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  1. CDN70Monte

    New member

    A few more; pre-paint, interior and car show.
  2. CDN70Monte

    New member

    Hi, Have trolled the site in the past, but just became a member. Hoping I can share my Monte Carlo experiences and learn from the others on the forum to. Its a 1970 with a SBC383, TH350; Savistke stage 2 kit - tubular a-arm, tall ball joints, Viking coils up front and springs in rear; QA1 front/rear sway bars, etc. Used to be white with tan interior and went through resto last year. The Torque Thrusts are coming off, and going with 15" Vision 561 wheels going on.
  3. CDN70Monte

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    Good idea; will do.
  4. CDN70Monte

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    Awesome! Thank you for the quick reply!
  5. CDN70Monte

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    Hi!, Just joined and I'm finding a wealth of information so far. I've read countless times through the threads and I know based on what everyone has posted that a 15x8 with 0 offset and 4.5 BS fits in the rear, and many are using a 276/60R15 which is what I want to run. What I haven't seen however is if anyone is lowered in the back... many are using stock springs and air shocks. I have 1" lowering viking springs in the rear, and was wondering if anyone has a similar combo and if they are rubbing at all. Going with the Vision Wheel 561 Sport Mag in black. Current wheels are 17x8, 0 of fset, 4 BS with 255/50/17 and they rub only if i have rear passengers (kids) and go over a big dip. Current stance.