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  1. Rob Peters

    body tag

    It shows the roof being the same color as the body which for 1970 would be "Black Cherry". For a 71 it would be "Rosewood Metallic". Thomas is correct that a vinyl top would indicated by a letter. I have only seen body tags where the paint codes have double sets numbers for body colors rather than a single pair of numbers. I am NOT saying Thomas is wrong, clearly i have not seen every body tag out there. My factory two-tone painted car is coded 25 for Astro Blue and 10 for Classic White. rob
  2. Rob Peters

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    Doug, he did say the dash pad is a stereo. It was a factory AC car so it would have the two outboard speakers for the dash pad rob
  3. Rob Peters

    1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Custom

    That is Doug's December Fools joke. rob
  4. Rob Peters

    FGMCC Website?????

    I had issues yesterday and got some messages saying it was not available. Just before that I noticed it was very slow. I tired on my phone, tablet and laptop and had the same results. rob
  5. Rob Peters

    car alarm

    I think Steve and some of the other Sopranos leave their Monte's under covers out on the show field but they have security out there at night on the show field. rob
  6. Rob Peters

    1972 Chevy Monte Carlo Classic - $9750

    That looks like a very clean car for that many miles. The price looks very reasonable. rob
  7. Rob Peters

    Totally Not Monte Related

    I hope you are not proud of that comment rob
  8. Rob Peters

    Totally Not Monte Related

    Good Evening All..... Those that know me, know I retired about 5 years ago. Then to keep active, I took a job about 3 years ago at a home improvement store. I have really enjoyed working there because I really enjoy working with the customers and my teammates at the store. I work in most any department in the store due to my life experiences but my primary department is Plumbing. Here is a kind of funny story.... With the Christmas Crunch, they have been using me in the Garden/Seasonal department. We got our first delivery of Christmas trees on Black Friday. We were supposed to have our second shipment of trees delivered last Friday but they never arrived. Then we were told they would arrive yesterday (Saturday) but again they did not arrive and we were told they would arrive this morning. When I arrived today at 1:00PM we were told the trees will be there by 5:00 PM. This is where it gets funny.... Our company has a store in North Versailles, Pa. which is about 10 miles from our store and that was supposed to be one of the drivers first stops. Again, we are in Pennsylvania..... The truck driver drove these trees to Versailles, Illinois instead. Yes, it is funny BUT then again maybe not. This truck should have made several stops at several of our stores in our area who were out of Christmas Trees which has cost each of these stores a good bit of money because people had to go elsewhere to get their trees. It also caused some customers a bit of grief due to the shortage of trees this year. These traveling trees may now arrive tomorrow morning. rob
  9. Rob Peters

    grandpa soon

    Roger, Becoming a grandparent is great. For me that happened almost 13 years ago when our granddaughter was born. When she turns 16 I will be 71 and when my grandson turns 16 I will be 74. To tell you the truth, I don't know that I will be ready to give up either my Monte or Model A by then. At this point my Monte and Model A will go to my two sons but like I say, I am not ready to give up either one of the any time soon. They are already spelled out in my will. The only thing that would change that is a family emergency that would require I sell one or both of them to satisfy family needs because the family comes before the cars. i guess my point, don't be ready to give them up when a grandchild reaches 16, you may not be quite ready. rob
  10. Rob Peters

    Well this is different

    Not my lack of taste either Rob
  11. Rob Peters

    old/new member

    The wiring diagrams for the 70 are in the "Electrical Forum". The horn wiring for the engine compartment, including the horns and horn relay are in the first diagram and the second diagram has the interior wiring. The horns pick up their ground from being bolted to the hood release bracket so first make sure you have continuity from the negative terminal of the battery to the horn mounting. If that is good then run a wire directly from the positive terminal directly to the horn wire terminal. They should blow. If not it could be a bad horn relay or trace the wires back to the firewall terminal blocks or in the steering column itself. rob
  12. Rob Peters

    Exhaust manifolds

    Your tires look a little low profile which could also contribute to the scraping. rob
  13. Rob Peters

    vacum diagram for factory ac/heat ducts

    Bob, Welcome to the First Generation Monte Carlo Club boards. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club. I personally don't have an answer to your question but I am sure someone here will be able to help you. Please share some pictures of your car and tell us a little about your Monte and yourself...... Did I mention we love pictures here. rob
  14. Rob Peters

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my FGMCC family. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. rob
  15. Rob Peters

    What finish is on shock protectors

    Most of them I have seen are rust color........ Sorry, I could not help myself. It is no wonder so many of them did not hold up so well if they were bare metal from the factory. rob