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FGMCC Meet Photos
Western Meet in Penticton, BC


Penticton, BC
June 25-28, 2015


June 25-28, 2015
Penticton, BC, Canada
Members Present: 27

Monte Carlos in Attendance

1970 SS454 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Blue interior
Owned by Jay Marsh of Bend, OR
1970 - White, Blue vinyl top, Blue interior
Owned by Darren Bull of Airdrie, AB, Canada
1970 - Forest Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Kevin Dyck of Edmonton, AB, Canada
1970 - Forest Green, Black vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Cameron Grant of Vancouver, BC, Canada
1970 - Green/grey, Green interior
Owned by Jordan Peoples of High River, AB, Canada
1970 SS454 - Black Cherry, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Tim and Gwen Oest of Oak Harbor, WA
1970 - Misty Turquoise, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
Owned by Aaron & April Dodsworth of Summerland, BC, Canada
1971 SS454 - Cranberry Red, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Aaron & April Dodsworth of Summerland, BC, Canada
1971 - Yellow, Tan vinyl top, Tan interior
Owned by Nathan and Lacey Peoples of Parksville, BC, Canada
1971 - Red, Sandalwood interior
Owned by Melanie Wiens of Winkler, MB, Canada
1971 - Tuxedo Black, Black interior
Owned by Peter and Marcy Ureta of Penticton, BC, Canada
1971 SS454 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Liam Peoples of High River, AB, Canada
1971 - Tuxedo Black, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Kelly Macklem of Edmonton, AB, Canada
1971 - Green, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Bill Ward of Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
1971 - Mulsanne Blue, White vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Vaughn and Kathie Peoples of High River, AB, Canada
1971 - Burnt Orange, White vinyl top, Sandalwood interior
Owned by Cameron Lewis of Reno, NV
1971 - Copper, White vinyl top, Saddle interior
Owned by Roger and Lori Moren of Abbotsford, BC, Canada
1972 - Placer gold, Covert interior
Owned by Steve Johansen of Prince George, BC, Canada
1972 - Pewter Silver, White vinyl top, Pewter interior
Owned by Pat and Jean Trottier of Millet, AB, Canada
1972 Custom - Brown, Black vinyl top, Black interior
Owned by Roy and Sue Bunjes of Airdrie, AB, Canada
1972 Custom - Classic White, Black interior
Owned by Doug Cameron of Portland, OR
1972 - Gulf Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Keith and Rosa Golanowski of Calgary, AB, Canada
1972 - Gulf Green, Green vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Lon Wilburn of Snoqualmie, WA
1972 - Gulf Green, Black vinyl top, Green interior
Owned by Matt and Christine Hilla of Portland, OR
Additional members in attendance
Terry and Laura Cupp of Las Vegas, NV
Tony Fenton of Caselgar, BC, Canada
Leo of Mt. Pearl, NF, Canada
Clayton Elkjar of Winnipeg, MB, Canada

The 2015 Western Meet
by Aaron Dodsworth

This year’s Western Meet was located in the scenic Okanagan Valley of Southern British Columbia. This was our (April and I) first time attending a Western Meet without having to travel and we actually missed not having a road trip this year as we love to log miles on the Monte. This meet drew people from great distances away and became the largest Western Meet we’ve had to date with 27 members in attendance from six States & Provinces. Of the members in attendance nineteen travelled over 400 miles and four members travelled over 1,000 miles! The weather cooperated all weekend with sunny skies and warm temperatures.


Some members arrived at the hotel in Summerland on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday June 24th in order to be prepared for the cruise Thursday morning. It is always exciting to see old friends and meet new ones as they arrive. It did not take long to settle in, relax and share some stories.


A few more members arrived from out of town on Thursday morning in time for the cruise. The group left from the hotel in Summerland in the morning for an all-day cruise through destinations along Okanagan Lake. Our first stop was a viewpoint along highway 97 just North of Summerland where we proceeded to get photos of members with their cars with the mountains and lake as a backdrop. After taking in the scenery and receiving many friendly honks from travellers along the highway we continued to the small community of Peachland with its main street right along the edge of the lake. It was a great place to stop for lunch and some shopping.

We then proceeded to West Kelowna for a quick stop for some ethanol-free 94 octane fuel and then to Mission Hill Winery. We went through some traffic that led some members astray but I chased them down and led them back to meet up with the rest of the group. Mission Hill Winery has some stunning architecture and fantastic views of the valley. The winery was kind enough to give us special parking for the group as well which was much appreciated.

It was now time for us to turn around and cruise back to Summerland for a few additional stops before going back to the hotel. The group was just getting back into Summerland at the same time Roy and Sue Bunjes were arriving to town from Alberta. Roy and Sue were extremely low on gas and thought we were on our way to the hotel so they followed us not realizing that we were leading them away from the hotel into a rural part of Summerland and farther away from any gas station. Roy eventually figured it out and turned around toward town to get some badly needed gas. The group on the cruise stopped at Summerland Sweets for some ice cream and a walk over the trout creek trestle bridge before going back to the hotel in the late afternoon. It was a great day of cruising and everyone seemed to enjoy what the Okanagan Valley had to offer.

Many other members arrived at the hotel throughout the afternoon and evening to join in the meet. We received a friendly visit from a local Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who also happens to be the president of the local Apple Valley Cruisers car club. A few other members from the local club stopped by during the weekend to check us out as well.

