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  1. Dennis, that must have been very hard to do. That is a very pretty Monte. I glad you sold it to one of our members to keep it in the family....so to speak. OK, the member who bought it... come on fess up and show us some pictures of it with your new SS rob
  2. .Happy Fathers Day to all of my Monte family fathers out there. I hope you all have a wonderful day. If your dad is still with you I hope you get to spend some face to face time with him ore at least some phone time. If your dad has passed spend some time with him in your own way. One way I can still have some personal time with my father is to sit awhile in my 1929 Model A Ford because the memories of the time he spent time with him working with me while i restored it allows me some personal in my head time with him....... he will always be my Model A Co-Pilot. Enjoy your Fathers Day rob
  3. Rob Peters

    front suspenion overhaul

    If there are no issues with the springs and you kike the current stance why not keep the springs and just rebuild the A-Arms bushings and ball joints and check the shocks. After that long they may be leaking. As far as prices, if you have the time and proper tools you could do it yourself. I did mine a number of years ago and all is still good. As far as the bushings are concerned. I went with the original rubber as opposed to the Poly Bushings. I heard too many issues with the Poly bushings to try to go with them but to each their own. The Poly bushings from what others had mentioned tended to squeak a lot. rob
  4. Rob Peters

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    One week from right now we will be bench racing. The next morning we will caravan to the Carlisle Events Chevrolet Nationals from the hotel parking lot. rob
  5. Come On Tony..... She needs to stretch her legs.... Get her out for nice drive, you won't regret it. rob
  6. Rob Peters

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    One week from today we will arrive in Carlisle for the FGMCC Mini-Meet at Carlisle Events Chevrolet Nationals Can't Wait..... but we will have to. Our Grandkids look forward to this every year. They start talking about it in August and continue to ask how much longer. rob
  7. Rob Peters

    CN air cleaner decal

    Dave, I was cleaning out my glovebox the other day and believe it or not I think I have one in there. I had bought it and then found out it was the wrong one. I wish you were coming to Carlisle next week, I would let you look at it and decide if it were the right one. I remember it because I noticed the CN on it. If I remember next time I get up to the car I will take a picture of it and send the picture to you and if it is what you want I will mail it to you. rob
  8. Rob Peters

    2019 Western Meet: Penticton, BC

    Sounds like trouble to me! I have heard those North Westerners are a rowdy group. rob
  9. Rob Peters


    Steve, I just sent you an email regarding this. rob
  10. Here are my tow Old Girls.... They are ready to head out in the morning for our grandson's Cub Scout/Boy Scout car show. rob
  11. Rob Peters


    Gene, I just approved your access to the Dues Paying Members area of the site. I did this on my phone so I can't tell if it worked till I can get onto my tablet or laptop. You should now see a new badge under your name and have additional areas of the club site you can access. rob
  12. Rob Peters


    Walter, please see the email I just sent you. rob
  13. Rob Peters

    Blower Saga Continues

    Thanks again Paul, I will check things out as much as I can on Sunday at a car show my grandson's scout troop is hosting or before I go to my Carlisle Mini-Meet..... or maybe we will host a repair seminar in the hotel parking lot. rob
  14. Rob Peters

    Blower Saga Continues

    Paul, Thanks Again, I agree with everything based upon the drawing. It appears that since the blower works on High the blower switch is providing power to the relay which is sitting with 12 volts which is coming from the horn relay leg and goes to the orange wire with an inline fuse. So when the switch is moved to the High position it energizes the relay and passes that 12 volts through the relay contact and out of the relay on the purple wire to the blower motor. It would stand to reason that since it works on high that it should work on the Low, Med 1 and Med 2 speeds too since the 12 volts that went to the relay when the switch is on high should be the same 12 volts that would go to the Air Conditioning plenum resister pack through the light blue, light green and yellow wires. If it were the blower switch I would expect maybe one of the speeds to work but not all of them except the High position. Once I get the new switch I will I will try it and see if it helps. Paul, thank you for all of your input, it is great. Now I just don't know why wire colors on my car just don't match the schematics. rob
  15. Rob Peters

    Blower Saga Continues

    Steve, thanks for the reply. I did try a new resistor assembly but it didn't help. rob