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  1. It looks exactly like it was rubber mounted in the past. Found the brackets and rubber inserts available online and certain it used to be that way. Even the ends of the crossmember look like it was in the rubber sleeve in its past. No biggie, easy to correct. I'm kicking the idea around of installing a 4L85 trans, and it would require a different mount anyways. I hear it's a tight fit, but doable. Open to suggestions though...pro or con. Rear gears now are 2.73, but have a complete 12 bolt with 4.11 gearset. If I put a 4 speed auto in, the 4.10 would probably work out nice. If I re-use the T-400, then I'll want more gear out back like something between 3.42, 3.55, 3.73 maybe. Decisions..... Thanks for taking the time to check!
  2. Thanks Thomas. Mine measured out to 54 1/4"...1 inch shorter, but still tight (sometimes I forget to subtract the inch if I use a metal tape measure and start at 1" though). No way mine could add an inch and still work. It looks like someone added poly motor & trans mounts , but doesn't appear to be set back at all. Did notice that the trans crossmember is bolted solid to the frame with one center bolt. Didn't they have some rubber sleeve, then a metal cap to bolt in 2 places at the frame? I see witness marks that look like it was bolted on both sides of crossmember (red arrows). Might be the poly trans mount is tall, so they eliminated the rubber mount, or they wanted it solid, so eliminated it. Another mystery. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks guys! I've pulled a lot of driveshafts off on the lift, but this one just seemed unusually tight. I had to pop both u-joint caps off the rear joint to finagle the driveshaft out. If the shaft moved 3/8" to 1/2" forward into the trans, that would be generous. Certainly wasn't enough to clear the rear yoke without removing the caps. One other clue was there was a paint mark on the shaft, like it came from a scrap yard or something. That had also led to my suspicions. No damage underneath though, floors untouched & perfect, numbers match on engine & trans, and the rear end ID & date codes seem good. (I've had them break before and they flailed around underneath, certainly left a mark or two ). Odd, but who knows what happened in it's prior life, if it was replaced, and why. That picture you have Willie is exactly what I remember the old Monte's shaft having as far as the ring. Entirely possible I replaced it when I put the 454/4 speed in the old car with the larger output shaft, and then put it back when I converted the car to stock before selling it. Too long ago to remember now. Certainly seems that you guys don't recall the 402 cars having the ring, so that's good info.
  4. Been cleaning the undercoating and 47 years of dirt from the floor pans and frame....loads of fun. Plenty more to do. Hope to have the body off before I go back to work next week. On a side note, noticed the driveshaft seemed a bit too long when I removed it, Barely moved forward into the trans to clear the rear yoke (not good). Also seem to remember my old '72 Monte had a big steel ring around the front of the shaft, sort of like a damper that this one doesn't have (that was originally a 350/turbo 350). Anyone have a driveshaft kicking around to confirm what the yoke to yoke measurement may be? This one is 54 1/4" long, center to center at the red arrows. Probably putting a different trans in anyways & will need a new driveshaft, but just curious what length should have been in there. This is a '72 402/turbo 400/12 bolt car just in case it makes a difference. Thanks!
  5. jft69z

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    Glad you found the problem. Just a little reminder, remember to bring the piston all the way to the top before changing the spring. It may help to prevent a very long day if by chance the valve drops while you're changing the spring.
  6. jft69z

    10-12 bolt posi

    Pretty much a bolt in. One of the upper control arms has a notch in it for the 12 bolt as Paul mentioned in the second post. There are pictures around here someplace, but certainly no big deal. Edit: Here is something that explains it pretty good: https://www.chevelles.com/forums/16-brakes-suspension-steering/733498-informational-post-convert-10-12-bolt-rear-upper-control-arm.html https://www.lever-family-racing.com/lever-family-racing-home/control-arms-version-2/gm-a-body-64-72/10-bolt-12-bolt-difference/create-12-bolt-arms https://classicoldsmobile.com/forums/chassis-body-frame-7/informational-post-10-bolt-vs-12-bolt-rear-upper-control-arms-90157/
  7. jft69z

    10-12 bolt posi

    Nothing is cheap anymore, that's for sure. I broke a 10 bolt years ago (in my first '72 Monte). Sheared the pinion gear in half. That corner up the street from my parent's house smelled like gear oil the whole entire hot summer,
  8. jft69z

    10-12 bolt posi

    If going thru all the expense and effort to change gears, carriers, etc, wouldn't you prefer a 12 bolt instead? Even if you can find a relatively inexpensive non-posi 12 bolt, at least you'll be putting the rest of those parts in a more durable rear end.
  9. jft69z

    32 year old paint job

    Bruce, Free is good! I worked for DuPont for 16 years, but in the Chemical division (left because the plant closed). I painted my 69 Z in lacquer the first time in '90, but some new primer they had bubbled up on me. They ended up giving me all new materials, but insisted on base/clear. Stripped & repainted the entire car again. So in a sense, I got free paint, but at the expense of all my labor to refinish it again. It was a shame, the lacquer was just stunning. Luckily, the base/clear has held up well since '91, so I guess it wasn't all bad. ChromaBase 99K & 7500 clear at the time. You guys didn't make the Super Jet Black G9900 when that happened unfortunately.
  10. jft69z

    32 year old paint job

    Did you use DuPont paint?
  11. jft69z

    Am I on the right track?? Brake Light issue..

    You're on the right track searching for ground problems, especially when lighting issues like you're having occur.
  12. jft69z

    Replacement for lead filler?

    I've used solder (not silver solder) when putting quarter panels on in the past, but in a case like yours....wouldn't be worth the effort in regards to getting all the tools etc to do the repair. Plus if you're not careful, adding more heat to repair may open the whole thing up and make a bigger mess. All-Metal filler by USC will work. It's waterproof, and very durable. You could probably use Dura-Glas from them as well. It's a green, fiber reinforced filler, very durable too.
  13. Hey James, If you're talking about the hydroboost in my car above, it seemed to work good. I only drove it a little before tearing into it (no plates, registration, snow & salt everywhere at the time). Little different than a regular booster, but the same as driving my truck I guess, GMC 2500HD. The cam that's in the motor presently is a little lopey, makes about 10-11 inHg vacuum at idle, figure that's why the previous owner converted it. If I put the LS6 454 in the car, I may go back as the stock solid lifter cam makes enough vacuum to work with the original style booster, at least it worked fine when I had that motor in my old Monte years ago. Then again, it's already there...
  14. Thanks! Yeah Paul, behind the house. 65x40, 12 foot ceilings in the main part, an office/parts area and added a spray booth area later. I did a lot of work out there until a year or so ago. Finally got tired of burning the candle at 3 ends. Started by peeling off the collision and restoration work a few years ago and then stopped the mechanical and diagnostic work too. Apparently I got bored, or nostalgic and ended up with the '72... At least it's my stuff now instead of everyone else's vehicles.
  15. They're not learning too much, their nicknames are 'dumb and dumber' 😁. In all fairness the little one is a 5 month old puppy. Just lost the 8 yrs old to cancer recently. Put a real damper on wanting to do anything out in the shop for the last month and a half.