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  1. 502ci

    Back in the Saddle...

    Welcome Home again!!!
  2. 502ci

    Still Around

    I always like the old school look with those wheels.
  3. 502ci

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    I like it, looks nice.
  4. In the image below would be an example of your front set up, completely replaces your spring and shock. The bottom of the spring has two disk collars (black) on it, you spin the disk around the shock on the threads and lock it in by tightening the lower disk up against it. You then have two dials on the bottom that you tune your compression and rebound. Back set up is similar but added brackets are necessary as it was mentioned.
  5. 502ci

    rear axles 1971 12 bolt

    I replaced mine with Moser.
  6. If you install a kit for the front and back they sure do qualify. They will be way better than an air bag...you adjust the spring height by moving its base up or down and that will not make the spring stiffer like putting air in an air bag. Plus with their double adjustable shock settings you will be able to tune your suspension beyond your wildest dreams, lol.
  7. Anyone looking to adjust their ride height and want an end result exactly to their specific desires will only be happy getting a full coil over system. It just will cost alot more but you will have the look you are after...also later on it can be adjusted up or down if you so desire.
  8. 502ci

    Happy 4th of July

    Happy 4th of July to everyone. I don't mind the fireworks but it seems like people are blowing them off for a longer duration...like a week before and a week after. Funny how I have not heard one single bang yet today. Gotta make sure I take my dogs out one last time before it gets dark or they won't go if neighbors are shooting fireworks off.
  9. 502ci

    2018 Eastern Meet Video

    Not even close
  10. 502ci

    Flashback Friday (little early)

    Got mine hanging in the garage
  11. 502ci

    bought my monte 38 years ago

    Got me beat...I got mine for a graduation gift in 1983
  12. 502ci

    VOTE on 2019 Eastern Meet Location

    I would think if anyone is really not interested and does not plan on attending either one of those should not vote in the poll...kinda would lead false hope that there is more interest than there actually is.
  13. 502ci

    VOTE on 2019 Eastern Meet Location

    Yes, please list the states and area these are located. I googled them and gave up trying to find them.
  14. 502ci

    Eastern Meet Event Booklet

    Sure looks like me...got the same hat on this year too, lol.