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  1. amsterdam84

    Winter project

    I'd love to do a serpentine setup but would much rather go black. The bracketry is also huge in many cases. I like the oem look for that reason.
  2. https://news.ontario.ca/opo/en/2018/09/ontario-cancelling-outdated-ineffective-drive-clean-program.html
  3. amsterdam84

    Potential 71 owner

    From the pictures it looks like it may have ac ducts under the dash and possibly has the rear defrost fan switch in the dash as well. All I can see at a glance that may be an option.
  4. amsterdam84

    Window cranks

    By center piece of the visor I assume you mean the plastic bushing? They are a chevelle part so should be easy to find.
  5. amsterdam84

    Happy Spousie....

    Now that looks fun
  6. amsterdam84

    Age, something to think about.

    I think the meaning of classics for today's cars will be different from the cars we currently refer to. These days, cars are differentiated by their options instead of styling differences. Rarity might be a deciding factor. Cars like the Dodge hellcat and demon are made in limited quantities but are still considered modern muscle. I too like the newer mustangs though I'll probably never be able to afford one. One caviat though is the longevity of electronics. Can't seem to get things to last more than a few years so we need a steady supply of components to keep them on the road.
  7. amsterdam84

    Be safe out there

    They were going 60kph and they suspect the other driver was doing 80-90 kph.
  8. amsterdam84

    Be safe out there

    I have my sister in law and her husband living in my house. They were driving home after picking up a mattress and they were t-boned by a car that blew the stopsign. Everyone is ok with only minor injures, the most severe a cracked scapula. Take your time people and stay alert.
  9. amsterdam84

    Intake ends and bolts , what to seal them with?

    This all makes sense now. I have had coolant seeping on top of my intake ever since installing it as well as some oil.
  10. amsterdam84

    Black Friday

    I messaged them in December and missed out too.
  11. amsterdam84

    Is it a secret?

    I rarely travel Facebook myself as I don't have many close friends or have the need to stay in touch with people to that extent. Hell, I've barely been on this forum over the last couple years as family life and other projects have consumed most of my free time. Been looking for a house that's a bit bigger than our current one and has either a large shop or property to build one on. I have a number of mods for the Monte on the back burner, chief among them a 454 manual conversion and the Viking suspension. What's kicking my butt right now is the housing prices in my area have skyrocketed. Massive premium. While my house went up, so did everyone else's. I hope if I can get moved and settled, I can start posting regularly again.
  12. amsterdam84

    Is it a secret?

    Heh didn't mean to start a war. I couldn't remember when I became a dues paying member and thought I would leave a bit of a joke message. At least I know my actual date now. Gonna have to put it on the calendar. This is the only car club I'm a part of and couldn't imagine a better one. Keep up the good works guys!
  13. amsterdam84

    Is it a secret?

    So according to my profile, I joined this group January 2008. Does that make me a 10 year member? Is there a secret handshake I need to know?
  14. amsterdam84

    Source for a windshield?

    Can't remember the brand I used. I used to work for the windshield supplier for speedy, apple and standard auto glass. Probably ppg though these days the American suppliers are slipping in quality compared to some of the non US ones from what I hear.
  15. amsterdam84

    Ontario canada

    I'm in Hamilton. Definitely need a mini meet in our area!