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  1. overdrive

    tough post..........

    And now I start kicking my butt for not jumping in the truck and heading North. Somebody got a great car and a good deal. Dan
  2. overdrive

    Interior brake pedal pad

    My '70 SS did not have the metal disc on the brake pad when I bought it. It was unrestored, and from the Van Nuys plant. Dan
  3. overdrive

    tough post..........

    Darren, I'm very sorry to hear you haven't been able to find the health care to get you headed toward recovery. You've been through alot and nobody deserves that. I remember when you came over from the Chevelle forum and you sold your Chevelle. You've been a great addition to our family here, and you've been a wealth of knowledge for us. You've also gone out of your way to help me with research of my car. Prayers for a full recovery, and soon Dan
  4. overdrive

    1970 SS 454

    Yes, congratulations! You're having fun now. Great car! Dan
  5. Thanks! I've ordered the first one to be laser cut. I should have it on a couple weeks or less, I think. I'll test it and go from there. I don't know how close it'll be to a working part, until I get one. If needed, I'll have them change the computer file to loosen or tighten the clearances until it is right. Dan
  6. This is the first video (TS3) that I posted earlier. It wouldn't play for some of us, before. Dan
  7. Ok, I made a True Slap TS4 plate for an overdrive transmission and a friend with a Chevelle let me use his car and stock looking (but not stock) detent plate to get the measurements for the location of the detents. A man in Miami called me today with a great question. He said he's been on the freeway a few times when he had someone pull up beside him and want to race. He asked if my TS4 plate will let him make a positive downshift from OD to 3rd. That wasn't the intent of my original design, but it just so happens that with the design of the the stop I already have, it'll work great that way. He said he wants to be able to jerk the shifter out of OD and into 3rd, without slipping into 2nd, or even 1st, when he gets a challenge on the freeway. It'll work great in that way, with only a slight change to the plate and I made that change today. I've made some YouTube videos. If interested, search for DPJ Fabricating. Dan
  8. overdrive

    New project

    Congratulations on your "new" car. That'll make a great car for you. Yes, BL on the cowl tag is for the Van Nuys plant. My SS is from the same plant and it had a build sheet inside the backrest of one of the bucket seats, and another inside the rear seat cushion. It was not in the springs, but was inside the seat, between the 1" foam rubber and the jute padding. Others have found them in the same place, as well as inside the upper half of the rear seat. Dan
  9. overdrive

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Welcome and beautiful car! My SS is from Van Nuys and it had a build sheet in the dr side bucket for a car that was built about 68 ahead of mine with the exact same interior. I found the correct sheet inside the rear seat cushion, between the foam rubber pad and the jute padding. Others have too, and some have been found them in the backrest of the back seat. Another place is inside the fender, above the inner fender. Good luck with your search! Dan
  10. overdrive

    New member for about a week now

    Welcome to the site. If you're like me, you'll love this place. We like lots of photos. Dan
  11. overdrive


    I hope somebody steps up. I wrote up the submission for the last issue, and I can say it wasn't hard to do. It doesn't take alot of time and Rob is great to work with. He'll help you out with what's needed. Good job, Rob!
  12. overdrive

    thinking about finally working on my 1970SS

    Welcome, and you have a nice car. Make it nicer and enjoy it. We'll be here with any help we can donate. Dan
  13. overdrive

    CD2 and other options questions

    Were the PA3 wheel covers not the ones with paint matching the body color? I have a set that match my car that I got with a parts car years ago, before I bought the SS. Dan
  14. overdrive

    Water drips under dashboard...

    For anyone that is replacing their windshield, I ordered 4 before I got one that worked in my '70. It was a year and a half ago, so hopefully the problem is solved. The glass itself was fine, but the connector for the antenna was not. The first one was installed by a friend of mine that does glass for a living, and I. The only windshields these days are made in China and Mexico, I was told by suppliers. The first windshield was in and my friend tried to connect the antenna wire. It wouldn't connect. The original ends are rubber covered to protect the connection from water. The new one was hard plastic and too small. Auto City Classic sells alot of these windshields, so I ordered one from them. I explained the issue on the phone and was told that they sell these every week and have had zero issues with the connectors. They shipped one without checking it. It had the same junk connector. They refunded my money. I tried another local supplier that had a different brand. Same problem. Tried another local supplier and finally found one with the correct rubber connector. Make sure to ask your supplier to check for the rubber connector as soon as they get it. If their windshield has the plastic one, it won't fit, unless they've corrected the size. Even then, it won't seal the water out of the connection without some silicone caulk. The rubber connector is best. It took about 20 phone calls and 5 weeks to get my windshield installed. Dan
  15. Looking great, Willie! Beautiful work! Dan