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  1. Rob Peters

    A/C what was your choice

    Bob, you know me, I kept it stock with a restoration of my original system but in this restoration I am upgrading to R134 so it means a different POA and Expansion valves. I used "Old Air Products" for my parts and rebuild of old parts. rob
  2. Willie, In that picture it looks to me like 4 staples and 2 (two) of those #2 clips. It looks like another one around the 11:00 o-clock position. I can tell you though, when I replaced my original inner fender wells neither of them had those clips, only staples. My Monte was built in June of 1970 in Baltimore. rob
  3. Rob Peters

    Happy Easter

    I wanted to wish my extended First Generation Montec Carlo Club Family a very Happy and Blessed Easter. Enjoy the time with your family rob
  4. Rob Peters

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Hey Rick, I see you live in Brighton, Mi. One of our members lives in St. Clair, Mi who is extremely k knowledgeable on these first ge. Monte's and he could more than likely, better than anyone else, verify if the car was manufactured as a SS454. I googled a driving trip from you to Leo and it is only about an hour and twenty minutes.......maybe less if driving an SS, you should give him a call to see if he could do it rob
  5. Rob Peters

    Heater core swap photos

    I have never seen coolant leak onto the drivers feet unless it is coming out of the hump vent. You said the AC condenser is no longer in the car. How about the evaporator. If the evaporator and the evaporator plenum have also been removed it will be easier to access the engine side of where the lines for the heater core come through the firewall. Like it was said above, replacing the heater core is mostly done from inside the car from under the dash. I would not consider it a super easy job though, maybe because I am a little tonage impaired (overweight) so fitting between the front seat and laying on the floorboard and working under the dash is not the easiest thing to do but it can be done by the backyard mechanic. rob
  6. Rob Peters

    Wiper Blades

    Lutty's Chevy Warehouss sells the arms and everything. They will more than likely be at Carlisle. rob
  7. Rob Peters

    AC System Oil

    Will the vacuum remove any of the oil? rob
  8. Rob Peters

    AC System Oil

    Joe, Originally they told me to add 10.5 oz of oil to the compressor but if you look at the bottom of the compressor you can tell that that reservoir on the bottom of the compressor will hold that much so seeing this I think you are correct that the 10.5 ounces is what is in the entire system. I did not realize the oil is supposed to be throughout the entire system under normal operation but it does make sense because on the evaporator, the real thin tubing that attaches to the POA valve is called an oil return line. Yes, I am turning the compressor clutch to try to put in the oil. That is how I removed the original oil to send it off for rebuild and to get the oil to go into the compressor that is how you have to turn the clutch. I was just reluctant to go pouring oil into the condenser without asking others. How does the oil in the condenser coils not prevent the freon from passing through. I guess I just don't understand the system well enough. I will have to drain the oil that I got into the compressor and start from scratch because even though I was measuring out the 10.5 ounces, with trying to pour it into the compressor it tended to run out as I was doing it at first. Are there any components in the system the oil could damage if I got too much into any one area?. How about the muffler that is in the line that goes from the condenser the line that goes to the back of the compressor. Joe, thanks for your quick response.
  9. Rob Peters

    AC System Oil

    As many of you already know, I have been restoring my ORIGINAL AC system in my 70 Monte Carlo. I am at the point of reinstalling everything. I am installing new lines, had my AC compressor rebuilt, new drier and I have flushed out the condensr and evaporator coils. I am at the point of being ready to reinstall the rebuilt original compressor. The people at Old Air Products said I need to install 10.5 ounces of PAG 150 oil into the compressor. The compressor is out of the car and I am turning the compressor clutch as I pour the oil into the compressor. It is a very slow process. The problem is I am only able to get about 6 to 7 ounces of the oil into the compressor before it starts overflowing. I am not sure how I can get the remaining oil into the system. I talked to Old Air Products and they said I man need to just pour the rest of the oil into the drier/receiver and condenser coil. For some reason, this just does no sound right. I took great pains to get all of the old oil out of the system. To me it seems the oil in the drier and condenser would not allow the freon to proper circulate. If anyone has ever done this please help me out and let me know how to properly do this so the new oil will not clog up the works. I need suggestions asap. rob
  10. Rob Peters

    Tip over jig

    Looks great Tim. Keep the progress pictures coming. rob
  11. Rob Peters

    1970 SS 454

    Anxiously those additional pictures...... Maybe Mark is is too busy out cruising in his new ride to update the pictures he promised. I guess we just have to be patient. rob
  12. Rob Peters

    1970 SS 454

    Sends good chills up your spine doesn't it Mark? rob
  13. Rob Peters

    Flash of Oil Pressure Idiot Light

    Are you using regular or synthetic oil. Since the gauge and the light seem to agree. Since it is low mileage I would think it is not bad crank or cam bearings unless someone had opened the engine for something and changed something. I guess it could possibly be an oil pump issue. rob
  14. Rob Peters

    tough post..........

    Darren, I am sorry to hear about your continued health issues. I am also sorry to hear that you have to sell your SS Monte. It is a beautiful car and I think someone will be getting a real bargain. rob
  15. Rob Peters

    preserving paint under vinyl

    Just a little clarification on the halo roofs. All First Gen Monte's with vinyl or Two Tone roofs had halo roofs from the factory. Here is the differences. The 70 Monte's or I should say MOST 70's had what is considered to be the "Full Halo". The "Full Halo" had a strip of body color running between the drip mouldings and vinyl top/two-tone trim on each side and across the front of the roof between the windshield moulding and the top trim. The regular vinyl top/two-tone Halo Roof was identical to the " Full Halo" with one exception of the front part with the front trim elimination and the vinyl material running all the way up and tucking under the windshield trim. Vinyl tops that run all the way to the drip mouldings were either nonfactory roofs installed at a dealer or after market installer. So bottom line is there was what was considered both Halo and Full Halo roofs on First Gen Monte's. rob