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    Its Sooooo GREEN!!
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    Chester County Pa.
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    G.M. Muscle! Restoring old rusty relics. Occasional cruise nights, Hitting some of the car shows with or without Monte, and taking any quality time with the family I can get!
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  1. 7tonemonte

    Back from the Dead

    Glad you checked in Kenny, its been a long time! nice to hear all is well with you also
  2. 7tonemonte

    Thanks Mike Boyte

    I'm upset that we had to hi-tail it out of Myrtle Beach last year in early September when we were there due to a nasty storm approaching. I'd have loved to see Mike and Ann again!
  3. Not bad on my mostly stock 350. One thing is there is no annoying droan at highway speeds. Easy to talk to your passenger while cruising but is a little louder on acceleration. I’m more than happy with it on my car,
  4. I used the Flowmaster American Thunder on mine, had a shop install it though. They said it fit well and had no issues. H pipe on mine. 2 1/2” system, was very nicely priced from what I remember tio
  5. 7tonemonte


    It’s amazjng how the sealer always travels further than the base isn’t it? LOL
  6. 7tonemonte

    VOTE on 2019 Eastern Meet Location

    Don’t understand why people would email personally and not vote on the poll
  7. 7tonemonte

    VOTE on 2019 Eastern Meet Location

    Only 21 votes total? I’m Curious as to why. I didn’t personally vote due to the sheer distance and timing for me.
  8. 7tonemonte

    Countdown To The Eastern Meet

    Everyone drive safe. I’ll be there tomorrow with some of the early arrivals
  9. 7tonemonte

    Gate pass available

    Sounds great Mike, I remember meeting you at super Chevy a while back but it would be good to see you again
  10. 7tonemonte

    Gate pass available

    Mike, Carlisle doesn’t allow signs in anything other than the car coral. Unless you sit and talk To people about it I’ve heard they are pretty strict on it
  11. I have to say its so nice that there are many new members coming this year! I love seeing the old crew, and meeting new ones and seeing their beautiful Montes is always great. I remember how welcoming everyone was at the first one I showed up at, and how fast the time went. Showing up wednesday this time, at this rate for the 50th Monte anniversary we will be there all week!
  12. 7tonemonte

    Spotted Two First Gen Members cars

    Beautiful cars! what a great group of people and cars we have here
  13. 7tonemonte

    It Pays To Know

    Looks like nicer position for sure. I don’t know why I still like the old area in the green wheee we backed up to UMI trucks, but this one looks more convenient for sure. Thanks Rob
  14. 7tonemonte

    Who Will Be First

    Got it today! Already in the car. I guess it’s time to start doing something
  15. 7tonemonte

    Countdown To The Eastern Meet

    Very sad to read this Larry