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  1. overdrive

    Changing 454 ss badge

    I don't think you have to remove the fender. Remove the long rocker panel trim, and then you can probably just remove the 2 bolts that hold the lower part of the fender to the body, and some of the bolts that connect the inner fender to the wheelwell lip. Then pull the lower fender out and shim it with a 2x4 or whatever works. Make note of any shims at the bottom of the fender for reassemby. Dan
  2. Darren, your post above should get that car sold pretty quickly, I think. I sold one of my '57s today, and I can afford to buy this car, but I'd be a hoarder if I did. I already have a '57 Nomad to restore next. It's a pretty nice driver right now, so I'm in no big hurry to tear it apart. Another Monte would have a long wait at my house. Dennis, the BL on your tag is actually the code for the Van Nuys plant. The L we're talking about on the Leed's plant cars is lower on the tag. Dan
  3. I guess I was just repeating what I had read on this forum a good while back. Like Aaron said, maybe the Oshawa SS454s only had it one year. I know that's the case with Kansas City cars, because they didn't start Monte production there until the '71 model year. It would be great to know the answer. Are there any Canadian built SS cars out there with the L on the cowl tag? Probably not. I think I got confused about an L being on the tag, not remembering the Z20 on it. Dan
  4. I'm glad to read the outcome of this post. I saw the original Facebook post that Rich made months ago, when he bought the car. I, along with others, commented and gave him information about the SS. He was considering selling at that time, but didn't pursue it. I had saved the post and a few weeks ago, I messaged him to see if he had done anything with it. He replied about his son's health issues and was ready to sell, but he didn't know what to ask for it. I offered to help with that, since I'm not in the market to buy one. He told me more about the car, but he didn't send additional photos. I said that without knowing more about it, like the extent of the rust, condition of the motor and transmission, knowing the interior is gone, etc., that I'd suggest starting at $5k and go down from there. He said that's about what he thought, too. The car has the L on the cowl tag that was only used by Oshawa and Kansas City to designate the SS454 package. I'm glad it's going to be restored. The guys at Misfit Garage may have been wanting to do a good restoration, but I have my doubts that they would go that direction. Tom, please post some good pics of your project, when you get it. As far as that goes, post pics of your other cars, too. We need to see them! That goes for you too, Willie! We know now that you have the knowledge of how to do it! Lol. Dan
  5. overdrive

    Floor shifter detent plate

    Thanks. Dan
  6. overdrive

    Floor shifter detent plate

    I've contacted someone about starting a patenting process. Dan
  7. overdrive

    Air Ride Compressor Color

    If you're asking about the color of the air tank, the originals were either a flat black, or a satin gold color, but they weren't painted. They were chemically coated. I think the closest to the original coatings we can get today is black zinc phosphate and zinc dichromate (gold irodite). Dan
  8. overdrive

    Opinions everyone!

    I think you'll like the white top, especially if it came from the factory that way. Dan
  9. overdrive

    Another new guy

    Nice car! Welcome! It looks like someone wrote the date and that the anti-freeze was tested to protect down to 5 degrees. It must have been in a southern state. Dan
  10. overdrive

    Floor shifter detent plate

    Jared, I hope you like it. You can mount it on your shifter now and check the operation. The front hole of the shifter body is large enough for some vertical adjustment of the front of the plate. Dan
  11. overdrive

    Floor shifter detent plate

    The squeeze of the handle for a 2-3 shift is better than having to do it for a 1-2 shift, I think. I've made and used both. I have this one in my car now. Dan
  12. I have started making shifter detent plates now. My design allows you to "slap" shift with your factory style floor shifter and not have to squeeze the handle to shift positively from 1st to 2nd, without the chance of going to 3rd. Then, squeeze to make a quick, positive shift to 3rd, without the chance of going into neutral. It works great for racing. There's a company that makes a similar plate, but it's different in that you have to squeeze the handle for a positive 1st to 2nd shift. I'll be making these to order, by hand. $75, shipped to the lower 48 states. Other areas will need to pay actual shipping costs. My plate is also cheaper than the other one. Dan
  13. overdrive

    Tip over jig

    This is the one I built several years back. I made it so I could bolt casters onto the framework, or the rocker rails. It made the dirtiest part of the restoration much easier, and I had a very handy body cart with the rails removed. The wooden design has to be cheaper to build. Dan
  14. overdrive

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    Rob, I agree, your AC line is like mine and fastened correctly. This one is not. The strap is metal and the insulation is gone.