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  1. I agree with every one above. But according to the trim tag, its a Kansas City car built on the "L" line so as long as its motor and tranny show the partial vin it should be a real SS. Right guys? I also like the right side sport mirror.
  2. willie

    interior 1/4 panels

    Thanks Kevin, I have others but didn't realize what the difference was until after I took them apart and put them side to side. lol Just wanted to make sure. Thanks Again Kevin
  3. Thanks Rob, I have alittle more time than I have had in the past. So I do get some more done, and I finally figured out after about 5 times catching, and watching my son so he can show me how to put pics up. Yes hope to see everyone in June.
  4. Spent my day taking all the seats and panels apart they all were shot but I need to start from the metal and work back up. This is what I have to start with. The rears do not look to promising, but the buckets aren't to bad. I see some sandblasting ahead of me. lol Then some prime and paint before anything else.
  5. Does anyone know why these inside panels for the rear have 2 different bends? The set on the right are my original tops, but are alittle flimsy so I took another set apart and noticed in the middle the left set has a bend of 90 degrees but the right set has a bend of much less. Left side maybe chevelle? or chevelle convertible? Hope someone knows?
  6. willie

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Steve Great catch!!!! Congrats. Love the color, I have one the same color buried somewhere.
  7. willie

    72 big block fuel tank hoses

    No prob Kris that's what we are here for. Good Luck with your project!!!
  8. willie

    72 big block fuel tank hoses

    Kris I will get you some pics tomm. What you want is a pic of where the hoses connect to the gas tank? Or do you need something else? I think its in the manual also but I cant get to it till tomm.
  9. willie

    Newbie - 7vntyMnty

    Welcome Rick!!! She is beautiful!!! Love the no trim look also.
  10. willie

    New to Group

    Welcome!!! Also love the color.
  11. willie

    Body Trim

    Here you go Steve not very good with the comp but I am getting better. lol As Steve L. can tell you. lol Hope this helps if not let us know what you need.
  12. willie

    Body Trim

    Hey Steve, Sorry for your disability. You came to the right place. We are all here to help. Now what do you need a pic of what pieces of trim go where? Or how they attach? Let us know and we will get a pic for you.
  13. willie


    Happy Moms Day to all our Moms out there!!!
  14. willie

    possible trivia question

    LOL who would of thought they even put them on there!!