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72 Monte Carlo

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  1. 72 Monte Carlo

    Replacement for lead filler?

    Heck, I paid $856 for one gallon of special paint for my Monte. I hope to get it painted and back together this summer.
  2. 72 Monte Carlo

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Mike, Do you have parts still in your list?
  3. 72 Monte Carlo

    1971/72 Monte Carlo Front Fenders - Pick Up?

    What is your price on these fenders? They are in better shape than the ones on my 72, and it would save me some time getting them ready for paint. Let me know. Thanks, Doug
  4. 72 Monte Carlo

    Changing Firewall body to frame bushings

    I've had them soaked with WD-40 with penetrant for a couple days now. I was thinking it was going to be channel locks or something else like that to hold them to break the bolts loose. Luckily the car has been in the NE Oregon area it's whole life since it left the Van Nuys plant, so it's a rust free car.
  5. What do I use to hold the factory square nuts for the two side by side body mounts under the firewall on each side, so that I can remove them and install my new urethane bushings? The nuts are spinning when I try to loosen up the bolts. I already have all the other body bushings changed out with new prothane bushings. Thanks, Doug
  6. 72 Monte Carlo

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Email sent.
  7. 72 Monte Carlo

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    I missed out on parts here because the forums and site were down for me as well.
  8. 72 Monte Carlo

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    Mike, I'm also interested in the Custom Monte Carlo sail panel emblems too.
  9. 72 Monte Carlo

    Not having a great day today ...

    Mike, your Custom Monte was a gorgeous car! I'm sorry that you have to go through a loss like this as you've had the car for so long with lots of time and money invested into it.
  10. 72 Monte Carlo

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    Thanks Rob! I'm still learning each day about our 1st gen Monte's.
  11. Hey Doug,

    Thanks for your interest!!  Yes the dash pad has (2) speakers, one in each corner.

    Dash Pad - $150

    Sport Mirror - $150

    Map Light - $50

    All items are in great shape, right off the car.  Let me know what you decide or if you need more info.



    1. 72 Monte Carlo

      72 Monte Carlo


      Can you text me some pictures of each part? My cell is 541-969-4909.

      I imagine you don't want to ship the dash pad, but if you do I'm still interested in it. My zip is 97886.

      Would you consider shipping the sport mirror and map light mirror?

      My 72 Monte has the map light mirror, but the mirror glass is discolored.

      Please let me know.



  12. 72 Monte Carlo

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    Sorry to hear this Mike. Maybe you can find another Monte to fill the void. Is the dash pad for twin speakers up front? How much for it and the Painted Sport Mirror? How much for the map light mirror? Doug
  13. https://bend.craigslist.org/cto/d/1972-monte-carlo/6735800131.html
  14. https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/70-chevy-montecarlo/6740278695.html
  15. 72 Monte Carlo

    HEI conversion

    Thanks for the info! I was able to get under the dash and the previous owner had a nice 10 ga wire already connected to the IGN terminal in the fuse block, so I routed that out through the firewall and connected it to the HEI. Now I just have to modify the external voltage regulator wiring as Leghome suggested. Thanks again!