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  1. 502ci

    2019 Detroit Autorama

    Pretty cool. Your niece's hair matches her car. We used to have the Autrama but they changed it to The Power Piston Show which is coming this weekend here, I definitely will be going. The show here is so large now (which is great) you have a hard time seeing everything if you don't spend hours and hours there.
  2. 502ci

    Going Under The Knife

    Scary part is over. 😎
  3. Forgot to mention that is a C5 emblem (5th generation corvette) on that rear bracket, not sure what is signifies. The hood vents I would like to see in person before I could comment on them..
  4. I wanna say that is an elaborate bracket under the rear bumper to hold the fuel pump, you can see the two bolts where the pump is located. That is a sumped gas tank, I have one similiar to it. As far as the dash covered in gauges...yeah, that is a bit much going on there. Looks like a nice car though.
  5. 502ci

    Hotel hallways at the meets

    Yeah, that floor is weird. Even worse would be if they put that on a cruise ship...the line for nausea pills would quadruple 😁
  6. 502ci

    Enclosed car hauler size

    Joe, getting one with an extended tongue helps so you can turn an angle better without hitting the trailer, also so you can mount the weight distribution brackets to it easily and use the install bar to quickly connect the bars/springs. Another thing I did not get...my brackets are hidden under the v-nose and to mount the spring/bars up I have to jack the tongue as high as it will go to hook the chain then lower it back down. Not too hard but takes probably 5 times longer. As far as the escape door I see you mention you will just winch it in and out...but there are times when you will find yourself needing to get something out of the car and squeezing in and out gets old. I do tend to winch my car in all the time but jumping in and driving it out is so much easier. Don't need a spotter when backing up, just keep the wheel straight.
  7. 502ci

    Enclosed car hauler size

    Also make sure you get 5,500 lb. axles (11,000lb. combined). Anybody here have torsion suspension? I have leaf springs on mine and have read up on the pros and cons of each. I might be getting another trailer built this spring so any insight on this would help the original poster and me as well.
  8. 502ci

    Enclosed car hauler size

    Personally I would not get one smaller than 24 foot. My 24ft. with a v-nose has the perfect amount of space, if I lost 4 feet that would be drastic. My winch is mounted in the point of the v-nose well out of the way. At the very least make sure your trailer has a beaver tail...I had my whole trailer custom built and the lousy sales guy did not mention it, he also talked me out of an escape door...makes me want to go back and punch him in the face right now, lol.
  9. Far worse was Holmes on Homes...want a new toilet installed in the basement? You will have a new roof and siding on your house by the end of the show, lol.
  10. 502ci

    Something different ...

    Definitely unique, not bad. Maybe a bit too much red for me but I did have a red gas tank for many many years. Only real reason I went back to silver was when I put a sumped tank in it.
  11. 502ci

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    Also I would like to point out wider is not always the answer...a properly tuned suspension helps. If your car is making enough power of course your tires will spin regardless, that is why people at the track even have to heat up their slicks to make them stick 😉
  12. 502ci

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    I am not familiar with tires bigger than 15' so I can not help you there. How old are your tires? An older tire even a few years old gets harder as it dries out, this will cause it to spin more easily. Proper air pressure helps a bit. They make sticky tires in the 17" range, you get what you pay for unfortunately (not saying that is what you did)...cheaper may be fine for most but when someone is looking for performance out of their tire you got to spend the $$$.
  13. 502ci

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone!!! Will be heading to my sister's in a few minutes for a party...gonna be spending the night .. 🍻🍺🍺
  14. 502ci

    FGMCC on Instagram

    Not a clue what that is but thanks for the heads up, lol.
  15. 502ci


    Man I must be getting old...I watched the episode and all I see is a death trap they put together. How do they drive that on the street even for a short time, no one would insure that, no plates, lots of jagged unsecured metal that would probably tear them up if someone ran into them...I am not even sure of the integrity of the cage after seeing them cut out a main diagonal part of it. Then take it to the track and it lasts only for a few moments 👎 Oh, and they wasted a good Monte shell on this "project" 🤢