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  1. Hey imr. Idk if it's what you are looking for but there is a nice looking 402 71 Monte Carlo on Craigslist. It's in Tom's River NJ. Been for sale a while so you may be able to get it cheaper than the 20k he has been asking.
  2. MC1of80

    Monte's in the snow

    Clean mine off too ...... Please! Lolol spring cannot come quick enough!!!!
  3. UPDATE.....Hey guys, hold up on the praises. I am passing on the car, so it is back for sale. In one of the pics there is some damage to the cowl area. The car at one point was hit well enough to bang up the cowl. As you all know I am currently restoring my 71 402 4speed and I have the 402 auto waiting in the corner. I feel for me, at this time, I have to pass. I'm sorry guys. I spoke to the owner Rich and he is ok with my decision. Again, sorry all 😞
  4. MC1of80

    South East new guy

    Hello! Welcome to our craziness!
  5. MC1of80

    402 4 Speed found on ebay

    Wow! Now I know of at least 2 71 402 4 speeds in classic copper of the 80.
  6. Hey Darren, Thanks for the heads up! I spoke to Rich and the deal is done. I pick it up this weekend coming up. Thank you again for originally posting the info.
  7. Short answer, yes. You will probably have to use the horn contact. Between the wheel and canceling cam for the appropriate wheel.
  8. MC1of80

    Cloth replacement seat covers.

    When I had mine done, the shop took off all the old stuff, blasted and painted the seat frames and installed new cushions,burlap and covers for both buckets and rear seats. I believe I paid 550ish.
  9. MC1of80

    70 mc rear end and trans swap

    I've never heard that. Doesn't mean it's not true but again, never heard that. You're welcome. All good, that's why we are here. To help as best as we can.
  10. MC1of80

    70 mc rear end and trans swap

    Personally, if that is your plan, use the engine, trans and harness. Forget the rear. Sell it and whatever is worth anything on the truck and get a posi and discs for the rear in the car. I say this due to the posi in in the truck rear is most likely the gov lock posi= junk. It will explode on ya. For arguments sake, a truetrac is roughly 450. And rear disc kit right around that price also. You will have a better rear than the trucks. Or buy a used 12 bolt and discs. Just a thought.
  11. MC1of80

    70 mc rear end and trans swap

    The trans can swap in. The rear..... If you can weld, anything is possible. But why? Because it's free? Sometimes that's worse than beefing up what you have. Usually it costs more for the "free" part than doing it differently. Why do you want to attempt to use the rear from the truck?? The trans will need a stand alone computer to run it if you don't swap the engine and harness all at once. Again, sometimes free isn't worth it.
  12. Check out the interesting link jft69f posted. Looks like you have a 2 series carrier with a spacer for 3 series gears. Not that it's wrong, just that's how it was done. Cheaper than buying a 3series posi carrier.
  13. X2 to what 714024speed said. Also make sure to soak them in some kind of penatrating oil. Especially I'd you are from the North East. Good luck!