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  1. willie

    AC Plenum box

    Hey Rob I will check in my spare parts jugs.
  2. You were not wrong Rob. I am with Joe, never McD always Burger King but not often. There are no Hardies around here.
  3. Antoine keep us updated when you are going to be here so we know you will be there.
  4. willie

    71 big block fl

    Thanks Steve, I knew I could count on you!!! Yea tank and a few other odds and ends. lol Its a lot further along now but have to get some pics on the comp to post them here. Now that I can do it.lol
  5. willie

    71 big block fl

    Sorry I didn't mean to steel the tread, if some one can move it out that would be great. Thanks
  6. willie

    71 big block fl

    Yea lol the wheels are the dolly I built to hold the body as I took care of the frame. Funny thing is I cant even see the wood that is holding it all up. Looks like I need some air in that tire, gas millage is gonna stink!!
  7. willie

    71 big block fl

    Sorry about that last post guys I was playing and finally got it.YYYYEEEEEAAAAA!!!!! and without my sons help, Where is Steve with the dancing bananas. haha Anyway this pic is a few years ago as I just stared to put it back together. Its my 72 custom W code.. Glad I tried it.
  8. willie

    71 big block fl

    LOL, I knew that but I had to say it, because I heard a very loud click behind my right ear where my wife was standing. lol
  9. willie

    New member

    Welcome Mr. Walt, As bad as it looks you are starting about 100 steps ahead of me. Good luck and congrats!!!
  10. Not sure about Riverhead, but there is at least 1 big show in every county. I am sure you remember the show at the train station, where is that in Wantagh or Massapequa?
  11. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I don't see them that hard to make? Mine didn't have them either.
  12. willie

    71 big block fl

    Come on Tom, road trip, lol Lets go!!!
  13. willie

    New member

    Welcome!!! And she is sweeeet!!!
  14. willie

    72 custom

    That's what I thought from what I seen, but wasn't sure. Thanks Guys!!!