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  1. willie

    Rad bushings

    Robert, Yes it has a large washer between the head of the bolt and the frame, I just have the bolt upside down from what everyone is saying. I just have to flip it around. Kevin, Like I said all my cars have them down but all my cars were owned by other people before me so who knows what they did before me. lol Thanks for help guys, I am sure I will have more questions
  2. willie

    SS Hockey Sticks

    Jared do you need both? I think I have one still attached to a piece not attached to a car, I have to check. Give me a day or so and I will get back to you.
  3. willie

    Rad bushings

    Hey Tom, Not sure if it matters or not but this car is a 72 custom. All my parts cars (350 cars) the bolts go down, but I do have to check how my SS's have them. None of the cars are original. They were all owned from a few people before me, so nothing is definite here. I did look thru my box of old parts from the car and found a smaller rubber pad for the rad. So it had 1-3.5" and 3-4" pads. As far as the rad support yes it has 4 holes on top not the 3 hole one. Thanks for help guys
  4. willie

    Kind of Cool

    Yes. Pretty COOL!!! Nice story Darren.
  5. willie

    Rad bushings

    Thanks for the pics Kevin. My bushings are in just like yours, so they are correct however my bolts are going down not up like yours. The radiator is a 3 core and measures width (thickness) wise at bottom of rad left side 3 in, right side 3.5 in. The whole side of rad the same size respectfully. The rad support measures on left side 3.5in and right side 4in. I have to look for the old rad rubber pads to see if there was a difference in size of the pad. I don't see any extra tabs welded on the rad, or the support on either side. Maybe you are right the car has the wrong support. I have to look into this... Thanks Kevin
  6. willie

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    LOl I remember them. My boss had one in the shop I worked in for a parts car. I had to pick up a bunch of parts and a co worker who happened to be a little overweight at the time I thought the tires were going to fall off the car they bowed out so much it scared the hell of me. lol
  7. Hello everyone I have 2 questions first I was putting on my rad support today and wasn't sure what way the bushings went so I thought I would check with you guys. I put the male bushing on top of the frame facing up, then the rad support then the female bushing facing down accepting the male thru the rad support, with the bolt going down. Is this correct? 2) The rubbers for the radiator are all the same length, and they fit fine except for the left side bottom on the rad support, do I have to shorten this rubber or try and buy a smaller rubber? I have a 454 rad and the left side is not as wide as the right side. Is this correct? Thanks for the help
  8. willie

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    LOL VW=no frills or really no frills
  9. willie

    Eastern Meet XX (20) T shirts

    I also would be in for the 20th if price is right But for the 50th I am in for sure. Trying to get the car done or close by then. (Prayers needed) lol
  10. willie

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    I think back in the time of '74, I was just ready to graduate from High School. I was about 17. I had my daily driver a 69 impala, 4 door. But my hot rod was a 68 chevelle. I always loved big cars. Never in all my years have I ever worried about gas mileage. Always took the attitude it is what it is. However I do remember buying a Toyota corolla for my sister around that time, but before I could give it to her my brother road tested it and smacked it up, to bad to fix. lol (he also did that to a duster for her, and almost every car he had back then. He is a lucky guy) LOL. But I am sorry to say I never did worry about gas mileage. How dumb, I could of saved enough money to buy another Monte.lol
  11. willie

    Happy New Year

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!!
  12. willie

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone in our family!!! Be safe and enjoy!!!
  13. willie

    Merry Monte Christmas

    Yes have a Merry Christmas everyone, you too mushy. LOL Enjoy everyone.
  14. willie

    air shocks

    Hey Jeff, Call Rock Auto, They had a set or 2 left when I bought my spare set. I don't remember the part # but maybe someone else will jump in and have it.
  15. willie

    My apologies

    Welcome back Tony, glad to see you back. Hope all is well with You, Ally and the kids!!! ps I have no time for that facebook or those other sites, but I will never leave here although I don't get on as much as I should either. Life always gets in the way. It pushes me and I push back.