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#166135 Thanks to everyone

Posted by 7tonemonte on 15 January 2016 - 07:21 PM

Just wanted to throw a thank you out to everyone for the well wishes, prayers, donations, phone calls, texts and whatever in the last 6 weeks or so after my surgery. It has been great talking,texting to everyone, and reading all the well wishes here along with everyone who pitched in to the go fund me thing that was started byScott and Bob and whoever else had a hand in it. Bob,Scott,and Sam all know I'd have been against it but honestly, I got a Check today and it really will help to eliminate some of the stress from this whole mess over the last few weeks. CK has constantly checked in with me, and I've gotten many Pms checking in. This whole crew has been more than kind to my family, and meant more than people who've I've considered family and lifelong friends. I can't thank everyone enough for the thoughts, and can't tell you what it's meant to us here.
The Fgmcc is not only full of sweet cars but sweet people. You all rock!!'
Thanks everyone, there was some anonymous people that I didn't thank personally, but know I have an idea who some are, and to those I don't have a clue, know that you have made an impact here at my house, and been used as an example to my kids as to how to be there for people in life. The Fgmcc is an amazing crew, love you all!
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Posted by vince on 17 May 2016 - 03:35 PM

I got a wild hair and decided to change the wheels and tires on the car. The new look still hasn't grown on me but ill have to adjust since I already sold my rally wheels and tires.


I'm thinking i have to lower the front a little but that will have to come this winter.


Nothing fancy just some MB Old School wheels

17x8 in the front with Cooper Zeon RS3a 245/24

17x9.5 in the rear with Cooper Zeon RS3a 275/40






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#174527 Some 2016 EM Pictures

Posted by Rob Peters on 17 July 2016 - 08:23 PM

Attached are some pictures from the Eastern Meet that I took.  Enjoy




Evan and Harry Barnes.JPG Roy and Sue Bunjes.JPG Saturday Cars.JPG Scott Stephens.JPG Some Friday Cars.JPG Some more Friday Cars.JPG Stephani Raykovich-Bers  Don't have kids names.JPG Tony and Rene Jones.JPG Vince and Gabe Jimenez.JPG Garrett Beauregard.JPG James Zulio.JPG Jared an Alexis Richey.JPG Jim Jakosh.JPG John and Pam Engle.JPG Larry and Glenda Gilbert.JPG Mark Patrone.JPG Michael and Ann Boyte.JPG Mike and Barb Herno.JPG Mike and Dylan Talarek.JPG Mike Herno Engine Compartment.JPG Mike Lorentz.JPG Andy Gorzynski.JPG

Anthony and Ruth Heitz with Donna Tylor Adam Griffin.JPG Ben and Dave Katt.JPG Bill Rees and Christine.JPG Bob and Deanna Wiemels.JPG Bob Forster and Diane Feiler.JPG Capri and Greg Blasco.JPG Chris Tabor.JPG CK and Dennis Collins.JPG Cory Susie Sullivan and Aiden Mohlman.JPG Dan and Andrew Ruland.JPG Dick Gebstadt.JPG

Attached Thumbnails

  • Rick Eckenfels.JPG
  • Rob Peters.JPG
  • Steve and Salvatore.JPG

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#174498 Eastern meet

Posted by montemason on 17 July 2016 - 08:11 AM

Had a good time saturday at the Eastern meet. Was nice to finally meet some other club members. Everyone had such nice cars. Can't wait til next years meet and hope I'll be able to attend. Thanks to everyone who was instrumental in making it all happen.
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#192406 71 SS 454 MUST BE CRAZY

Posted by KLASSIK1 on 19 April 2018 - 02:51 PM

After over 40 years of restoring and collecting cars you think i would know better by now , just keep saving rusty cars , major metal work everywhere in our shop and i am still looking at saving this 71 SS454 , all numbers matching sat for many years , needs 75% of the sheet metal replaced , we have done several worse projects but this is major , color combo is odd/rare and build sheet documented , black on black with a jade green interior , was from Greenbay WI and had a Greenbay packers key chain , guessing a fan , first we will take her apart document and decide , so far it has been a great reference point and a sign that i am still a nut that loves a challenge


and yes we had to duct tape and chicken wire the car together to get it home , a good friend of mine had this car stored for 20 plus years and kept asking me are you sure you want it , OF COURSE YES


still crazy after all these years


if anyone knows any history on this car or previous ownership please let me know



Attached Thumbnails

  • ALL4192018 756.jpg
  • ALL4192018 757.jpg
  • ALL4192018 758.jpg
  • ALL4192018 759.jpg
  • ALL4192018 760.jpg
  • ALL4192018 761.jpg
  • ALL4192018 762.jpg

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#185761 2017 Western Meet Take Away....

Posted by LS5 on 27 June 2017 - 09:01 PM

The Western Meet was another Great time and all Thanks to Aaron and April's help pulling it off Yet Again.... !!!!  Well done to you both.....