Please click on the image to enlarge

April and Aaron

Matt and Christine

Melanie with daughter Hannah

Sandy and Kevin






Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill Winery

At Summerland Sweets

Hotel parking lot

A friendly visit from the RCMP


Hotel parking lot

Hotel parking lot


On Friday morning we drove to the car show location in Penticton to pick up our Peach City Beach Cruise registration package and wine cruise maps. The wine cruise had several wineries as checkpoints throughout Summerland including Sumac Ridge, Heaven’s Gate, Sleeping Giant, Thornhaven and Dirty Laundry. We split off into a few groups and had a nice relaxing cruise through the hills of orchards and vineyards. After the cruise, we spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, playing games and had some laughs.

Getting ready for the wine cruise

Sumac Ridge Winery

Heavens Gate Winery

Heavens Gate Winery

Heavens Gate Winery

Sleeping Giant Winery and Summerland Sweets. Time for ice cream!

Summerland Sweets

Thornhaven Winery

Thornhaven Winery. Christine, Lon, Cameron, Aaron and Matt

Dirty Laundry Vineyard

Relaxing afternoon by the pool


Christine, April and Sandy

Liam, Keith, Cameron and Matt

Torsten, Roy, Nathan and Keith


Penticton was the destination for the day to take part in the Peach City Beach Cruise car show. Over 800 cars in this show and countless numbers of people lined the mile-long sandy beach of Okanagan lake. Other entertainment included a classic car auction, live bands, farmers market and several vendors. The event organizers set us up with an area reserved for the club in Rotary Park. Once the cars were all parked we proudly displayed the club banner among the 24 first generation Monte Carlos. It was a great sight to see this many of these great cars parked together as this was the largest Western Meet we’ve ever had. We spent the day relaxing by the beach, making our selections for our FGMCC class voting and taking in all the sights of the car show.



Tim's engine

Cameron Grant's engine

Kevin's engine

Steve's engine

Jay's engine

Liam's engine

Cameron Lewis' engine

Pat's engine

Keith's engine

Vaughn's engine

Nathan's engine

Jordan's engine

Lon's engine

Kelly's engine

Darren's engine

Doug's engiine

Roy's engine

Bill's engine

Matt's engine

Aaron's engine (1970)

Aaron's engine (1971)


Marcy and Peter






Sunday was awards day for the Peach City Beach Cruise. We were once again parked in Rotary Park for a few more photo opportunities before the event awards ceremony. The event organizers added a Monte Carlo class to their awards this year so we were eager to attend and see if any members received hardware. Vaughn and Pat were selected as 1st and 2nd place in the Monte Carlo class and were up on stage to collect their awards. The club also received the club participation award and I had the honour of going up on stage to accept that award on behalf of the club. The club participation award had some healthy competition from other clubs who came out in force but we edged them out this year. After the awards concluded we made the lakeside drive back to Summerland in preparation for the FGMCC awards.

The FGMCC banquet was held in the late afternoon at Santorinis Restaurant. The first order of business was to draw for the large number of door prizes for the lucky members in attendance. We moved on to the club awards before a great buffet dinner. Once dinner was finished we retired to the hotel for one last night of bench racing.

Peach City Beach Cruise Award Winners

Monte Carlo 1st Place Vaughn Peoples - 1971
Monte Carlo 2nd Place Pat Trottier - 1972
Club Participation First Generation Monte Carlo Club

FGMCC Award Winners

Best Interior Cameron Grant - 1970
Best Paint Vaughn Peoples - 1971
Robyn Lance Best Engine Kevin Dyck - 1970
George Lines Best Modified Matt Hilla - 1972
Best Street Tim Oest - 1970
Best Stock Vaughn Peoples - 1971
Best Non-Restored Jay Marsh - 1970
Best Documented Melanie Wiens - 1971
Meet Director's Choice Darren Bull - 1970
Members' Choice Vaughn Peoples - 1971
Ronnie Bryan Longest Distance Driven Melanie Wiens - 1971 (1,240 Miles)
Hard Luck Kevin Dyck - 1970 (Engine issues)
Konik's Klassiks Attention to Detail Lon Wilburn - 1972
Hot Maple Foods Get Saucy Award Keith Golanowski
Congratulations to you all!


Peach City Beach Cruise award ceremony

Pat receiving his award

Vaughn receiving his award

Aaron receiving the club participation award

Vaughn, Pat and Aaron with the Peach City Bech Cruise awards

Lori, Melanie and Rosa


Peach City Beach Cruise club participation award.
Thanks to all those who attended to make this happen. This award belongs to all of you.

Group with the club participation award
Back row: Kelly, Keith, Jay, Aaron, Darren, Bill, Lon, Kevin, Tim, Roger
Front row: Nathan, Melanie, Terry, Cameron L., Roy, Matt, Pat, Vaughn, Liam

Ladies of the Knight
Hannah, Melanie, Laura, Rosa, Sandy Mah, Sandy Macklem, Christine, Gwen, Sue, Lori

Kevin and Tim working on Kevin's car

Hotel parking lot

Relaxing at the hotel

Sue and Kathie

At the hotel

Tim checking over Melanie's car before her long road trip back home

Nathan and Liam


Best Paint: Vaughn

Best Engine: Kevin

Best Non-Restored: Jay

Best Modified: Mattt

Best Street: Tim

Best Stock: Vaughn

Best Documented: Melanie

Members' Choice: Vaughn

Meet Director's Choice: Darren

Longest Distance Driven: Melanie

Hard Luck: Kevin

Koniks Klassiks Attention to Detail: Lon

Hot Maple Get Saucy Award: Keith (right)

Founder's Award: Aaron

Vaughn and Kathie, Keith and Rosa, Roy and Sue

Our largest Western Meet to date had come to a close and what a great meet it was. There were several new faces at this meet and I look forward to seeing them again at future meets. The 2016 Western Meet will be in Grass Valley, California. See you there!


© 2017 FGMCC  

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