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  1. MC1of80

    body tag

    I believe not. It shows the body and top are the same color. Vinyl top codes are usually a letter. A, B, C . Strange though, usually see the paint code only once. Maybe the car was ordered with the vinyl top trim only?
  2. MC1of80

    FGMCC Website?????

    Got on just now, still having problems.
  3. MC1of80

    FGMCC Website?????

    I too have been having problems getting onto the site for the last few weeks.
  4. Ughhhh! I would be possibly interested in the air ride suspension/system for my 70 SS.
  5. Is that the one that was just on eBay? Ughhhh another one gone! Like the others said, pretty much a parts car now. Without the drivetrain not worth restoring. If body was good then you could have bought it back to life. Front and rear sway bars, f41 suspension, front n rear bumper guards, air ride system, bucket seats, console,tilt column, disc brake set up, power windows n locks, and other bits n pieces. I would pick it apart at this point. Damn Chevelle guys! 😖
  6. MC1of80

    Small Block Header recommendations

    Wow, no one has a small block with headers? Lolol. I would suggest plain ol' headman full length headers. Used them on all my small block Monte Carlos that I have had. No fitment issues. Hooked up to a 2 1/2 flowmaster pipe kit with dynomax mufflers and factory style exhaust tips. Nice not crazy combo.
  7. MC1of80

    old/new member

    Welcome and congratulations!
  8. MC1of80

    WTB OEM PW set up

    Typically I have seen them for 500-700ish for complete set ups or you can get a brand new, all inclusive, switch style of your choice from vendors. I have seen ground up selling a supposed "looks original" set up, all 4 windows for 799. Just saying.
  9. MC1of80

    Exhaust manifolds

    My vote is for the same brand but for your Monte Carlo. Hooker super comp. Or if your engine doesn't need that big of a tube, just the comp headers. I have had various results with hedman. Usually the back tube on the right side hits the a/c box. Both sets of my super comps basically fell right in with no mods- ie dents. Lol that's my .02. Lol
  10. MC1of80

    Exhaust manifolds

    Idk what those headers are for but the hooker headers for a Monte Carlo and or Chevelle do not look like that. Those definitely hang lower then the many sets that I have had. I would definitely change them for a set known for a Monte Carlo. Nice Monte Carlo! Lol
  11. MC1of80

    1970 North Carolina

    Exactly what RealRed said. Lol maybe it's a 71 with a 70 nose? Either way, it's confused. Not a bad car by the pics though. Lol
  12. MC1of80

    Happy Thanksgiving

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!! Have a great .safe day with family and friends.!!!!
  13. Correct! Both of my 71s are early production, 9/70 for 71 and 3/71. Both have the one, round hole alt bracket like Steve and 714024speed pictured. Again, if your 70 is an early production you probably would have the 69, no hole bracket that you originally posted. Do you know your build date?
  14. MC1of80

    HI from NYC

    Thank you Rob! Much appreciated! 😀
  15. MC1of80

    Exhaust manifolds

    Lol. I think you have the wrong car Steve. Lolol I took pics of my 402 4speed to show the clearances. Lol