned by Jay Marsh of Bend, OR
1970 - Black Cherry, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Doug and LeAnne Braudrick of San Jose, CA
1970 - Forest Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Kevin Wick of Silverdale, WA
(with brother Steve [left], son Justin and daughter-in-law Sunny)
1970 SS454 - Black Cherry, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Tim and Gwen Oest of Oak Harbor, WA
1971 - Blue, Black interior
Owned by Craig Anderson of Richland, WA
1971 SS454 - Cranberry Red, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Aaron & April Dodsworth of Summerland, BC, Canada
1971 - Blue, Black top, Black interior
Owned by Terry Stevens of McMinville, OR
1971 - Mulsanne Blue, White vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Vaughn and Kathie Peoples of High River, AB, Canada
1971 - Burnt Orange, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
Owned by Cameron Lewis of Reno, NV
1972 - Green, Black interior
Owned by Jack Young of Milwaukie, OR
(with son Jacob)
1972 Custom - Brown, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Roy and Sue Bunjes of Airdrie, AB, Canada
1972 Custom - Classic White, Black interior
Owned by Doug Cameron of Portland, OR
1972 - Gulf Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Keith and Rosa Golanowski of Calgary, AB, Canada
1972 - Gulf Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Lon Wilburn of Snoqualmie, WA
1972 - Gulf Green, Black vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Matt and Christine Hilla of Portland, OR

The 2014 Western Meet
by Aaron Dodsworth


This was the second road trip in our 1971 Monte Carlo for April and I and it was another fun drive. Thursday was our second day of driving and we met up with several members driving from Alberta shortly after crossing the Columbia River into Oregon. I always enjoy that moment of reunion with the gang. We carried on to Bend in search of the hotel. Upon arrival we saw Doug had already arrived from California and was pleased to see our group roll in. We quickly took over an area of the parking lot for the weekend and the meet was officially under way. As usual, it did not take long to settle in and start sharing great stories among new and old friends.


After a relaxing Friday morning cleaning cars, we spent part of the day at Drake Park which was the location of the Flashback Cruz car show during the weekend. While the guys were doing car stuff, many of the ladies in the group went shopping and they seemed united to punish the guys for the money we spend on car parts, by spending even more money. The evening entailed a good dinner out and relaxing at the hotel.

Please click on the image to enlarge

Lining up for the cruise to Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Hotel parking lot

Hotel parking lot

Hotel parking lot

Working on Kevin's Monte

Kathy, Rosa, Sue and Christine

Matt being Matt


Saturday we arrived early at Drake Park for the car show and we had more great weather. The park was a beautiful setting along the Deschutes River in downtown Bend. Jay, Keith and Vaughn received sponsor awards at the show in the form of a ribbon that appeared on the windshield and followed up with some hardware. The FGMCC also received the club participation award later that afternoon.

We assembled our cars in preparation for the evening cruise around downtown Bend. Since the club was a recipient of an award, we were part of the first group of cars entering the cruise and it was a great site to see all our cars cruising two-wide through the streets. After doing a couple laps around the cruise route, we stopped for dinner in downtown before driving back to the hotel.

Flashback Cruz Award Winners

Sponsor Pick Keith Golanowski - 1972
Sponsor Pick Vaughn Peoples - 1971
Sponsor Pick Jay Marsh - 1970
Club Participation First Generation Monte Carlo Club

The group with the Club Participation award
Back row: Terry Stevens, Steve Wick, Kevin Wick, Aaron Dodsworth, Tim Oest, Vaughn Peoples, Matt Hilla, Doug Cameron
Front row: Keith Golanowski, Jack Young, Cameron Lewis, Jay Marsh, Roy Bunjes, Jacob Young

Video of Monte Carlos at the show

Video of the downtown cruise


Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Drake Park

Jack's flames

Kathy, Rosa and April

Jay, Aaron and Steve (Cameron's son)

Jay, Keith and Vaughn with their sponsor pick awards

Vaughn's sponsor pick ribbon

Keith's sponsor pick ribbon

Jay's sponsor pick ribbon

Roy... need I say more

Aaron's Lego 1971 Monte

Roy and Sue's bear collectiion

Aaron and April's 1971 SS454 Monte

Jay's 1970 SS454 Monte

Lon's 1972 Monte

Matt and Christine's 1972 Monte

Terry's 1971 Monte

Keith and Rosa's 1972 Monte

Doug's 1972 Custom Monte

Cameron's 1971 Monte

Vaughn's 1971 Monte

Kevin's 1970 Monte

Tim and Gwen's 1970 SS454 Monte

Roy and Sue's 1972 Custom Monte

Doug and LeAnne's 1970 Monte

Jack's 1972 Monte

Vaughn's factory 402 4-speed

Kevin's factory 402 4-speed

Tim's "454" (actually a 571) with a 4-speed

Roy's 350

Doug's 402

Cameron's 350

Doug's 402

Keith's 350

Terry's 454

Matt's 350

Lon's 350

Jay's 454

Aaron's 454

Jack's 402

Cameron's interior

Jack's interior

Doug's interior

Roy's interior

Kevin's interior

Vaughn's interior

Aaron's interior

Jay's interior

Lon's interior

Matt's interior

Terry's interior

Keith's interior

Doug's interior

Staging for the dowtown cruise

Staging for the dowtown cruise

Gwen and Tim

Sunny and Justin

Christine and Matt


Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Downtown cruise

Parked downtown

Dinner in downtown Bend



Sunday was another beautiful day for the last day of meet activities. In the morning we had a nice long cruise up to Mt Bachelor after a late breakfast. Once at the base of the ski hill, many of us took the chair lift up to capture the spectacular views. We returned to the hotel in the afternoon to get ready for the FGMCC banquet. We cruised to Jay’s house for the banquet dinner, awards and door prizes. Jay’s house was a great setting to have the BBQ and present the awards. Matt also presented two additional awards from Hot Maple Foods. Not long after we got back to the hotel, a thunderstorm rolled in and soaked everything in sight. We took shelter by the building and had one last night of laughs.

