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  1. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Haven't posted in a bit getting closer to paint got the fender work all finished up and finally in first coat of primer ready to start blocking, and the second round of primer on the hood ready for second round of blocking. Also the lower part of the dash painted black and some other little stuff here and there. Hers are some pics thanks for looking. Fenders all primed up. Hood primed Before and after of dash brown/tan to black and everything else a little dirtier right now.
  2. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Larry, Good to know thank you. Ok here is an update from weekend, didn't have a chance to post yesterday but got the radiator support buttoned up yesterday ( Sunday) dint quite get the fenders done almost ready for primer . but happy with progress for everything I had to get done this weekend. Here are some pics Thanks for looking . Should have cleaned up the dust before taking the pic and yes my motor got filthy now. As soon as all the sanding is done will get her blown off and cleaned up some. Here you can really see the black bumper filler ( club expulsion ?? LOL ) hopefully it will look good with the bumper and such on there . I am glad I did it though now.
  3. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Hey Thomas and Rob thank you for that info. I assumed it was the argent silver that I took off of it ,but I am painting the car black so I am "hoping" the black may look a little better than the silver ? For some reason the silver really bugged me and the car wont be totally original anyway as the colors are changing ,also bench to buckets etc.. I went with the satin to offset from the gloss which the car will be. So hopefully it looks ok if not I can always change again ,like I have nothing else to do LOL. I am wondering now if anyone else has painted theirs a different color? or matched car color etc ? PS Please don't revoke my membership for painting it black LOL Larry, hopefully I can do the frame in stages as I move through the car I wasn't sure what I was going with but so far I like it, hopefully it holds up. How Is yours holding up and the POR as well?
  4. pab3589

    New Member I think

    A few more updates for today. Spent a couple hours on car today(Saturday) was delayed as I had some other stuff to get done first. Got the drivers side front frame rail cleaned up like the passenger side ,as well as the inner fender well extensions ,upper radiator support and the front bumper filler panel sandblasted primed and painted. Will hopefully have time tomorrow to get radiator support back in and get the hood primed again as well as get the fender body work done and primed. Here are some pics I know they are nothing real exciting but just taking progress pics for down the road someday just so people can see what exactly was done and proof that things were sandblasted cleaned stripped condition etc.. Here is the pretty rusty backside of the bumper filler , and of it cleaned up after sandblasting. Here is driver side frame rail cleaned up and painted ( forgot the primer pic) Upper radiator support and filler blasted , primed and painted and then just the inner fender well extensions again forgot the primer pic
  5. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Wasn't planning on getting much done tonight (Friday)but needed to knock my weekend list down. Got the radiator support dismantled more and sand blasted, as well some of the pieces I got sand blasted. Ended up priming and painting and using the 2k urethane primer and a single stage urethane satin black we had from another project. Figured it would dry quicker and be a little more durable than the Rustoleum . Used that on the frame rail also. Will hopefully get the other frame rail cleaned up primed and painted tomorrow and can get the support back on the car by Sunday. I think I am doing the other frame rail with 2k primer before painting instead of the rustoleum rusty metal primer I used on the first one. So maybe 10 years from now I will let you know which primer held up better under the paint. Honestly hope they both do LOL. Here are some pics, paint is still wet so much glossier then will finish up. Will send those in the future of it flattened out but here it is for now thanks for looking. Here is this batch of items sand blasted, the pics look dark almost like the pieces are black but honest they were blasted LOL. Cleaning them up they are actually in better shape then I thought, Here they are all primed with the 2k primer And here they are painted with a single stage urethane, They will flatten out not a fan of the shiny black under the hood and such but it does look nice and clean I hope I made the right choice not being glossy LOL , We will see when they flatten out either way it will look nice cleaned up and well protected. and the frame rail , which I hope eventually will get the rest of the frame cleaned up and looking like this I will be thrilled.
  6. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Haven't updated in about a week , made a little progress working on front fenders , seems like the most work on the car so far they are taking much longer than I thought. Just a lot of small areas and stuff to get into and get cleaned up. Then got the inside primed and painted. Used the cold galv again to fight any rust and rustoleum semi gloss. Will hopefully have the outside primed this weekend fingers crossed and prime and block hood again. You will also see I took off radiator support and decided to get that cleaned up. I wasn't planning on doing that but at this point why stop now. I am probably about 8 bolts shy of the frame off at this point LOL. I Will hopefully sand blast and prime and paint rad support this coming weekend . As I am typing this I realize I have a ton to do this weekend and something probably won't get done. Also started cleaning up the front of the frame rails and get them primed and painted. I will be doing that as I go along. Once I get the car painted I will move it to the other garage with lift and do the front end bushings brakes etc while I have the front end off it and finish the frame as I dismantle A-arms etc and clean everything up. Hopefully will have more updates this weekend (Sunday??). As always here are some pics, thanks for looking. Inner Fender ground down and cleaned up wasn't too bad , Primed with the cold galv And then inside of fenders painted as well. Took the radiator support off , Left the radiator in the car so I didn't have to drain. Need to remove condenser and headlight buckets from support and sandblast Started cleaning up the frame rail in front of control arms and will finish up painting frame rail as I work back on the frame and once car is painted. Frame rail sprayed with rusty metal primer. Just a note its from spray gun , as I found looking through the Rustoleum SDS sheets that the Spray cans of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer do not contain zinc in them , and only the quart or gallons of them do. So just use that thinned with acetone as recommended.
  7. pab3589

