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    Rob Peters

    Happy Memorial Day

    I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Holiday. Today I remember and honor my Father and Father-In-Law who both served in WWII in the US Army and my Brother who served in theUS Air Force during the Viet Nam War. I also honor everyone who served the country in all branches and those who currently serve. Freedom Isn't Free rob
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    32 year old paint job

    I can't believe it's been 32 years since I brought home my 71 from being painted. Still looks OK from 20 ft but I have polished off the paint in several areas.
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    32 year old paint job

    Bruce, Free is good! I worked for DuPont for 16 years, but in the Chemical division (left because the plant closed). I painted my 69 Z in lacquer the first time in '90, but some new primer they had bubbled up on me. They ended up giving me all new materials, but insisted on base/clear. Stripped & repainted the entire car again. So in a sense, I got free paint, but at the expense of all my labor to refinish it again. It was a shame, the lacquer was just stunning. Luckily, the base/clear has held up well since '91, so I guess it wasn't all bad. ChromaBase 99K & 7500 clear at the time. You guys didn't make the Super Jet Black G9900 when that happened unfortunately.
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    32 year old paint job

    Joe, yes I did. I think it was code 99U or 99 something, Lacquer no clear coat and since I worked there then, it was free! Bruce