FGMCC Award Winners

Best Interior Keith Golanowski - 1972
Best Paint Doug Braudrick - 1970
Robyn Lance Best Engine Matt Hilla - 1972
George Lines Best Modified Jack Young - 1972
Best Wheels Lon Wilburn - 1972
Best Stock Vaughn Peoples - 1971
Best Non-Restored Jay Marsh - 1970
Meet Director's Choice Jack Young - 1971
Ronnie Bryan Longest Distance Driven Roy Bunjes - 1972 (825 Miles)
Hard Luck Kevin Wick - 1970 (Electrical & trailer)
Konik's Klassiks Attention to Detail Doug Braudrick - 1970
Hot Maple Foods Hottest Monte Carlo Tim Oest - 1970
Hot Maple Foods Get Saucy Award Roy and Sue Bunjes
Congratulations to you all!


Cruise to Mt. Bachelor

Cruise to Mt. Bachelor

Cruise to Mt. Bachelor

Cruise to Mt. Bachelor

At the base of Mt. Bachelor

At the base of Mt. Bachelor

At the base of Mt. Bachelor

Keith, Rosa, Kathy and Vaughn on the chair lift

View of the Montes from the chair lift

On Mt. Bachelor: Matt, Christine, Vaughn, Kathy, Rosa, Keith, Aaron, April, Jacob and Jack

Banquet at Jay's house

Banquet at Jay's house

Best interior - Keith

Best paint - Doug

Best engine - Matt

Best modified - Jacob and Jack

Best wheels - Lon

Best stock

Best non-restored

Meet director's choice - Jack

Longest distance - Roy

Hard luck - Kevin

Attention to detail - Doug

Hottest Monte - Tim

Get saucy - Roy and Sue

Door prizes

Jack with his door prize

Parked at Jay's house

Parked at Jay's house

Parked at Jay's house

At Jay's house
Back row: Aaron, Keith, Kevin, Tim, Lon, Doug, Roy, Jay
Front row: Jacob (Jack's son), Matt, Cameron, Jack, Vaughn

The meets always seem to end too soon and this one was no exception. Monday morning came and we all headed in a direction toward home and reflected on a great meet. The fun will continue at the next Western Meet in Penticton, BC.

A special thank you goes out to Jay for hosting the FGMCC awards banquet at his house.

My First Western Meet
by Doug Braudrick

5 years ago I embarked on a journey to build a first generation Monte Carlo. I wanted a SS454 but could not find the right one and ended up with a 402 car. My goal was to add every option factory correct and soon found the First Generation Monte Carlo Club. The vast wealth of information on the website was amazing and contacts through the club were key to the success of the build. Along the way I ended up chatting with Aaron and he suggested I attend a Western Meet when the car was done and that became a goal.

My wife, LeAnne and I drove the Monte 500 miles from our home in San Jose, California and showed up at noon on Thursday. We were the first ones there. I waited with anticipation and soon the special Monte parking area was full of cars and people I had never met before. The only thing nicer than the cars were the people who owned them. The beverages flowed, the pizza was consumed and many jokes and stories were told. The stereotype of Canadians being nice is spot on, however I was surprised I never heard the word hoser once and they only say "eh" to amuse the Americans. By the next day I felt like I had known the whole group for years. Everyone got up early and cleaned the bugs off the cars from the road trip. We went to the park to check out our spot for the show and then some went on a cruise and some returned to the hotel for more partying.

Saturday morning it was show time and we all cruised together and parked together at the show. You will never see more than two or three Montes at any car show and here there were 14 of the best ones I have ever seen. One of the members, Tim Oest, has a car the same colors as mine except a 572 inch motor and a four speed. I called him my evil twin. He tried to open my trunk with his key that morning thinking it was his car and later that day he caught my wife digging thru his glove box looking for the electric trunk release button. He watched her empty his glove box and politely asked her if he could help her find something. Funny stuff. A lot of people, including myself, were amazed to see that many of these cars in one spot. After the show, guess what, more party in the parking lot. What a blast.

Sunday we went on a cruise to Mount Bachelor. It was a very nice ride and a great backdrop for pictures. Sunday afternoon was the FGMCC awards ceremony and my 23rd wedding anniversary, but my wife didn't feel well and I elected to stay with her at the hotel. Sue Bunjes was kind enough to stop by my room and wish her well. I missed the BBQ/awards ceremony at Jay Marsh’s house but Aaron presented me with two awards when they came back from the ceremony. Thanks to each and every one of you for making us feel like family and I look forward to seeing you all again. Aaron is the man, the ultimate organizer and all events were seamless. Show up and party, he takes care of all the details. Not sure about the 1,000 mile drive for the 2015 meet but I did MapQuest it today so I guess “no” is not my final answer. See y’all down the road someday for sure.



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