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  1. imr

    AC/Heater Blower Issues

    What you describe definetly sounds like a blower resistor. they can be checked for proper resistance. I dont remember cutting rivets but it's possible.
  2. imr

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    well I guess either check compression or pull the valve cover. Let us know
  3. imr

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Nice find. I like the color
  4. imr

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    how did the number 8 plug look? hopefully its something simple.
  5. imr

    48 years ago today!

    Amazing what can make a difference. I am glad you decided on the Monte. it came down to options and Insurance.
  6. imr

    Newbie - 7vntyMnty

    nice ride.
  7. imr

    48 years ago today!

    Very cool. What were your choices in 71 of cars. how did the Monte prevail. Looking back and I think I would have selected the Monte also. I think the Monte stands alone leaving the chevelle in 2nd. then i dont know what would be 3rd, impala maybe the camaros just didnt do it for me that year. Being an original owner is a badge on its own.
  8. imr

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    do you have stock exhaust or headers. if you start the car when it's cool and touch by the manifold or headers, they should warm up pretty even. I have seen where and exhaust gets plugged and on piper is cooler or super hot.
  9. Dennis this is great and would be a great sticky in the restoration forum. I might print this out.
  10. was the 70 12 bolt diffs painted originally or just metal color. what color was the housing, tubes and backing plates
  11. imr

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    if you bend a valve it would make a sucking noise at the carb, the Pcv will chatter. you vacuum gauge will be erratic. you should notice a miss if that's a case. vacuum leak would make a sucking sound and could raise the idle speed, but you said you checked all the hoses. check the booster they can leak internally.
  12. imr


    I believe the triple black 4 speed was for auction and had bids upto $29600. the auction ended early
  13. imr

    Water spots

    Willie dont remember the town names but near there I think is Plainview. I bought my 69 Camaro in the warehouse area back in 1984. I still have it. by the way.the link I sent you find a company for the glass product that is American base. that company is out of china.
  14. imr

    Blue at Duncan in Virginia

    their is a triple black 4 speed on Ebay.
  15. imr

    Water spots

    Willie I went to school in Wantagh/levittown. Worked at hot rod Burger King on Hempstead tnpke and the glass place was not far off seaford oysterbay near syosset. it's been 30yrs my friend.