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  1. Update: The TS4 detent plate for the overdrives is available now, along with the TS3 and the TS3R. dpjfabts3@gmail.com Dan
  2. overdrive

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Good job of getting her in the game again. It'll make a great car Have fun! Dan
  3. overdrive

    My '70 SS454 build

    Thank you. Those big shows are in the Midwest, but not real close by. The one in Kansas was about 5 hrs away. We're going to the Street Machine Nationals in Du Quoin, Illinois in 2 weeks. That'll be a huge show. I went years ago, but this will be the first time with a car. Dan
  4. Larry, yes the 700r4, 4L60E, 4L80E, etc. Jared, thanks for your order. You should have it by now. I now have both the TS3 and TS3R available. Jared got the first TS4 that was laser cut. It was for testing the design. I have more TS4 detents scheduled for production next week. Dan
  5. I was there Sunday for the previewing and Monday for the sale. I talked with the seller quite a bit. Dan Jacobs. Very nice guy. It had some issues, but nothing serious at all. Great car. I started a thread on it in the SS454 forum a few days ago. Dan
  6. overdrive

    71 SS454 sold for $40k

    I haven't seen many SS auction prices, but I thought this one did better than it would. Maybe I should reconsider the insurance agreed value on my car. Dan
  7. overdrive

    71 SS454 sold for $40k

    Yes, he bought it last year, he told me. The new owner was getting the original dash to put back in. The glue in the sail panel covers had let go and they needed redone. The mudflaps would come off in about 10 minutes. Dan
  8. overdrive

    71 SS454 sold for $40k

    There was a very nicely restored, matching numbers, triple black '71 SS454 that sold at a local classic car auction yesterday. I looked it over pretty good. The seller had it for 1 year. He bought it at Mecum Kissimmee and paid $34k plus premium. He had changed a few things to his liking. Changed the entire dash out because he didn't like the woodgrain. It had a new dash with chrome where silver would be, and in other places. It had a few things that needed attention/ repaired, but overall a great car. Power bench seat, windows, locks, tilt, non-working load leveling. It had 9k miles since being restored. I gave the new Iowa owner ( Dave) a card with this club information. Dan
  9. overdrive

    70 SS454

    The owner called me last fall and bought some load leveling system parts. His builder did an excellent job and has alot of great photos on his website. The builder called with some questions of how to get the leveling system working. Both seemed to be great guys. Gorgeous car! Thanks for the pics. Dan
  10. Hello everyone. I've recently gotten patent pending rights on my own new design for a replacement of the factory shifter detent plate for the 1968-1972 factory automatic shifters, commonly called horseshoe, or staple shifters. These shifters were used in Chevrolet cars from '68 - '72. My design allows the driver to positively slap shift for both the 1-2 shift, and the 2-3 shift. I call them True Slap detent plates because they are the only plates designed for use with these shifters that let you make both positive upshifts without having to squeeze the shifter handle to do it. I have 4 different prototypes that I've hand made and tested for 3 speed and overdrive transmissions, as well as the same transmissions with reverse manual valve bodies. I'm having a local company laser cut these. Introductory price through June 2019 is $90, plus a flat rate of $5 shipping in the continental U.S. Shipping to other locations will be higher. The True Slap TS3 is for a TH350 & TH400. The TS4 is for the overdrives. The TS3R is for the 3 speeds with reverse valve bodies. The TS4R is for the overdrives with reverse valve bodies. I received my first order today, and the TS3s are now available. The others are a couple of weeks out, yet. All of these will work great for drag racing, or just having a little fun with a street car. If interested, please feel free to ask questions here and/or email me. My company was created very recently specifically for these parts. Dan Janes DPJ Fabricating, LLC Hannibal, MO dpjfabts3@gmail.com You can click the links below to see how they work. https://youtu.be/rkmFQfy81E0 https://youtu.be/2kzyjK-rUm4 https://youtu.be/b4tVBue_xo8
  11. overdrive

    My '70 SS454 build

    The latest change to the car is a detent plate I made for the horseshoe shifter. I call it a True Slap detent plate because it allows the original shifter to be slap shifted from 1st to 2nd, and again from 2nd to 3rd. Shiftworks makes one that they call a slap shifter detent plate, but you actually have to squeeze and hold the shifter handle when you push the handle forward for a positve 1st - 2nd upshift. That's not slap shifting. I've gotten patent pending rights on my idea and will be selling them very soon. It made my car even more fun to drive. My new company name for my parts is DPJ Fabricating, LLC. Dan
  12. Update: My first mass run of the TS3 plates are scheduled for production in 4 days. I only had to make a small change after getting the first proof sample cut. The laser cutting process is very accurate and the first part that was made matched my drawing very well. I'll be getting a proof sample of each of the other part numbers at the same time, and I'll test them before ordering more of those. My new company name is DPJ Fabricating, LLC and the part number and company name will be laser etched on the parts. The email address is dpjfabts3@gmail.com. I still need to check into getting a website for the company. I'll post a new thread when the plates are available. Thanks for the interest and support. Dan
  13. overdrive

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Congratulations on verifying it as a factory SS454. I believe that it is, too. After seeing your photos, there's no doubt it came from the factory with the automatic leveling system, and a big block. Just a note though, the load leveling was an option on the non-SS cars. I have a copy of a build sheet somewhere for a '70 Monte that's now in Germany and it's a factory 350 car with the G67 option. I traded the owner, Janin, (her username here is Hobbes), some parts that she needed, in exchange for her compressor and mounting brackets a few years back. With the evidence you have, it looks to me like you have an SS that has had some of the things that identify it as an SS removed, not a non-SS that has had some SS specific parts added. That's also what I had with my '70, before I found my build sheet inside the rear seat cushion. Dan
  14. overdrive


    This is from our technical section.
  15. overdrive

    tough post..........

    And now I start kicking my butt for not jumping in the truck and heading North. Somebody got a great car and a good deal. Dan