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  1. Rob Peters

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    Good Evening to you all. Just a note. One of our newer members had contacted me recently saying he attempted to make a reservation for the 2019 mini-meet but the hotel told him the deadline had already passed to make reservations for this event. For some reason the hotel had a wrong date on their contract I had signed for this meet. I have sent them a copy of my contract showing the proper cutoff date. If you attempt to make a hotel reservation for this event and they have told you or do tell you that they can not accept your reservation, please contact me immediately. I will get this straightened out as soon as possible. See you in in 8 months in Carlisle. rob.
  2. Rob Peters

    Not so good.

    Hang in there Darren. A strong positive attitude is very important at this time. Like CK said, are you on a list for a kidney transplant. I hope your are eligible and that would help. You are in our thoughts and prayers, especially in our prayers. rob
  3. Rob Peters

    Not really new

    Welcome Back, don't be a stranger rob
  4. Rob Peters

    Dragging front brakes

    I agree with Bruce. It looks like a copper line. Looking at the Master Cylinder, it does not look like anything I have ever seen on a Monte. The ones I have seen have both of the lines coming directly out of the side or each of he reservoirs. Looking at the master cylinder with the top off you will see two different reservoirs and on the ones I have seen there would be a line centered on each reservoir side at the bottom side. I think the original ones even had a bleeder fitting was mounted on each of those ports. rob
  5. Rob Peters

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    Call the hotel directly at 717-243-2080. Identify yourself as a first generation Monte Carlo Club. Remind them we have a block of rooms with a special rate. rob
  6. Rob Peters

    Dragging front brakes

    The Monte Carlo came standard with front disc and rear drum brakes. This was not an option. I am not sure if you could special order one with drums all the way around. Take a picture of your Master Cylinder and tell us what engine you have. I am pretty sure a big block has a heavier duty Master Cylinder. rob
  7. Rob Peters

    Which One and Why

    My first choice would be the 71 402 4-Speed. The reason for this choice is for a couple reasons.... #1 it is the most rare Monte Carlo #2 if was going to have a Big Block I would prefer a 4-speed manual. My second choice would be the 70 402 4-Speed. Again, the reason for this choice is for a several reasons. #1 1970 is my favorite year Monte. #2 is it is a one of the rarest Monte Carlo's production number wise. #3 again if I was going to have a Big Block Monte I would prefer a 4-Speed rob
  8. Rob Peters

    Which One and Why

    Please respond to this poll
  9. Rob Peters

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Pete, Nice looking Tri-Fecta you have there. One of each year..... SWEET. Welcome aboard the boards. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club. rob
  10. Rob Peters

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    Thanks Aaron. I could not just copy and paste this information so it will look a little bit different than what you posted above. The reason I could not just copy and paste it is because of differences in the publishing software with other software. Jared, the newsletter is almost complete and I will only need your input so I can get this one out so as soon as possible get me this information because once it is complete I will have to get it to Aaron for posting and sometimes that takes a little while. Thanks to you both. rob
  11. We spent the afternoon at the Oakdale, Pa VFD Autumn Fun Fest car show. Up here north of the Mason-Dixon Line the 2018 car Show/Cruise is soon going to be over. rob
  12. Rob Peters

    Not Monte Related

    Andy, was not getting headaches but when first started we would get a whiff of exhaust fumes. I truly feel there is a definate design flaw. I had never before seen an exhaust manifold split in half like this and now, since I told others about it I am hearing it is a very common problem on these ecotech engines. rob
  13. Rob Peters

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    That is one confused car. First and foremost, I am not sure about other states but to reset an odometer to "0" because you installed a New Motor is against the law. The odometer reading matches what he says the mileage is on the engine. An odometer should reflect the mileage on the car from the factory. That and the other things mentioned by other members would have me running for the hills away from this car..... definitely not a truth in advertising advertisement. rob
  14. Rob Peters

    Up she goes

    I'm not exactly sure what in the world you expect to clean under there, looks fine to me. rob
  15. I am not real well versed on this but looking at your pictures it looks to me like the panels you have replaced are just tacked welded in. Is is possible this could be causing your problem. From your pictures it looks like you could run a bead of weld all the way across that may give you more strength. Again, I apologize if I am looking at this wrong. rob