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  1. willie


    Sorry to hear this Rob. Thoughts and prayers from here.
  2. As asked, I have 2 protect-o-plates that do not belong to me. If they belong to anyone, let me know. 1) Monte Vin 138571K245210 2)Chevelle (I think) Vin 136371B222475 Lets cross our fingers so we can have a second person get there P-O-P!!!
  3. I will, but I had to dig them up. One Monte and one Chevelle (I think)
  4. Nice going!!! I have one that doesn't belong to any of my cars, maybe I should try and post it again.
  5. willie

    Monte Carlo Key chains ?

    Nice Phil, I like them but now you have fill the loops with monte keys!!! lol
  6. willie

    questions for 71 owners......

    Hey Darren, I only have 2 of my SS,s with me. The other is at my Moms over an hour away. Both have the small sun visors and perforated headliners, one has a vanity mirror. One has no seatbelts at all (previous owner took them all). The other has the large black buckle and tongue set. Hope this helps
  7. willie

    Monte Carlo Key chains ?

    Got mine also. Looks great!!!
  8. willie

    Pittsburgh Prayers

    Glad to hear you guys are ok. Thoughts and prayers going out to all involved. What a terrible tragedy. God Bless us all.
  9. willie

    Meet Maxine

  10. willie

    New ‘72 owner- already grinding away!

    Welcome!!! As others said, do it now you don't need it later. Congrats and good luck.
  11. willie

    A/C question

    No problem Rob, maybe someone else will chime in before I send it. Thanks
  12. willie

    A/C question

    Rob, Yes that's what I would do, however I am not 100% sure mine is OEM now because it doesn't have any numbers on it. That's why I was asking if there were numbers on them so I would know what I have to start with. I do have a site glass, that is good none of the replacement ones rock auto sells, has the site glass. Rob does yours have any numbers? I know yours is a '70 and mine is a '72 not sure if that should matter though.
  13. willie

    A/C question

    Right now I am thinking of sending the drier down to get rebuilt. Does any one know if there is a part number on the drier? How do I know if I am getting an OEM unit redone? Mine has no numbers at all on the unit. Thanks
  14. Hey Dan, I gave up looking for them also. I came to the conclusion that I am going to do some cutting and trim work on some that I have to make them work. Not on the Custom on the SS's.