This year for me it was great to meet and spend time with some great members I had yet to meet and some new ones as well.

Robert was just a plain and simple pleasure to talk to, lots of questions and good conversation..

Kevin was like sitting down and picking up where we left off last time to talk with yet never met before

Terry, great guy good stories and a Loud monte hahahaha

Got to see friends close and far that I have met before and just great to chat with such as Lon,Matt, Kelly, Cameron and his son Steve, Bill, Kevin (Mr Hardluck), Aaron and the list goes on of memebers not mentioned and not for any particular reason just cant name them all in this post, including the Monte Family from home, Vaughn, Keith, Pat, and Liam.

I guess for me that sums it up as just mentioned, funny to call them Monte Family but when you see these guys and pick up where you left off and fill in the gaps we all chat like family and the jokes and puns.......

never any harsh words between any at all


great to be a member of FGMCC...!!





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#179664 Ya gotta Love/Hate this time of year

Posted by 72MC on 17 December 2016 - 11:34 AM

Man, you guys are so right.  I woke up to 63 degrees outside.  Had to put a sweatshirt on :tired: .  Guess I may have to move from 1600 feet elevation down to the Kona coast where it's warmer :whistle:


Sorry guys.  Just trying to add some humor.  Hopefully no one got mad at me.  Don't ban me for ribbing you :rofl: - Dave


p.s.  Stay warm guys,...I don't miss that white stuff or the frigid cold at all !!!!!

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#177882 What did you do to your Monte Carlo today?

Posted by Rock on 16 October 2016 - 03:25 PM

Had my son machine these tail panel moldings and they turned out awesome. Getting closer to blacking out the tail panel!

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_1755.JPG

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#177017 Video I put together for the 2016 Western Meet

Posted by Canuck on 21 September 2016 - 07:42 AM

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#172578 Going old school, rally caps on

Posted by pocobill7t1 on 29 May 2016 - 09:40 PM

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#171790 cool story

Posted by LS5 on 07 May 2016 - 02:21 PM

Well as most know I bought my 1971 SS from Ontario and with as much help as possible from Larry Demings I was able to buy it and have it shipped some 4600 Miles over to me in Calgary Alberta. I actually bought it from a Guy named Ken Leach who has been to quite a few shows over on the Eastern side and even stateside with and without the Monte especially Carlisle.

Ken lives in Orangeville Ontario and has had the car since he was 17 buying it from the original Female owner who ordered it new and is Canadian built.

I have ties back home in the Ontario area and quite a few of my friends out West here are also from back home in Ontario which is the largest Province in Canada. A friend of mine Mike came to visit today also from back home and was looking at the El Camino when he noticed the Monte Carlo in the garage even though all apart he knew what it was and how few were made.

Mike was engrossed in looking it over inside and out asking tons of questions and then got into a Cool Story of how he Pal from back home had a 1971 ss and was the quickest around at school and was a huge part of Friday and Saturday nights for both he and this friend of his. The story went on for quite a while and then he got more into detail such as the colour of the car inside and out and where he used to live and how he missed his friend and the Good Old Days from Back home.

I asked Mike what his old friends name was since kids and as he said the guys name I said it at the Exact same time......

Ken Leach ......!

Mike just about had a tear in his eye, and said this was the Best Day ever ....!!!!



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#194013 Pist your 2018 Eastern Meet and Showfield Pictures

Posted by RoyalTermite on 25 June 2018 - 07:48 AM

Post up your pictures and/or albums

My album

http://s209.photobuc...y/Carlisle 2018





My album
http://s209.photobuc...y/Carlisle 2018
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#190303 3 years

Posted by Jared Richey on 29 January 2018 - 10:10 PM

3 years ago this month of January I had surgery to remove a baseball size tumor from my colon.
I had stage 2 Type 4 Colon Cancer, I was 23 years old.

Every year that passes is another small victory, I did not know 3 years ago 2 days before Christmas if I would live to 25.
Cancer doesn't discriminate.
Through lots of prayers and the Good Lord Above, I feel better now than I have in years. I didn't know what feeling normal was, as this could have started growing 3-10 years prior!

Be vigilant everyone, don't just brush off something that doesn't look or feel normal, also they are not any fun but colonosopys save lives. Had I made a fuss sooner, I could have saved myself chemotherapy and radiation and the permanent damage from it (nerve damage).

Just wanted to share my story again, be thankful for everyday you have, enjoy your hobbies and drive those cars, rack up the miles, something might hinder you from it one day.
Just a few thoughts.
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#186592 First Gens Well Represented today.

Posted by bigtankjones on 06 August 2017 - 09:27 AM

Rene & I took the 70 to a Sunday car show up in Pinnconning, Mi.
3 FGMCC members with our cars where here.
Ben Katt with his Champagne Gold 70.
Steven Katt (no relation)with his Black 72
And Rene and I with ours.

