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  1. 72Ragtop

    New Guy Here

    Welcome aboard! I grew up in Middleport, drove cab in Lockport & got drunk in "the Falls" (both sides). Moved out just before the Blizzard of 77 hit. Go BILLS! Dave
  2. 72Ragtop

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    Remember airplanes hunting "speeders" in the middle of Nebraska! 55 in the middle of Nebraska!!!!! I remember Ohio as being one of the most oppressive. Huge Fuzzbusters on top of the dashboard. What may have started as an alleged way to save gas turn into nothing more than a money-making scam. Government run-a-mock! Howard Cosell & Dandy Don on Monday Night Football! (Now its Troy Aikman droning on and on and on and on...…… The insurance companies loved the 55! "...Well Mr. Winters we have just been informed that you have gotten yet another ticket for going 56, downhill, in a 55 zone......we better raise your rates….for your own good, of course, have a nice day!" Convoys! Putting in a "taillite switch" to alter taillite "signature", used if the "Gumball Machines" flipped a "U-ie" and came in pursuit. Going over to Canada to "drive fast" on the 401 & QEW. The "Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash" that Car & Driver put on. (I miss Brock Yates!). Sir, you have the option to"Pay the "always excessive" fine on the spot and get a reduction in points lost". I may also remember an article in Car & Driver exposing an insurance company (It might have been "G****) for "donating" radar guns to various local governments....for the safety of the public!. Picking out "Smokie Bears" by their front parking lamps (Some Full Size Slo-Pars had park lites like the 69 Chevelle, only a litter bigger!). "No 55 stickers".
  3. 72Ragtop

    Well this is different

    Within days of completing my ragtop, I wished I had done suicide doors......
  4. I'm looking to replace my Small-block $25 swap-meet aftermarket headers on my 72 Monte Ragtop. I will also be re-doing the rest of the exhaust system which I'm not happy with....hangs too low, too close to the starter and is too loud at cruising (50-80MPH) speed. The current headers are not "Shortys" or "Long ones"....something in between. Not a drag car...engine is a 350, AT w/ Edelbrock 600 & Intake. When the car was finished over a decade ago, funding was a concern and I went "Low ball" on price and to a degree, installation quality. I've located the best "Exhaust System Artist" in the area, and am getting ready to pull the trigger. So.....whattaya recommend for headers, and why? Thanx, Dave
  5. 72Ragtop

    Monte in a Movie

    I always stop to watch if I'm channel surfing. I remember seeing some of the newscasts. They did the same in American Gangster....same Monte in different scenes.
  6. 72Ragtop

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Pete, Welcome to the club. I'm down in Loveland, Colo. with the 72 Yellow Convertible. I get up to Cheyenne to see in-laws and occasionally the cruz nites., Dave
  7. Is there any way to make the "Scroll-Down-Arrow-Thingie", on the right side, any bigger, more definitive, AND so it doesn't "overlap" with @#$% pop-up advertising? Also (this must be a world-wide IT/Computer "Trend") grey type on a pale white background is difficult to read.
  8. I have been battling with our IT department and Oracle and all IT things illogical all morning, so forgive me if I fly off the handle....1) Double the size of the scroll-down thingie, it is only 1.139% of the screen width. (why do IT People dictate that this "major controller" so small?_____ ) 2) Ban the "disappearing scroll-down button"....what is the point of that happening? ______ (Who ever invented that should be taxed ,fined, and banned to watch TV 24 hours a day....in shades of grey and lite-grey). 3) I do like the font selection!! 4) Stop it! Just stop it! Why use "lite grey" coloured type and icons on white or "liter-grey" back grounds? Just stop it! (I think this a world-wide plot by "IT People" to do..."something" -I'm not sure what- to computer users' brains. 5) I think I'm done.
  9. 72Ragtop

    Kick Panels - Replacements with vents... Quality?!

    I have a methoud of cutting the Butterfly Valve portion, from the whole of the Kick panel molding/assembly, and mounting the valve w/ sealer, to the metal opening. Using this methoud, the screen, trim panel, knobs & cables can be removed, for whatever reason, without removing the "Valve and sealant" (and park brake assembly!)from the metal plenum area. I did this on an AC car, too, removing the "re-circ-valve". Requires an Xacto knife, x-tra blades, 5 or 6 additional self-drilling screws, 6-pak of beer. I have full size drawings that double as marking and cutting templates. As methouds for attaching things to most websites are, by design, excessively* difficult, I doubt I'll be able to figure it out. (I can't even find Spel-chek on here.) I'm not even sure the post button is working.
  10. Not today, but last Saturday I did the 95 mile "Canyonball Run" in the mountain roads west of Boooulder with the Mustang & Corvette clubs. A Monte can be made to go around corners!
  11. 72Ragtop

    Website traffic

    I did what Darren suggested....I feel like work at Facebook!!
  12. 72Ragtop

    Website traffic

    Interesting.....@ 12:48 Mountain time on 28 March, there were 67 people on the website. 5 were members. I hope the other 62 join.
  13. note that it has skirts.....as all Montes should!
  14. 72Ragtop

    New from the Bold North

    I get up to Emerson/Rosemount in Chan, Eden Prairie & Shakopee a couple times a year....any where near them?