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  1. MC1of80

    Hood hinges broken...

    Wheel, believe it or not I purchased my hood hinges from Ames Pontiac Parts. The ones for the 70-72 gto has the cold rivets just like the originals. Work great!!! Highly recommend!
  2. MC1of80

    Happy Easter

  3. MC1of80

    Heater core swap photos

    There are some from under the dash but the main ones holding it to the firewall must be accessed from under the hood. The studs with nuts.
  4. MC1of80

    Heater core swap photos

    Hey Malyc. Yes, the heater core is the only coolant holding thing back there. You can remove it from under the dash. Having to remove the whole assy under the dash. You will have to remove at least the passenger tire and inner fenderwell after removing the battery. Removing it is easier since you have to remove all the bolts to move it anyway. Sounds harder than it is.
  5. MC1of80

    Wiper Blades

    Just in case and FYI for all, Carlisle is next week.
  6. MC1of80

    Flash of Oil Pressure Idiot Light

    Glad to hear it was that simple. All my big blocks, 402, 454, 496 all take 6qts.
  7. MC1of80

    power window donor car

    All can be done in 4hrs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the regulators are bolted in.
  8. MC1of80

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Idk Rick. My SS was missing the compressor and someone changed the inner fenderwells. But those look to be the holes for the wire harness straps. Maybe someone with an SS with the compressor installed can verify better.
  9. MC1of80

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    It does not authenticate an SS. Just is one step closer without a build sheet. Only the SS and big block Monte's have the bolted steering shafts. Would need a pic of the holes to know for sure.
  10. MC1of80

    turbo 400 electrical plug

    Could also be the kick down switch that the accelerator/gas pedal activates. With age the coil inside sags and makes intermittent contact. Like when (those that know) your afx/Tyco slot car controller would work intermittently and you would bend the slide to contact all the time, only you can't do that with the kickdown switch. Lol
  11. MC1of80

    turbo 400 electrical plug

    Idk if the boot/harness is available. What you can do in the meantime is use cutting pliers/dikes and cut 2 cuts opposite each other. This will allow the boot to expand enough to snap over the connection on the transmission. This is an old trick I learned way back when, when I used to be a transmission installer
  12. MC1of80


    Glad you got it corrected. Quality control and the such has gone the way of the Do-Do!
  13. MC1of80


    By any chance did you take pics? I would like to see what you are talking about so I know what to look for in the future.
  14. MC1of80


    Hey John. It the new thermostat does not sit flush in the flange of the manifold obviously it is the incorrect thermostat. There also should be a gasket for the intake to waterneck. Some aftermarket waterneck use an o-ring instead of gasket. A groove is in the waterneck housing for the o-ring to sit. Usually a chrome neck. Have not seen any OEM necks for our vechicles with it.