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  1. 420ponies

    Another wheel and tire ?

    I run A 5" backspacing on mine. as you can see, no issue with tire scrub on wheel well. Jeg's sells a rally with 15"x 5" BS
  2. Well, looks like mine is going to be down the rest of the year. They have started on my road out front and I am not driving on stones in my Monte. Learned this lesson coming down to Carlisle, Pa. a few years back. The last time they did our road it took them 6 months to finish(snow was flyin'). I will be upgrading brakes(disc in rear) , steering, and gauges. really wanted to be in Syracuse with it for the meet up there too, oh well. It's been since 2008 on the road, and needs a little attention.
  3. Looks like you are deep into the rebuild. Question on the hydroboost. when you last drove it ,how was the braking on it? I'm thinking of doing the same.
  4. 420ponies

    Another wheel and tire ?

    Jeg's sells 15"x5" backspacing Rally's ..will fit with No Problems ...... mine with 275/60/15 NItto's If you run into down pours,Slowdown!!
  5. Dang! Mine was #542250
  6. This is a great mini-meet too start here in upstate NY. The last time I was there(2014), I saw at least 15 First Gen's there and only a few were members. I remember handing out all my FGMCC cards to folks. Sure would be great to see them all in one spot on the grounds. I think if you were going the whole 4 days there ,the best place to be sitting would be at the front gate to see them come in each day. Its the biggest on the East Coast I know of. Lake George, Atlantic City are big but ,this one is bigger .They claim 8,000 cars,I know it's got to be close to 10,000 (through the gate each day) ,because all can not fit on the grounds. Any car, any year, customs, gassers, lowriders, and don't forget any car that is in a Magazine or online media will be there. You can't get to see all of them in a day either. minimum 2 days and you still won't see all of them. I hope things work out for me to be there, may not have my Monte ready by that time though, going through some changes(never done are they?) .Be good to see the "Saprano's" (Long Island Crew) there too. Each one of there cars are a special treat in my mind.
  7. 420ponies

    72 bucket seats

    Very Nice!! Good to see "after" pictures. Just wondering if that bucket is a power bucket seat? looks set back more than the passenger in picture.
  8. If at all possible and my key switch doesn't break, I'll be there on Saturday. I'd like to meet up with you on Saturday, could save a space for me?
  9. 420ponies

    Frame restoration/ rehab.

    imr, Sent you a PM. I had mine sandblasted, primed (DP40) painted (DP90)black and has held up great for 10+ yrs so far.
  10. 420ponies

    Alize LowRod

    AWESOME Alize !! Now that is what I call giving back to your community. That is my favorite low ride machine. I missed the 2016 meet, wanted to badly see your car in person.me and the wife do the Relay for Life every year here in our area.
  11. 420ponies

    Pre purchase inspection

    I had done this for a member looking at a '86 monte carlo SS in Pa. I looked at it on Saturday ,he drove up Monday and purchased car. I think if you find a car, a fellow member could inspect its for you.
  12. 420ponies

    New Member I think

    Man does this take me back. Looking good!! Keep up the good work!!
  13. 420ponies

    power window donor car

    If your in need of a 4 button switch I have a extra for a '70 style (round corners). Hope you can get everything for it.
  14. 420ponies

    New member for about a week now

    Oh, what's that? Big Block Monte Carlo? Pretty sweet indeed. Welcome to the site. Glad to see another Monte Carlo being cared for and not stripped for a Chevelle build.
  15. 420ponies

    New be

    Welcome to the Club. Best $25 you'll ever spend for such a one place to talk about Monte Carlo's !!