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  1. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    After a long wait, the rears are installed. I took it for a quick drive and while it seems ok, I'm not sure I like the ride height. I have raised the coil to about an inch from max and I'm maybe where I was when I started. Not sure if the mounting bracket is a significant drop over stock. Didn't drive it enough to notice any different handling characteristics yet. Front isn't done yet either and its the end that really needs it. I'll have to crank up the rear spring a bit higher to see if I can get the height where I want it. I swear when I looked at a kit that mounted to the rear, there was an option for increasing the ride height. Might have seen something else I guess.
  2. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    So an update : I've got the rear all but finished. I'm getting a bind in the passenger side trying to put the lower control arm bolt through where the arm seems twisted and will not line up. I had 2 thanksgiving dinners 2 days apart this weekend as well so didn't have the free time to devote to solving this. I can see the appeal of articulated rod ends in the case of the bind though. Anyone who has installed the rear kit, did you use the relocation holes for the lower control arms? I've seen pictures of people continuing to use the stock location and just do not know what the need for the relocation is. The brackets that came in my kit are from umi performance. Sadly my exhaust is in the way as well so I will probably have to dump before the axle now.
  3. amsterdam84

    Winter project

    I'd love to do a serpentine setup but would much rather go black. The bracketry is also huge in many cases. I like the oem look for that reason.
  4. https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2018/09/ontario-cancelling-outdated-ineffective-drive-clean-program.html
  5. amsterdam84

    Potential 71 owner

    From the pictures it looks like it may have ac ducts under the dash and possibly has the rear defrost fan switch in the dash as well. All I can see at a glance that may be an option.
  6. amsterdam84

    Window cranks

    By center piece of the visor I assume you mean the plastic bushing? They are a chevelle part so should be easy to find.
  7. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    Thanks for the tip.
  8. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    Here's everything that comes with the full kit. I opted to get the wrenches as well. I also bought another set of front springs for the 454 eventually. Currently running a 350 still.
  9. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    After fighting with a lower control arm bolt that was rusted to the sleeve of the arm, it is free and I can move on with my install. That took way too long to get done.
  10. amsterdam84

    Happy Spousie....

    Now that looks fun
  11. amsterdam84

    Age, something to think about.

    I think the meaning of classics for today's cars will be different from the cars we currently refer to. These days, cars are differentiated by their options instead of styling differences. Rarity might be a deciding factor. Cars like the Dodge hellcat and demon are made in limited quantities but are still considered modern muscle. I too like the newer mustangs though I'll probably never be able to afford one. One caviat though is the longevity of electronics. Can't seem to get things to last more than a few years so we need a steady supply of components to keep them on the road.
  12. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    Currently I'm struggling with a frozen lower arm bolt. I think it's seized to the sleeve inside the rubber. Muffler is in the way so I can't hit it directly so I'm using a punch from the side. If I had an air chisel I think it would make short work of it but I don't have one. Other options are cutting the bolt and replacing it or removing the muffler to hit it directly with a bfh.
  13. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    I found removing the old bolts easy by they may be short compared with the ones in the kit. Haven't opened the boxes yet. I can only imagine the frustration of having to install the bolt the other way blind while holding a bracket.
  14. amsterdam84

    Be safe out there

    They were going 60kph and they suspect the other driver was doing 80-90 kph.
  15. amsterdam84

    Finally installing my...Viking suspension

    Removing the old lower arms and replacing them with boxed. Hope to add a sway bar.