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    My Monte/Hunting/snowmobiling
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  1. Mikstudie

    repairing clock

  2. Mikstudie

    repairing clock

    need to do this. Thanks for the post
  3. Mikstudie

    grandpa soon

    Congrats, its awesome...
  4. Mikstudie

    Back from the Dead

    Welcome back. Car still looks great..
  5. Mikstudie

    small world

    Nice car Sam...
  6. Mikstudie

    Not Monte Related

    Seen that a million times...
  7. Mikstudie

    Which One and Why

    71, 402, 4 speed. love manual trans. And I heard it was a GREEN one....
  8. Mikstudie

    cruising hines park today

    Its a great cruise every year, so much variety.
  9. Mikstudie

    cruising hines park today

    First Gens made a good showing, saw about 8 of them...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhyt_zI9wDQ
  10. Mikstudie

    Found a cool pic when i was a young gearhead

    Thanks for sharing....
  11. Mikstudie

    New to the Group.

    Welcome, 72 is the best year and GREEN is by far the best color...
  12. Mikstudie

    Remember this from 1974?

    Very cool, i do remember..
  13. Mikstudie

    Mikes 72 Monte

  14. Mikstudie

    WTB 1970 Monte

    ​ I got one Forest Green, been thinking about selling. I just seriously dont know what its worth.Needs some work but its turn key, street fast. Took it out last Sunday for a 2-3 hour cruise... There is a couple photos in the members photo album on this site..
  15. Mikstudie

    Happy Spousie....

    Looks like fun...