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  1. smokinquack

    Another new guy

    Bought my dream car a few months ago.. 70 numbers matching true SS, Kinda a barn find, less than 300 miles since the 2nd owner re-titled it 18 years ago (after his divorce) . Heard it running when I bought it, sounded great. Just pulled the tranny cause the flexplate was shot, teeth ground down, got a new flexplate and starter and also an HEI distributor cause the original was bad. 80,000 miles, solid car, got a couple questions . Crayon or paint marking under the hood is significant? Maybe a build date? Flint MI car so no build sheet. I know 70 chevelles with the LS5 had chrome valve covers. Did any Montes come with chrome valve covers? This car has them but its so original I would be surprised if they had been replaced.