    Hello from IOWA

    Welcome and looks like you have a great base to work from. Also new here myself and it is a great group of people here.
  8. pab3589

    Monte in the movies Section

    Not sure if this was discussed anywhere,but I did some searching and didn't see it. I was looking at the Monte's in the Movies Forum and noticed the Monte that was used in the Jerk was also the same one used in Boulevard Nights. Was easy to spot obviously by the stacked headlights as noted in the description for the Jerk. Just found it interesting and not sure it was noticed before.
  9. pab3589

    New Member I think

    The trunk finally dried out and flattened out after a couple days. A couple cool nights in the shop took it a little longer . Finally got the spatter paint (black and aqua) 3 cans does not go very far. If it was not painted underneath it would have taken at least twice as much. Just did the trunk pans and trunk area did not do the inner quarter panel leaving them just black . As the spatter paint was drying,I started cleaning up and changing the interior color to black , Scrubbed with very fine scotchbrite pad and acetone , wiped down with acetone, Then sprayed with duplicolor adhesion promoter and top coated with duplicolor fabric and vinyl flat black. The sheen with the flat black fabric and vinyl came out really good more like a satin than a flat. I knew I didn't want gloss as it would be too glossy very happy with it so far many more pieces to do.Not sure how it will hold up but vs the price of the replacement panels in black I will give it a whirl. Will try to do the door panels also , what do I have to lose at this point. Some pictures below thanks for looking . A couple pics of the satin finally dried and flattened out A couple pics with the spatter paint just need to clear once it dries, looks better in person then in the pics. Before and after pics of the kick panels one may look a little shinier/ glossier not sure if it was the different can of paint or end of the can or what . may put another coat on see if I can match better or may not worry about it you will never really see the difference sitting under the dash anyway. Again doesn't look that far off in person the pic makes it look worse than it is.
  10. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Thank you both , Satin clear it is .
  11. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Thank you Larry I was debating doing that and would rather be safe then sorry. Did you clear it immediately or how long did you let the spatter cure for?
  12. pab3589

    New Member I think

    Thank you all for the comments and looking. Here are the pics after painting tonight, its satin so will dull down quite a bit , pretty wet and glossy right now could probably leave in satin but going to try to do the spatter finish will send pics when I do that. Thanks for looking.
  13. pab3589

    New Member I think

    A little progress this week , after finishing interior was going to clean out trunk from all the dust and sanding etc. Wasn't planning on having to do the trunk but as I looked at it and started cleaning and see some flaking and some surface rust I just couldn't let it go. So into it I dug.. Got it all ground down and the speckle paint removed and the seam sealer cleaned out of it. Actually used some cold galvanize spray (rich in zinc) in the seam before I primed it .I also used the cold galv spray inside the rear quarters to try to stop any further rust or corrosion from the inside. I used rustoleum cold galv spray, looking through the sds it is very high in zinc compared to others, I put a different nozzle with a straw (from something such as wd-40 etc) an sprayed and soaked inside quarters to places you cant reach and see, in the roof behind quarter glass any where I could spray , its better than they did at the factory any way.So back to the trunk, then I used rustoleum rusty metal primer let that dry a couple days and seam sealed tonight. Will let that set overnight and will be spraying the rustoleum satin black in the trunk tomorrow. Ordered some black and aqua spatter paint for the trunk should have Friday ,not sure when I will get done due to Easter this weekend. As I was waiting for the seam sealer to dry tonight finished up the other front fender got that patched. I believe all the metal work is done now on the whole car, hopefully. Anyway thanks for reading and checking out as always here are some pics to follow. Enjoy and thanks for looking.Here is the trunk before, it wasn't horrible but as I started cleaning, couldn't stophere it is all cleaned up all the rust ground out and the cold gal spayed in the seams Rustoleum rusty metal primer sprayed in still wet Here are a couple pics primer is dry and the seam sealer applied And finally here is the last fender patch hopefully the last of the metal work on the car
  14. pab3589

    Checking in from Michigan

    Welcome Tim and really nice car even with the rodents .. but when you are done you know what you have and it will be cleaned up nicely I am sure. However I just cant believe your story of a Ford Escort doing 90 mph and totaling you Impala ?? LOL
  15. pab3589

    Who am I?

    Thank you to all the " Veterans" of the club for keeping it going and giving us First Gen Monte lovers a place to congregate. Bruce that flashback picture makes me cringe , as it looks like there is some Michigan salt and road spray on that Monte ? It does not look like the ideal conditions to cruising around in ..LOL.. " I wish that I knew , what I know now " ... It is a beautiful car .