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  1. farmall

    6.0L LQ4 and muncie 4 speed in 72 monte

    sorry for the lack of updates. this turned into a frame off restoration and have had basically no progress in over a year due to the paint process. I did decide to ditch the Muncie and go with a tremec 5 speed.
  2. By the way, I would like to buy one of the smooth collars for the steering wheel if anyone has one they would part with.
  3. I did my own headliner. It was a little challenging but possible. I will probably do it myself again.
  4. farmall

    Auto trans to manual swap

    Sam is right. However, I bought that bracket at Chicago muscle cars for less that $30, if I remember correctly. The other parts that you need are not monte specific so you will be able to find them any where. The main thing is to get the 621 bellhousing so you can run the big clutch and I would really consider putting in a 5 speed instead of a 4 speed. I did the Muncie in mine and have since changed to a Tremec 5 speed.
  5. farmall

    1972 SS 454 CUSTOM?

    Here is a picture of my 72 the day I bought it. It had the gigantic bumper guards. The original owner said they were on there the first time he saw it.
  6. I am planning to put Vintage Air on mine so I can clean up the firewall.
  7. That is nice. I would think that would be even more rare with bucket seats and no console. I would be honored to have that one.
  8. It is all pretty simple. Just remove the brackets, compressor, hoses, both boxes on the firewall, the dryer and the piece in front of the radiator. (I cant remember the name of that piece. Condensor?)
  9. farmall

    Front fender lower rear patch

    I just got a set in and thought I would check them. They are terrible. Ill take a set if we are getting an order up. please e-mal me at kgoad@lawrenceequipment.net.
  10. farmall

    My 4 speed conversion

    If I remember correctly, mine hooks to the end of the clutch fork and the hooks to a hole in the frame.
  11. farmall

    Current Muncie Costs

    I paid 1000 for mine a year ago. I talked to a guy that rebuilds them. I told him that I hadn't bought one yet and asked him if he could assemble one for me. He recommended a case and gear cluster for my application and put it together for me. I felt like that was a fair price for a "new" transmission built like I wanted it.
  12. As some of you might remember, I put in the Muncie behind my 350 earlier in the year. I just picked up an LQ4 to put in this winter. Ill be posting info here as I learn.
  13. farmall

    LS swap information

    Hey Sam. I am doing a little bit of research on this as well. Look at ls1tech.com. Let me know if you run across any other info. I ran into a friend yesterday that is giving up on a project and wants to sell his 6.0 at a good price. I might get it to put in my 4 speed car.
  14. farmall

    71 Monte for ya

    Praise God! for Brayden and the good report!