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  1. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    No that’s ok, you don’t need to go through the trouble. Even though my ps pump isn’t exactly correct I’m just going to leave it for now since it’s not leaking and works great. Thanks though.
  2. SmokinMC88

    Manual Transmission Montes

    Steve I did find the article. You sure spent a lot of time on your Monte! You say it’s in Canada now, do you no longer own it?
  3. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    Dennis, Thanks for all the info and pictures. Mine does have power steering on it now. Even though the original owner ordered the car without power steering he put it on at some point. It’s a newer style pump then what they originally used. I’d like to swap it one with the correct style, like you have on yours, but for now it works great and doesn’t leak so I’m going to leave it. You said you got parts for 1st gen Montes from a salvage guy, Was that in MN? I’m also in MN.
  4. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    I was looking at my build sheet and the Power steering pump box is blank. I’m thinking the car was ordered with power steering. I had it on now so it couldn’t have been added later, has anyone seen a Monte without power steering?
  5. SmokinMC88

    Manual Transmission Montes

    I did a search and couldn’t find any topics on this so I figured I’d start one. Just wondering who has Montes with manual transmissions. Please list year, engine size, transmission, and original interior and exterior colors of the car. Thanks mine is 1971 with a 350, 4 spd, Black interior and Nevada Silver exterior.
  6. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    No haven’t owned it since new, the car is 10 years older then I am!!! I’ve had it for about 15 years now but I did get a lot of paperwork with it when I bought it. Looked for a Monte like this one for about 5 years before I found it. I’ve been just trying to put it back as close as I can to original as possible. I just happened to run across an original dealer emblem on eBay so I picked it up and put it on the car yesterday.
  7. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    It’s always a nice surprise finding stuff like this, especially when you’re not looking! Mine is a 4 spd car so it’s nice having multiple pieces of documents to verify that it’s a true 4 spd. I do not have the protecto plate but I have the window sticker and dealer invoice. Here is a picture of the dealer invoice in case someone had never seen one before.
  8. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    Willie, mine does not have a L on it. Here is a picture of my tag
  9. SmokinMC88

    Build sheets

    Today I dropped my gas tank to put in a new sending unit and behold I found another build sheet. So far that makes 4 build sheets for this car. First one was under the drivers seat, second was stuck inside the drivers front fender, most of It was undercoated over, third was behind the back seat and now this is the fourth. Besides the fender one I have the other 3. And obviously the tank sheet being in the worse condition. My monte was built at the Leeds plant in Kansas City. Just wanted to share so if others know where they might be hidden!
  10. SmokinMC88

    Monte Dash-sold

    Selling aftermarket dash. I had it in my Monte for a few years until I got the original one restored and put back in. Feel free to ask any questions. Nothing wrong with this dash. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/pts/d/lakeland-monte-carlo-chevelle-dash/6866775969.html dash is sold
  11. SmokinMC88

    Radiator reservoir

    Just wanted to share what I did for radiator coolant reservoir. I bought a 1975-79 nova bottle and mounted it in the passenger fender behind the battery. I did have to drill a mounting hole in the fender and had to pay attention where to mount it so the bottom of the bottle wouldn’t rub on the wires that come through the inner fender. The bottle does have a recessed channel on the bottom so that works out nice for those wires to run through.
  12. SmokinMC88

    Black or white shifter ball?

    I have an original stock ‘71 with a Muncie, no console and it has a white shifter with pattern.
  13. SmokinMC88

    Sound deadener for floor

    I used rockmat that I purchased off of eBay. I covered every inch of the floor, under the rear seat and under the dash and used just over 50 sq feet. On top of that I used 2 rolls of dynapad that had to be glued down with contact adhesive and in the areas that the dynapad didn’t cover I used dynaliner which already had adhesive on the back. It dropped the interior noise level by 20 dBs! The interior is so much quieter at highway speeds.
  14. SmokinMC88

    1971 Monte Carlo Interior upgrades

  15. SmokinMC88

    1971 Monte Carlo Interior upgrades

    Another shot of the interior