Attached Thumbnails

  • 20170806_105313.jpg
  • 20170806_105517.jpg
  • 20170806_105552.jpg

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#185730 2017 Chevrolet Nationals (formally GM Nationals)

Posted by 420ponies on 27 June 2017 - 03:55 AM

When Jay Mundy came up to me and said I'd won, I was like "what". So many nice cars it  was really tough to pick from. Had a Great time, even though it did rain (Rob"s fault) still had a great time. I stayed for the parade of winners and was the only first gen in the parade.

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#183039 First Gen. Bra

Posted by MCfan on 26 March 2017 - 08:50 AM

One thing I've noticed about First Generation Montes - while very few are topless, most are braless ...  :)

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#182247 15 year member

Posted by rsorg on 06 March 2017 - 05:35 PM

march 7 2002 ,I joined fgmcc club,great group of people and very informative info in this club ,this june will be 37 years ago when I bought my 72 monte carlo custom.454 ,turbo 400 etc..from the original owner , Tom also lives in plainfield il. 

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#181759 2/20 Anniversary FGMCC

Posted by black07ss on 19 February 2017 - 06:08 PM

Today marks the 17th year anniversary of the FGMCC.. If it were not for this club I would have not met any of you good people! How about a big shout out for all of the friends and family created by this great club!!

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#177461 Went to a show today

Posted by overdrive on 02 October 2016 - 03:17 PM

My Monte is far from ready to show, but I took a break from working and showed one of our 57s. It has original paint, interior, and 29k actual miles. It's the first show I've entered in 4 or 5 years. They had 305 vehicles registered. There were 2 first gen Montes. The blue 71 was a 350 car and the white 70 had a big block.


Attached Thumbnails

  • 20161002_112303.jpg
  • 20161002_155318.jpg
  • 20161002_155240.jpg

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#174665 Long trips

Posted by BlueRidgeMike on 21 July 2016 - 09:54 AM

We do long road trips on a regular basis. We went on a 7,000+ mile journey last summer in the 72. We have driven tens of thousands of miles along two-lane highways, back roads, dirt roads and interstates all over the U.S., including Route 66 end-to-end four times, plus thousands of miles on various segments of it. The comments people have made on this thread constitute very good advice. Rather than repeat it I will just add a few additional thoughts that I hope are helpful.


Aside from the tools for roadside repairs, make sure you have a personal travel kit that includes things like a compass, pocket knife, first aid kit, non-perishable food and potable water. I also have a windup radio and a windup flashlight in case there is no power source and all batteries are dead. Except for the food, this stuff just stays in a plastic case that resides permanently in the car. A blanket is also a good idea; the desert and mountains can get cold at night, even in summer. Sleeping stranded in a car isn't fun, but it's even more unpleasant when you're cold, hungry and thirsty.


I have been stranded due to a wheel bearing and radiator leaks twice (not to mention the stupidity of running out of gas multiple times). The wheel bearing was in the 70 Monte and one radiator was in the 72. Both allowed me to limp on and parts were easily obtainable. Not so with my 37 Ford. The car sat for a week at a classic car repair shop in San Antonio while a custom radiator was shipped from Griffin in South Carolina, then installed in Texas. There is a HUGE difference traveling across country in a relatively stock first gen Monte Carlo and a completely custom street rod. If your MC has critical parts that cannot be easily purchased from a local NAPA store, you might want to have a plan B in place. We rented a car to finish our Route 66 drive, then returned to San Antonio to pick up the 37 and drive home to North Carolina. It wasn't a horrible trip, but it altered our plans dramatically.


My only other comments are about Route 66 itself. There are probably a couple of good GPS apps for Route 66 available, but you MUST buy the EZ66 Guide for Travelers by Jerry McClanahan. It is a turn-by-turn guide from Chicago to Santa Monica (and vice versa) along with lots of other info on important places to stop and check out. If you ask 100 Route 66-knowledgeable people what to take on your trip, all 100 will mention this book. If you don't buy it you will miss some of the best stops along the way. Another good book is the Route 66 Dining & Lodging Guide. Very useful if you want to check out some classic motels and restaurants along the way. If you just stay in Holiday Inns and eat at franchise restaurants you may not need it, but you will be missing a significant part of the Route 66 experience if you do that.


Finally, assuming you are going east-to-west on your trip, I would recommend spending the night in Needles, California before heading out across the Mohave Desert toward Los Angeles. That way you can get into and out of the desert before the blistering hot part of the day. Keep your gas tank relatively full through this section too, as there are some long stretches with no gas in sight (probably no more than 100 miles at the most, but I'm not certain).


Sorry for the long post, but my favorite thing in the world is exploring America's back roads, and especially doing it in a first gen MC. A little pre-planning will make this trip something you will remember forever. For you and anyone else contemplating a Route 66 (or Lincoln Highway) trip, I will happily share lots of additional information and sources to make your trip even better.


Happy motoring!

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