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  1. MC1of80

    windows at high speed

    Hey Jason. Silly questions first, the roof rail weatherstrip good? The little clip (triangular) where the a pillar meets the roof there? Is it loose, bent or missing? If that's all good, have you tried adjusting the window tighter? Up at the roof weatherstrip? Obviously as you found out, at those speeds, the air/wind moving over the car wants to suck the windows outward. I have gone only 119 mph so far with my set up but had the same issue. I adjusted the window tighter and have solved that issue so far. Good luck.
  2. MC1of80

    Factory invoice 70&71 Monte SS

    Is anyone looking at their vins? I have looked through Kevin's invoices. They're some very strangely optioned ones and some that make you go, hmmmm. People look!! Lol
  3. MC1of80

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    Congratulations! Glad all is better than new! Have a great trip!
  4. MC1of80

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Father's Day!!!! Hope everyone has a safe, relaxing day!!!
  5. MC1of80

    steering wheel/column

    Hi. The 3 spoke wheel is the optional steering wheel for a 70. I changed mine on my 70 SS due to it being cracked and having a 71 center/ horn button. As far as the steering column being black, I have heard that and all big block cars being black. Although the car pictured in the catalog is green and is a real SS.
  6. I bet if you look deeper, that crossmember is supposed to have the rubber isolators and someone removed them, drilled a hole in the center and bolted the crossmember in. The crossmember on my 402 4speed is like a Chevelle and mounts solid to the frame. I will look Saturday if my 402 auto does or does not have the isolators. I will also double-check my driveshaft measurement.
  7. Hi. Measured from canter of cap to center of cap on my 402 driveshaft. Got 55 1/4". Hope this helps.
  8. Umm sorry Paul. On the lift, the rear moves towards the transmission, making the distance less/smaller. Coil spring rear. 4 link. Ever notice when you jack up the car in the rear how the tire is closer to the door in the rear fender well than it is on the ground?
  9. Remember, you have the car on a lift, the rearend hangs low causing the distance between the trans and rearend yolk to become closer. I have a few of the steel ring driveshafts laying around. I will try to take a measurement tomorrow for you. My 71 402 4 speed car does not have the steel ring on it. Neither does my 71 402 auto Monte. Maybe the big block cars didn't have the ring.
  10. MC1of80

    Need power seat bracket layout

    Jeff, just recently someone asked where to mount the bucket seat mounts. 714024SPEED posted the dimensions on where they go. We recently converted a bench seat car to buckets and used the bench seat mounting along with the weld in brackets with no fitment or alignment issues.
  11. MC1of80

    Need power seat bracket layout

    X2 to what Paul said. I do know that the mounting brackets are different between the manual buckets and the power buckets. The power brackets add a second bolt on the back of the seat tracks I believe. For a total of 4 per bucket.
  12. MC1of80

    CN air cleaner decal

    Hi. Do you mean these stickers? At the time I got mine from OPGI. You can get them from almost any Chevelle parts place. These are for the 1970 Monte Carlo. The 1971 has a different style. Same for the side stickers and others.
  13. MC1of80

    Front U & L Control arms - Torque specs

    I'm sorry, I think it was just me who misunderstood. My only excuse is I'm not as young as I used to be. Lololol
  14. MC1of80

    Front U & L Control arms - Torque specs

    Lol wow! My bad. Misread that! 🥴 I don't know how I got the rear shocks out of all that. Yes you can use nut and bolts for the lower front shock to a-frame mounting. I believe a 1/2 inch head bolt nut combo is the size.