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  1. stano

    LF Drivers Side Door/Fender

    Am I correct that front fenders from 1971 and 1972 are the same? If 1970 is different than 71 - 72, where are the changes made? thank you stano
  2. I believe harden seats did not come in the heads until 1973 for Chevrolet engines.. So I would guess that none of the first gen Monte Carlo has factory harden seats in the heads. Could we have comments on what people are doing with their heads as far as harden seats in heads? Leave the heads alone. -- put in harden seats (ALL) -- put in harden seats on (exhaust only) -- change to a later head that has harden seats. If changed head that has factory harden seats, what casting did you use?? Don't have harden seats and use additive in gas? what ever you did, have you had any problems with valves? any mileage on, not harden seats heads, and any mileage on any fix you may have done. to heads for harden seats? We welcome any comment but we are asking for a regular highway driving car. thank you stano
  3. Can anyone tell us what the differences are in 1972 175HP (350), Quadrajet carburators for Non A.I.R. and the California A.I.R. they have two separate carb numbers of 7042202 for non A.I.R, and I think 7042902 for the California A.I.R.. Are the differences of settings and maybe jets or are the castings different. Can a California A.I.R. carburetor be set up with rebuild kit as the same specs as the Non A.I.R. carburetor if we wanted to delete all A.I.R. set up and use the California A,I.R carb for the non smog set up.. thank you stano
  4. I know its not Monte Carlo but some might like it. I think it is really neat.. http://whotv.com/2019/01/17/iowa-artist-builds-a-dodge-charger-from-matchsticks/?utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=5c4188bc3ed3f00001d8a374&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=facebook thank you stano
  5. stano

    test strato seat

  6. stano

    71 dash knobs difference

    the assembly manual may help. Is there a manual online we can see? for 70 or 71 or 72 monte carlo? it may show up in the engineer notes at the bottom of the page??? thank you stano
  7. Our son in law has a picture of the 1972 monte carlo. It has a cowl tag date of 02E (Feb fifth week) From the picture the speed cable adaptor seems to be two inches across. So I guess this THM350 also has buick parts
  8. This is a link to a live 24 hour webcam of old faithful at yellow stone park, year round. even if the park is closed during winter. the page has many other cameras that renew its photo shot, I think every minute of other locations. sometimes you can catch wild life. today there was about 80 people at old faithful. it is kind of a neat thing.. thank you stano https://www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm
  9. On a side note not transmission related. If I remember right there was in 1968 chevelles. there was Buick patterned interior from skylark put in 68 chevelles for two months????? I also think it was on the upgrade interiors not standard interiors. after two months they went back to Chevelle interiors?????? thank you stano
  10. I agree Paul Bell.. I was not sure B O P THM 350 all had same bell patterns or not during 1972... Now I wonder what happened in 1973 and 1974? did they go back to Chevrolet style.. I am pretty sure we have a 1974 THM350 from Monte Carlo here,, I will have to check on that thank you stano
  11. the notice says change from Chevrolet to Buick style came in at six weeks after start of production of 1972 Monte Carlo. I would guess that to be about middle of October or so,, on the cowl tag in upper left supposed change would be after 10C (cowl built code date) for 72 models (this is only a guess). info on a few 1970, 1971 and the first six weeks of 1972 would be helpful also. if easy to get as 714024speed did. thank you for your help stano
  12. BINGO Thank you 714024speed. you are the first to reply back. And with build date and picture of transmission. cannt get any better than that... thank you for your help.... Our 72 is currently on our soninlaws and daughters trailer right now and hope he will get a picture also. I think it is a 4D built date but would have to check I am only trying to remember.. I will have to check again but I don't think both (Chevrolet and buick type) tail housing and retainer insert are listed in parts catalog.... and why only Monte Carlo?????? Well we will see what comes out. thank you stano
  13. stano

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    at that time there was many,, many people trading in their Cadillac or their Lincoln for the little Toyota. that at that time the Toyota car seemed 7 feet long?????? Or the Cadilac or Lincoln was giving to there kid to drive and they still got a new Toyota???????? If that did not look stupid????? and how did that save gas????? Plus Mom and dad in a Toyota and the 16 year old kid in a Lincoln. Mom and dad with their knees under their chin in the Toyota and the 16 year old kid in the Lincoln with a back seat big enough for a harem?????????. B210 was popular??????? look that up. OK Im done...…. For the record I drove a 1973 K10 short bed and a 1971 Nova. and just paid the gas.
  14. stano

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    Yep they did to save gas. and it did save gas with better mile per gallon and the slower speed. And at that time we needed to save gasoline.... but it almost stop America from getting around. people could not drive 55 mph. cars really was not geared for the slower speed either and the gearing started to change.. and those who did drive 55 started falling asleep at the wheel while driving. and accidents started adding up more because people were not paying attention what they were doing. they were driving as if they were sitting in the living room... I knew a guy with Pontiac judge 455 and 2.73 gear and just had a hell of a time to keep the 55 speed limit, he would be driving 55 and pretty soon the engine would be just purring like a kitten and sounding really good and he would look down and see he was going 70,, say a few choosen words and back to 55 and pretty soon the engine would be just purring like a kitten and sounding really good and he would look down and see he was going 70,, say a few choosen words and back to 55 and pretty soon the engine would be just purring like a kitten and sounding really good and he would look down and see he was going 70,, say a few choosen words and back to 55 but he did really try to stay 55 because of insurance price from a ticket. people would fly instead of driving longer distance.. I think driving and drinking beer started more because of the 55 speed limit. I hope that never happens again. not because of the 55 speed limit was so bad but because of all the stupid stuff else that comes with it.... thank you stano
  15. Yes MC1of80. but did it ever happen in the 1972 Monte Carlo or was it planned to happen and never actually did happened. I have seen asm manual state change and did not actually happen until two years later on clutch fans in another model curious because it supposed to only be Monte Carlo, that's weird.. im just curious what happened just for fun thank you stano