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  1. Anyone needing plumbing fittings or any goodies like that for their car, Performance plumbing concepts Bill was amazingly helpful in getting me the correct fitting I needed. Now looking through the site, I see some great color choices too for future needs! Not a paid endorsement by any means, but I will rip a company if I’m not happy, so I feel I should pass along a good experience too. There are some great colors and new ones too for anyone looking
  2. 7tonemonte

    fuel pump outlet size?

    That is correct. 5/8-18 inverted flare ended up being the one. I spoke with Bill at https://www.gofastfittings.com and he thought that was it, I did get a thread pitch gauge at Fastenal and that’s what it turned out needing. Anyone looking for AN fittings and plumbing, check that guy out. Super helpful, quality stuff, best prices I’d seen also.
  3. 7tonemonte

    Age of My TA Radials

    I had 245/60/15 on mine with no rubbing issues ever. The tires may be older than 2000, when they started dating them? No other numbers anywhere? Link to dating info
  4. 7tonemonte

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    Looking forward to seeing you two as usual! I know this will make Alli happy also
  5. 7tonemonte

    fuel pump outlet size?

    Ugh, that is the wrong thread also. Gonna try calling a place this weekend for advice.
  6. 7tonemonte

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    That’s what I meant, they were on the bottom of the top slat. LOL i was wondering why people were saying mine were upside down as they looked just like the pictures! Now that I re read the original post from Mark it’s clearer what was asked.
  7. 7tonemonte

    fuel pump outlet size?

    Found the fittings I think I need, I will keep my fingers crossed ! Appears to be this
  8. 7tonemonte

    fuel pump outlet size?

    That’s going to be my next try. If I can find that size
  9. 7tonemonte

    fuel pump outlet size?

    The line I got from Edelbrock has a 3/8 NPT to -6AN fitting. The NPT will not thread into the fuel pump.
  10. 7tonemonte

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    Hmmm, Mark they are on the bottom of the slats on my car
  11. 7tonemonte

    fuel pump outlet size?

    I bought a fuel line from Edelbrock, part # 81233 It says it is designed to attach to a 3/8 NPT outlet on a fuel pump. I have a stock replacement on my small block, it is not a 3/8NPT, which I kind of knew. Trying to find an adapter but I have no idea the size on it. I brought the old fitting with me around and I can get 3/8 flared plumbing parts to screw into it, so what gives? The adapter that came with the new part does not thread in. Im trying to avoid putting a flared fitting and clamp on it. I also dont want to buy a new fuel pump, the higher flow ones have that 3/8 NPT. I was just hoping to get an adapter from the fuel pump to a -6AN male Edelbrock 81233 link
  12. 7tonemonte

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    I thought I filled it out on the site as well Rob
  13. 7tonemonte

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    Rob, wasnt this somewhere else other than the email you sent out? I remember filling it out on here somewhere.
  14. 7tonemonte

    My apologies

    Yup! For those of you that dont know, Rich now lives about 4 houses up from me! As soon as he finishes his garage, there will be 2 first gens on the street! Cant wait for the beautiful big block 4 speed to be close by
  15. 7tonemonte

    Any idea why this hole is here?

    May have been a water leak and he cut that out to see where it was coming from? Thats my only guess