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  1. mikenewman

    Kentucky members

    yes I am from Florence Kentucky
  2. mikenewman


    very good price. My top is going to cost $350 alone and I shopped around
  3. mikenewman

    1970 71-72 Chrome Headlight Bezels

    got mine from opgi. looks great. have not put them on due to car still in body shop
  4. mikenewman

    New Ink

    nice ink
  5. mikenewman

    72 Rear Trim Repair

    Cory did mine and I could not be happier.
  6. mikenewman

    package tray

    I got the mesh package tray and mounted the speakers to where you do not need the covers looks cleaner
  7. mikenewman

    How do I know if my 350 4bbl can use current gas woth Ethanol?

    My 72 is now a four barrel 350 it runs fine on 87 octane gas with a little timming change
  8. mikenewman

    new addition

    pop up for me,that is still roughing it for me LOL
  9. mikenewman

    BBC 454 Monte Hauler

    needs bigger carb before tune up so he can tune the carb to the motor. the white smoke sounds like a head gasket is seeping at worm conditions. after it sets take out the plugs more than likely find a plug wet
  10. mikenewman

    New Member

    WELCOME Jeffrey
  11. mikenewman

    New Member from PA - not an owner yet but can't wait!

    welcome to the club.This is a great place to to get good info and meet people with the same pation you have
  12. mikenewman

    Problem with ac. Think it's the poa

    I did not have to convert mine from R12. Last year before the eastern meet I put 134A in it ranit in for the meet come home evacuated it . Put 401 in it. it is a direct change over from R12. It pays to have friends in industrial A/C Biz. It lasted to the end of the year till it went in the body shop
  13. mikenewman

    5/8" wheel stud headache

    I personaly would not drill out the wheel because they are stamped steel and made for the lug nuts to set in. The drum I have honed out with no problem.
  14. mikenewman

    Plastic inner fenders?

    my plastic inners were so busted up that when I drove the car in the rain water would pull on the moter and try to drown it out. in body shop now getting new steel inners put in after the body work is done
  15. mikenewman

    Not Monte Related, but.......

    fast orange hand cleaner works great