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  1. Steve, looks great!!! Have a great time. I tried to make it this year, was shot down by the boss, we have a 1 year old party. More fun lol
  2. willie

    1970 gobie beige color input?

    If its #s matching, i would keep it all original. My 2 cents.
  3. Dan and Joe, just what i needed. They are perfect. Thanks Guys
  4. willie

    Hello All from PA

    Hey Phil, yes next years show is in June and it will be huge. Its the 50th anniv of the Monte. I am pulling out all stops to try and get mine done by then. Keeping my fingers crossed. But even if the car is not done I plan on going.
  5. Hey Dan, that would be great if you can post it. I stupidly took it off without taking a pic and now i dont remember on what spring it went.lol I am surely not getting any younger. Thanks
  6. That would be great Dan. Thanks
  7. willie

    pic needed

    Ok everyone, this is where i am at.I took apart a parts car and the light harness and the right side of the back of fuse panel is totally correct. Thats good. But the engine harness side and the left side of the fuse panel are both different then what i have now. So i hunted down the original harnesses i took out of the car when i first started the build. And this is what i found, the harnesses that i purchased from American Autowire are correct, both the engine, and the front light harness are the same as the original that i took off the car. So The fuse panel is wrong, i also matched up an original fuse panel that i had (guessing original from my car when i started the build) and is NOT correct to what i have now. So before i change anything this pic is my old fuse panel but does anyone know what color wires are missing? Or do you happen to have a pic of yours that i can copy from? This is what i will be changing the wires to if someone else has the same colors and wires in there pic. However i need some help to figure out what i am missing on the top 3 or 4 spaces, to complete it. Thanks
  8. Thanks Dan, Do you happen to have a pic of where it is placed in the seat? I might be taking you up on that switch, mine is very rusted on one side. i am going to try and get the rust off, if not i will give you a shout. Thanks Willie
  9. willie

    pic needed

    I do not know how that last pic got there, so please disregard it. Thanks
  10. willie

    pic needed

    Hey Everyone, Paul this is what i have. This is the back of the fuse panel, looking from the engine bay. This is the engine harness with the front light harness attached, both are pictured the way they are to come together. This is a little sketch i made to show what is missing. To match just flip left page onto right page.The "X"s are the missing (or not there) terminals.The boxes circled are ones in question. The light harness side seems to be fine (i have power to all the fusses on the inside, left bank). The engine harness is the problem, i dont have power in any fuse except the heater fuse,on the right bank. Also no power on any hot terminal between fusses, running vertical on inside between both banks, except top terminal. What do you think? Thanks Willie
  11. willie

    Not a monte

    Hey Steve i bet it is alittle hard to ride shotgun drinking a cold beverage while holding your hat on, in that rag top.lol
  12. willie

    Not a monte

    Cool car Steve. Good luck with the sale.
  13. willie

    pic needed

    Yes Paul i can but will not be able to do ity till tomm. Ran out of time today, have to go to that dirty word called work...lol
  14. willie

    pic needed

    Hey Everyone, Let me just say i am not very good with car electric because they always change color of the wire on me. lol I am looking for pics of the terminals between the engine and front light harness and the terminals of the back of the fuse panel. i am having a problem with a short on my build. The engine and front harness are new, and the dash harness was rebuilt from the guy on ebay. The problem is i have terminals on the engine side that go into no terminals on the fuse panel. I dont think its the front light harness because all of the terminals mate with other terminals on the fuse panel. So i have power on all the fuses on that bank. However there is only power on the heater fuse on this bank, the other fuses do not have power (3 of them no power). Also the Hot terminals in the middle of the fuse panel that are always hot only the top one has power others that run vertical have no power. So if i can get some pics to see what wires and terminals go in and come out of the engine harness and the back of the fuse panel i should be able to figure it out. I am sure some terminals have to be moved but i dont know what ones. I have a 72 with a 454. I bought this stuff new so i wouldn't have this problem. Thanks for the help
  15. Paul that right up is great! Thank you for finding it. Dan were they in both bucket seats or just the pass side?