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  1. Blake350

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    i remember as a kid the standard speedo peaked out at 120....then yes as you said they lowered them to 85...it was a challenge to we 'juvenile delinquents" of the day to get them to pin and bounce off the top end...now 140 and 160 seem to be prevalent..wishful thinking for we Americans to fantasize we're on the Autobon? ah, the posssibilities are endless!!
  2. Blake350

    Hagerty Article

    The monte Carlo is one fantastic car...? bout time the rest of the world is catching on to what we've known forever..and yes, those body lines look equally well as a convertible!! too bad GM never got to pull that off...that article and comments are great-thanks for sharing!!
  3. Blake350

    Small Block Header recommendations

    i too have hedmann with 2.5 flowmasters- nice combo and sound for a mild 350... can get the stock number later ......yes, one plug comes out with a box wrench -couldn't remember ,but yes its good 'ole #6-but really no problem at all !! They are the coated headers and have been in for 13 years and are in perfect shape.
  4. Blake350

    AMD Full Quarter Panel Review

    At long last that is very good news for sure!! finally someone is thinking of us...now if they can just convince them to try fenders...yea right!!
  5. Blake350

    Not having a great day today ...

    mike I think Vaughn summed it up there should be an 'agreed value' on the car and then it sounds like you may also be able to keep it in some kind of purchase/salvage agreement..... Hagerty and the others mentioned are first class companies and sadly have been in this position before...As has been said we are glad you are OK but words don't quite convey the sadness we all share as classic car owners in general, and Monte lovers specifically... Brian
  6. Blake350

    turn signal/ 2 questions

    Two quick questions...need to replace the turn signal indicator bulbs on dash- thought I had lost right side blinker but it was only the indicator out...what is easiest way to get at them?? is it with dashpad removed? Also since day one ,turn signals have flashed very slow--an upgrade to flasher maybe?it is all original '72 flasher and incandescent bulbs thanks! Brian
  7. Blake350

    Pulsating lights?

    I have the same issue- visible pulsation of brightness on all lites when running-..and still have the old black box delco regulator up on left front..short of changing to internal alt/reg,-the original alt was just rebuilt-maybe switch to an electronic version of the external regulator?? i thought I remembered some of the members doing this? Brian
  8. Blake350

    Update from Uncle Kelly

    Thats a really nice '70 hardtop!! Like so many of us who have cars with special meaning,rest assured your Uncle is smiling ...if you never had the pleasure of cruising along behind the wheel in a first gen monte you are in for a treat!!
  9. Blake350

    fascinating auto documentary

    For anyone who has access to "the history channel" there was a show titled "the cars that made America'-several hours long and is quite amazing taking one through the formation of the "big three" and the larger than life personalities involved..many of you may have seen it but it is a great program going through the autos history and how it influenced culture and the very direction of the country
  10. Blake350

    Reading OEM Instrument Temperature Gauge

    the numbers on the guage absolutely do not reflect a linear movement-as was shown the first half of the guage spans 110 deg with the 2nd half only 40!! yikes! another old school GM engineering mystery... if you had a real desire to know(And given your fellow members never ending desire for information,yours truly included, we would welcome the exercise) you could sink the sender in several vessels of known temperature and measure the sender resistance-a plot of resistance vs temperature might be very revealing-easier would be to just get a fully warmed up coolant reading with a lab grade thermometer and note the guage position-this would be the "relative normal" and would allow to see if you were running hotter or cooler than "normal"-I dont know if my cheap aftermarket guage is accurate just know were it should be and is 95% of the time-relatively speaking--this is interesting and forgive me if I,m rambling-just thinking out loud... As far as running cooler,I recently replaced an old stock style water pump with what looks like the same-I dont think the new one has a higher flow rate but not sure-also changed the 10 year old 195 stat with a 180 stat and drilled the small hole in it-maybe the stat was the trick,cause now the guage reads cooler under low load and does not rise anywhere near as much as it used to under heavy load...a step in the right direction to be sure!! Brian
  11. Blake350


    Bill you said it...I guess "internet muscles"are the modern equivalent,and have far surpassed what we called "beer muscles"way back in the day... yikes!!
  12. Blake350

    NK2 Deluxe steering wheel option

    oh forgot to mention ,mike take a look at the 'resources' area on the home page..there is a ton of great info on there...no matter how many times I visit it,it doesn't get old...good stuff!!
  13. Blake350

    NK2 Deluxe steering wheel option

    Aaron good point...I didn't think in that direction...as material science wasn't nearly what it is now-sometimes because of the timeless value and enjoyment these cars provide, one might forget we are dealing with half-century old technology in most areas of these machines-maybe a binder or stabilizer has left the stage,and the materials are breaking down to there base...not to dwell on it,but I'm still imagining how annoying that would be-like someone smeared honey on it...oh boy!!! Brian
  14. Blake350

    NK2 Deluxe steering wheel option

    Yes my small block custom also has the NK2...it is comfortable enough and just fine for me..but being the only first gen i've owned my sample size is non existent...however on that chronically sticky wheel issue-that would drive me absolutely nuts!! it would have to be rectified and quickly..maybe someone used a very harsh solvent on it softening the material and permanently altering the surface..uugh!
  15. Cool Rob I missed last year due to it being father's day...along with some other stuff- but am not looking to miss this one...anyone who hasn't yet experienced a Carlisle weekend with our Monte crew...its the best!! Brian