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  1. ripleydale

    Air Shock Problem

    Such deception Bob. Does it help you sleep at night? The "conversation"..... Report reply ripleydale 19 Started conversation: December 5 Hey Bob, have you not seen my message about the shocks? You strike me as a stand up guy, and at this point, the shocks you sold me are useless. I don't believe you meant to sell me defective product so I'm expecting a conversation about it. Help me understand. Quote Edit Report reply lastss 43 Replied: December 5 Their nos what’s wrong, this is first message I received. Bob Quote Report reply ripleydale 19 Replied: December 5 I sent you another note about a week ago on the old title "air shocks". The problem is they don't line up. There's a post on the site under SS454 where there are a few pictures. The stud at the bottom and the connection at the top need to line up with each other. On my shocks, they are out, one considerably, and the other less so, but still out enough it won't fit. Instructions say "don't twist". I can move them up and down no problem but they don't want to twist so I don't see how they'll ever fit. Check out the post and let me know. I can send better pictures. Thanks. Quote Edit Report reply lastss 43 Replied: December 5 I got no notice or saw post on website and I’m hardly ever on, delco said they would fit and I didn’t question that. You can turn the top mount in the in the rubber without issue maybe they were made wrong. Or send back and I’ll replace but they won’t be delco. Sorry Your having issues, delco often changes parts and say they interchange. Send back here’s my info Robert Lyman 4205 Mynatt ct Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 Quote Report reply ripleydale 19 Replied: December 5 The bushing at the top won't work, it needs to turn sideways. I can source Monroe's easy enough and Darren Bull has some he pulled from his SS. So I'm thinking since shipping is going to cost $ (I'm in Canada), I'll send them back, you can refund my money and we'll call it a day. How does that sound? Quote Edit Report reply lastss 43 Replied: December 5 Well you had them for a very long time and it’s not my fault. I have no use for them and don’t keep any sales info. I suggest you re sell them. Quote Report reply ripleydale 19 Replied: December 5 I found our post where you sold them. $125. How could I possibly sell them to someone else? They're screwed. I wouldn't do that to someone. I personally think you should just refund me the money and skip shipping them back because they are useless to anyone. Or maybe compromise somewhere in the middle since shipping isn't cheap, and as you say, it isn't your fault. Quote Edit Report reply lastss 43 Replied: December 5 sound like you screwed them up trying to twist them and I offered you a replacement set which you received and now you don’t want to even return them and expect me to refund you. No happening, if they didn’t fit it isn’t my fault and maybe they were boxed wrong. But now you screwed them up trying to twist them is why you want a refund and not even wanting to send them back because I’ll inspect them and see the damage. Now no replacements will be sent and no refund. Send back here’s my info Robert Lyman 4205 Mynatt ct Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 Quote Report reply ripleydale 19 Replied: December 5 I haven’t screwed them up. I tried to twist one to see if it was even remotely possible and it wasn’t. If they weren’t wrong from the box we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I have no issues sending them back. In fact I could hand deliver in January 2020. I will send them back and expect replacement (upon inspection) sent back where you pay for shipping back to Canada. Deal? Quote Edit Report reply lastss 43 Replied: December 5 Nope nothing, I offered replacements you turned me down to buy somebody else’s. You had them 2 yrs , you twisted them and damaged them. And no way I’ll pay shipping both ways, or wait till 2020 Quote Report reply ripleydale 19 Replied: December 5 Well I was thinking of only one way, back to Canada. I would have shipped them back to you. I didn't turn you down, I suggested an alternative that I thought would benefit both of us, since it seemed like you would have had to buy new shocks as a replacement. Shipping last time was $40 US plus I had fees at the border. Not sure what would happen going back the other way. I did not suggest that you purposely sold me defective shocks, but you're sure suggesting that I wrecked them. I'll write this up to an interesting life lesson, and if we do confirm our plans to Florida in 2020, I will see if you're interested in getting together. I suspect we have a lot in common even though this isn't going too well. I'll bring the shocks so you can see I didn't wreck them, not for any refund or replacement. I'll keep one and you can keep one and we can hang them on our garage walls. :o)
  2. ripleydale

    Air Shock Problem

    Nice. I was willing to drop it and walk away, but since you seem intent on questioning my character, my bruised ego feels a need to respond. To bring everyone up to speed, Bob offered to replace them. I agree, it wasn't his fault. Clearly neither one of us caught the issue before I went to install them. Since he said he couldn't do anything with them, and shipping is expensive between Canada and the United States, I said skip the shipping and just refund me the cost of the replacement shocks and I'll buy locally or Darren's. Nope, now I'm a cheater who wrecked the parts and didn't want to send them to him. Not what I was after at all. I wanted to save us both shipping costs because I wasn't paying both ways. Since he misunderstood my intent, I said okay, I'll ship them back, you inspect them, send me a new pair and Bob pays for shipping back to Canada. Nope, I had my chance, I was a cheater and that offer was off the table. Bob isn't a store, and we made the deal a few years ago, so I would agree he doesn't have to do anything about it. I'll bring them to the Western Meet this year so everyone can inspect them and we can read through our conversation. If ANYONE believes even in the slightest that I have damaged these shocks, I will be the first to let everyone know. For or against, I doubt there's anything to be gained by carrying on this conversation or thread. Peace out.
  3. ripleydale

    Air Shock Problem

    They are Delco shocks purchased from an FGMCC member who seems to have a lot of SS specific parts. He has not responded to my inquiries at this time. They don’t fit any better one side over the other, and I’m looking for the air ports to face the inside. Here’s a picture of the shocks and my originals. The lower part lines up with the top mount on the original shocks. Both are out on the replacements.
  4. ripleydale

    Air Shock Problem

    I'm hoping someone has run across this. I purchased some air shocks for my restoration and went to put them on my frame but discovered they cockeyed and won't line up at the bottom, assuming you have them bolted in at the top. One is worse than the other but neither one lines up. If you try to twist the bottom of the shock, the bladder twists with it, and the instructions specify not to twist the shock. Any thoughts? I've thought of inflating them so the air bladder moves and maybe they could twist easier then? Have to try and find my old ones.
  5. ripleydale

    What finish is on shock protectors

    Interesting there are a few opinions and most seem to land on metal finish. After soaking mine in evaporust, I see black paint on mine. I asked the original owner about if he ever painted anything under there and he said no. I’m inclined to think they were painted black from the factory. It would be good to hear from Leo. Thanks for the replies.
  6. ripleydale

    What finish is on shock protectors

    I see black and grey or metal finish. Does anyone know what the factory finish was?
  7. ripleydale

    Which One and Why

    Cool post. I have my triple black 71 SS so it was hard to choose something I already had. Went with the 71 4 speed but would want the bucket console interior. I kind of made my own 5 speed version. 🙂
  8. ripleydale

    Not having a great day today ...

    Wow Mike, sorry this happened to you. Glad you’re okay. No idea on the claim.
  9. ripleydale

    Not so good.

    Hey brother, sorry to hear about this. In my prayers buddy.
  10. ripleydale

    Winter project

    Looks nice. I smell a snowball.
  11. Pretty sure I’m in the last body bushing holes at the back with no problems. I’ll take a picture for you tomorrow when it’s light.
  12. ripleydale

    Minni Monte

    I’m starting to see how these build threads are a great record as a car evolves over the years. Nice that the posts are dated so I don’t have to remember.
  13. ripleydale

    noisy/loud valve train

    I did Comp Cams hydraulic roller valve train in my 454 and it makes a lot of noise. Sewing machine like. Eventually I got used to it. I believe it’s a common complaint