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  1. imr

    Not a monte

    that would be cool to mess with. good luck
  2. imr

    A plate with nuts inside drivers door?

    you can get it with ospho because it is very liquid then try some por15. maybe someone else has a better idea but that is what i would try
  3. imr

    Independence Day

    Happy 4th everyone!
  4. imr

    A plate with nuts inside drivers door?

    they at best had over spray from the factory. you could spray and readjust and spray again
  5. imr

    Non toxic antifreeze

    I am no expert and I am just sparking conversation. From what i remember we have Poly and Ethinyl glycol and I will just call them antifreeze. i believe fresh clean fluid is not very bad for the environment due to the short half life, but its toxicity when consumed is very high and add that it is sweet tasting makes it appealing to animals. so when we say a friendly product is the concern primarily the environment or our pets. I personally do not believe it is a product that is harmful to the environment if clean, once used then it does become an enviromental issue. part of is job is to sacrifice itself for the longevity of our cooling system, with that it absorbs zinc,chromate, iron, copper and many more.
  6. congratulations on you win Rob
  7. I am a native New Yorker who has taken permanent shelter in south and central florida. it is my goal to drive to Carlisle with my daughters. got it to drive it
  8. thats very incredible 1400 miles. iam glad to see real drivers making there ways to shows. Congrats
  9. What was the longest distance deiven by a Monte
  10. imr

    Stater Clicking issue -

    i would guess your bendix is being driven but you have a dead spot on the armature. i dont know about the mini starters but the delcos if i remeber correctly you have a disk in the solenoid you can clean or reverse. 2 brushes that wear and the commutator that you can clean with emery or a lathe. take it apart and see.
  11. imr

    New SS listing at a dealer

    i have to agree with Jared. look at the 69 camaros that are 100k. all modified agter market body
  12. imr

    1971 402 4speed build...

    we can now call you MC2or80🤣
  13. imr

    1971 402 4speed build...

    looking good take advantage of the weather while you have it.
  14. Dennis your car is gorgeous and it has had a great 8 years. hopefully it will grace some of the events and you can reconnect.