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  1. lastss

    selling some parts...

    Shipping cost on the seat belts to zip 29588. Thanks lastss@hotmail.com
  2. lastss

    Air Shock Problem

    Not true, I offered replacements and he said no and because the the shocks were screwed up and worth nothing, wanted a refund and Not return the shocks. The proof is in the messages. I will Never sell any more parts here. I Never had a problem on eBay.
  3. lastss

    Air Shock Problem

    sound like you screwed them up trying to twist them and I offered you a replacement set which you refused and now you don’t want to even return them and expect me to refund you. Not happening, if they didn’t fit it isn’t my fault and maybe they were boxed wrong. But now you screwed them up trying to twist them is why you want a refund and not even wanting to send them back because I’ll inspect them and see the damage. Now no replacements will be sent or refund
  4. $400.00 shipped contact me at lastss we’re the email is hot lol
  5. I have a nos correct air shock compressor, I took the tank off and had the tank powered coated and resealed . Correct black perfect working order. Comes complete ready to install. Pictures coming soon. $850.shipped rare one of a kind. Message me or call me 843-748-011 Six Thanks bob
  6. lastss

    Restoring Air Conditioning

    Did you try to tighten the front clutch to 10 lbs ? Don’t over tighten it’s a ceramic seal.
  7. lastss

    Lastss(Bob Lyman) and 2 more First Gens Local Show.

    Many Thanks for the compliments. I made that shield to protect the hood pad from oil sling as no matter how many rebuilt compressors you buy they throw a little oil. I fabricated it from a piece of roof flashing already black from Home Depot and trimmed it out with door edge guard. Easy to make. Flashing only cost $1.00 each so have at it guys and thanks bob
  8. lastss

    NOS rear SS Delco air shocks available

    That’s joe bobowski I sent him a pm for you both.
  9. lastss

    NOS rear SS Delco air shocks available

    Joe in NJ is looking for a set
  10. He knows better and I also emailed him. He is a known dishonest seller and it’s for a Cadillac 1975 and up.
  11. Easy enough to test disconnect the vacuum line to the booster and cap it off and see if your idle returns to normal, also check all other areas for vacuum leaks if you still have an issue, I use starting fulid but WD40 is safer.