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  1. John S

    Going Under The Knife

    I had trigger finger release done on three fingers 15 months ago. I was awake they did local anesthesia, good results. John S
  2. John S

    Tilt column

    Thank you for the pictures you can clearly see the difference. Yes that is it. My standard column looks like your first picture. Have not bought a column yet, but there are more automatic tilt columns available than 4 speeds. It may work, I don't know for sure. If not I have a wire feed and a torch I'm confident I could make it work with some mild fabrication. John S
  3. John S

    Tilt column

  4. John S

    Tilt column

    Is the lever on a tilt column where the backdrive rod for an automatic trans, or reverse arm on a 4 spd connect, the same for auto or manual or are they different. I think they are different but not sure. John S
  5. John S

    1970 4 speed craigslist

    Sounds fair to me. There were some Montes built with 4 speeds, buckets, and no console. I have one until I put a console I bought from Leo Konik in. John S
  6. John S

    Radiator scale

    I'm sure everyone who has worked on their Montes have seen the scale that builds up inside of radiator and if in the radiator I' sure it is also in the heater core. I have read that a 50/50 mix of vinegar or less and water will remove it. Some articles state to rinse with a box of baking and water to neutralize some don't. Vinegar has a low acidic content. anyone heard of this or have another suggestion? John S
  7. In reply to MC1 of 80 I think I've seen that car before. Go to google type in 1970 monte carlo with 4 speed for sale. There is a you tube video from 2011 for a 1971 monte with 402 4spd.It has New Jersey plates at that time It looks just like your car the only difference was in the video the engine had MT valve covers. I just saw your pictures and thought I would comment on that. I think it is the same car. In fact I referenced that video to make note of the position of the shifter in neutral when I installed a console in my 70 4spd. John S
  8. John S

    Trunk seal

    I bought both Metro Moulded and Soff Seal. I used Soff Seal because it fit better. The Metro Moulded is noticeably thicker and required force to close trunk lid. I still have the Metro seal in my closet. John S
  9. John S

    Which One and Why

    70 402 4 spd reason why? I had that car once. I bought it on December 23 1979 got stupid and sold it May of 1982. Wish I never had. I still know where it is, stored in a garage gathering dust. John S
  10. John S

    Converted from auto to 4 speed

    To my knowledge no. My tach is even off at idle.
  11. John S

    Converted from auto to 4 speed

    My factory tach is off also. It reads about 350 RPM higher at 65 MPH than another Sun tach I temporarily hooked up. I guess the factory gauges are close but can't be relied on as accurate. By the way I have the setup as yours 3.31 M20 4speed only mine is a small block. The tires I have are 235/70/15 28" tire height. John S
  12. John S

    weatherstrip for windows and doors

    I don't want to add to the confusion but I have had excellent results with Soffseal great fit and seal. john S
  13. https://www.discounttire.com/learn/tire-size-calculator I have 235/70R15s on mine the 235 is almost 1/2 inch wider (.39) to be exact and a little over 1/2 inch taller (.56)and 1.76 inch more in circumference John S
  14. John S

    Ebay Black 70 SS

    These guys are nuts. check out the console install. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Monte-Carlo/282978972719?hash=item41e2dc742f:g:tzkAAOSwZsFbDs2-
  15. John S

    Help Please - Console Jumper Harness?

    Try this website http://www.wiringharness.com/ John S