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  1. Arvizu9618

    monte wanted 70-72

    My '71 will be for sale soon, going to asking $15K Born and lived in SoCAL most of its life, currently in PHX PM if interested -RT
  2. Arvizu9618

    Look What I Found

    What was your AFSC? I was an Avionics troop
  3. Arvizu9618

    Worn out glove box hinge

    Dan, got the hinge and installed. Very nice shape. Very happy customer. Five star seller, thanks ***** RT
  4. Arvizu9618

    Worn out glove box hinge

    Thanks sending PM now BTW, my apologies, this post should have gone in the "Interior Tech" section
  5. Arvizu9618

    First trophy!

    Downright "Deplorable" (wink)
  6. Any ideas how to repair a worn out glove box hinge. Should be replaceable item but can't find a supplier. Gorilla tape worthless in this desert heat
  7. Arvizu9618

    First trophy!

  8. Arvizu9618

    First trophy!

    Won a trophy in the "No Class" category yesterday at the Wildhorse Pass Cruise which replaced the Cruise on Central
  9. Arvizu9618

    Frustrating intermittent start no start.

    I had a similar issue on my wifes' '02 Trans Am with the LS1, turned out to be the starter solenoid and found out the hard way that the solenoid itself is not replaceable on that generation of F-Body, had to get new starter and solenoid....That car and its driver is a drama mama
  10. Arvizu9618

    ash tray light.

    PM Sent
  11. Arvizu9618

    70 71 hood spears

    @Jared, PM Sent Thanks
  12. Arvizu9618

    70 71 hood spears

    Will a 72 spear fit and look right on a '71? Medallion keeps breaking off because of extra heavy-duty car cover
  13. Arvizu9618

    ash tray light.

    Fiber optic on my '71, took it out when I changed over to LEDs on the cluster
  14. Lovin' my Morris's and using with high back Procar seats with no issues. The seatbeltsplus look like a reasonable facsimile though, made in USA too <MAGA>