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  1. MC1of80

    Monty 2018

    Great progress! Looks great! I hope you find a posi and better gears. Remember... No stupid questions here. We are family! Here to help one and all any way we can. Keep up the good work and more pics!! 😁
  2. MC1of80

    Wide reveal moulding strips

    Dan's 70. I beg to differ, take a better look at them. They are the ones from a 72 custom. I know what they look like as to having 2 complete sets. Thanks Tom.
  3. I believe there is someone on eBay that makes/modifies the passenger side mirror for another car to fit the 70-72 Chevelle that also fits our Monte Carlo.
  4. MC1of80

    New Member Prattville, Al.

    Welcome! Nice looking Monte! Good luck at your first show!
  5. MC1of80

    1971 Front Bumper Brackets

    Hi Carl. The 70 brackets are different than the 71-72. The 71-2 has a "bulge" or slight kickout to the main bracket. The smaller bracket on the 71-2 also has a hole added between the mounting bolt positions. The bracket for the 70 will mount the 71 bumper correctly BUT I believe the kickout is to make room for the 71s rectangle turnsignal. The 70s round signal doesn't need the extra room. And we know the 72 has the signals in the grille. Should you need or want the 71-72 brackets I have a few sets.
  6. MC1of80

    Not so good.

    Darren, I am very sorry to hear this news. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. MC1of80

    1970 Monte Conversion to Buckets and Center Console

    I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. I'm referring to Mr Overdrive.
  8. MC1of80

    1970 Monte Conversion to Buckets and Center Console

    Dan, I have been pm'n you. Have you been getting them? Thanks.
  9. MC1of80

    Wide reveal moulding strips

    There is a set on eBay. Polished, 295.00
  10. MC1of80

    Not really new

    Welcome back!!!
  11. MC1of80

    Dragging front brakes

    Mr Peters, I have the same setup on my 70 Monte Carlo SS454. My other 71s and 72 do not. As far as the Monte Carlo goes, I believe the early 70s had this type of brake set up. Growing up my mom had a 70 that started my love affair with the Monte Carlo that did not have the setup that lowcadilliac pictured.
  12. MC1of80

    Which One and Why

    #1- 70 SS454 cranberry red, black top and interior but numbers matching. 1st big dog of our models! #2- 71 402 4 speed, classic copper. Big block, 4speed, one year only color on a rare Monte #3- 71 402 auto. Lots of options. A big block that is user friendly. Lolol Oh wait! I have all my dream cars 😲 now if I could find the time to drive them. 🤔
  13. MC1of80

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Welcome! Nice bunch of Monte Carlos you have.
  14. MC1of80

    Bucket Seat Covers.. Where to buy

    You will get a few opinions here. I personally used legendary for my seat covers and foam for my front buckets and rear seats in my 70. The covers are cloth. Legendary covers matched my old ones and are made very well. As far as the headliner, idk. Lol I need one also. I think I will get the headliner kit and have a professional install it.
  15. MC1of80

    SBC to BBC

    Wow! Sorry for the Carnage. You can put an open chamber head on an engine with closed chamber pistons but not a closed chamber head on an engine with open chamber pistons. Unfortunately many a person has found that out the same way the engine you have has. Glad to hear you have a new engine and are putting into that nice Monte! Good luck!