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  1. Rob Peters

    dash housing

    The Monte SS came with the exact same dash as all other First Gen Monte's. There was no such thing as an SS dash. The gauge option was available on all first gen Monte's. The only difference in the gauges was the Tach and that was dependent upon which redline for which engine. If I am not mistaken, the actual dash bezel was the same but the circuit board was different. rob
  2. Rob Peters

    WTB a big block or SS Monte

    Dennis, I may have asked you this before but I am old an can't remember... What color is your SS. I am thinking it is the Champagne Gold but I am not sure. My original Monte Carlo was Desert Sand which I think is a little lighter in color than the Champagne Gold. My original Monte Carlo that I bought new off of the dealer lot was Desert Sand. Over the past almost 20 years I have not seen even one Desert Sand Monte. I have seen a picture of one other one. It must have been a very rare color. Over the three years of First Gen Monte's there is only one color that I really don't care for and that is a 71 color. All of the other First Gen Monte Colors I feel look very classy on the Monte but that ONE 71 color just doesn't float my boat. I am not sure why I can't find any 70 Desert Sand Monte's Anyone out there have a 70 Desert Sand Monte????? By the way everyone with a 71, I will not say which of those 71 colors I don't like. People who know me best may already know. Rob
  3. Rob Peters

    Monte's in the snow

    Awwwww.... Those poor things need a warm garage. rob
  4. The March/April 2019 Newsletter is now available in the Members Only/Newsletter Forum for your reading pleasure.. Thanks to Aaron for posting this for me. rob
  5. Rob Peters

    South East new guy

    Welcome aboard the boards Antoine. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club. Good luck in your search for a First Generation Monte Carlo.... I bought my first car when I was 15 years old. That was back in 1966 and it was a 1929 Model A Tudor Sedan. I still own it today. Whick 29 Model A body style do you have. Is i stock, modified or a hot rod? One thing you will learn hear early on is WE LOVE PICTURES. rob
  6. Rob Peters

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    Rolando, I am in the process of restoring my original AC. "Original Air Products" sells a lot of what you need and were very helpful to me. I am switching to R134 and they told me everything that would be required to be changed. The POA valve was something that needed to be changed but the evaporator and condenser were not. If you are not concerned with it looks original then they can sell you a complete aftermarket system. rob
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Chevrolet-Monte-Carlo-/192827768921?oid=223390722703
  8. Rob Peters


    Justin, First off, welcome to the First Generation Monte Carlo Club web site. We hope you like what you see here and decide to become a full fledged dues paying member. NOS quarters do come available now and then. From what I have heard some of the reproduction ones aren't bad either. It doesn't look like there is very much rust on that original quarter. The reason I say that is in looking at that damage I think it would be repairable. rob
  9. Rob Peters

    2019 Western Meet: Penticton, BC

    Looks more the frost is on the pumpkin in that shot rob
  10. Rob Peters

    Opinions everyone!

    Roger, you can email some of the pictures to me and I will post them. My email is rob29ford@aol.com rob
  11. Rob Peters

    Did I Really See That

    We were watching NCIS New Orleans this an a commercial came on for Dunkin Doughnuts. It was either an old clip of Karen Carpenter or a look alike of her. Maybe I am wrong but I feel this commercial of Dunkin Doughnuts trying to sell their doughnuts or sandwiches using Karen Carpenter is in very poor taste. Karen and her brother were very talented. She had a beautiful voice and her death due to an eating disorder was tragic so to use her or her likeness to sell food just seems a little over the top to me. Maybe I am wrong here. rob
  12. Rob Peters

    Pittsburgh World Of Wheels

    Scott, You are right. I saw that same plug. There were several things like that that they had displayed. I should have taken a picture of that too. It is funny, they had pictures displayed. The car was shipped to the dealer with the front carpet uninstalled and that was one of the dealer prep items. For some reason all but one of the hub caps was installed but one was in the trunk. It is a great time capsule. rob
  13. Rob Peters

    1970 monte carlo grill emblem

    My repop grill emblem has the roman numerals. rob
  14. Rob Peters

    Opinions everyone!

    I love the contrasting colors. If you don't like vinyl you could always go Two Tone and paint the roof a contrasting color. In doing that you would not have to do any welding and grinding. 70 was the only year you could get a two Tone paint with a roof color of something other than white. In 71 & 72 the only two-tone roof color available was white. Unfortunately Classic Copper was not available in two-tone but it is your car and you should do what you think looks best. rob
  15. Rob Peters


    I'm So Confused!!!! rob