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  1. snomobeelr

    12 Bolt - Identification - not Centered - assistance

    Thanks Guys thats what I wanted to know, if I have a two series carrier and thats why the shim is in there and possibly why it is not centered. I was told it was a 3 series carrier years ago. I may leave it for now , I needed to know what I actually have. I want it to be right and I may change it to a 3 series carrier if I can find someone who actually knows how to do it later down the line. Or attempt it myself. I am not sure about that though. Thanks agian
  2. snomobeelr

    12 Bolt - Identification - not Centered - assistance

    Thanks Guys. So it is a Chevy 12 Bolt. Here are some more pictures. The ring gear has a big spacer. I guess I need to measure to verify this is a 3 series carrier. I do not understand about the carrier not being centered. If this is normal than thats fine but seems like it should be centered. The ring gear has a spacer and I wonder if maybe it was supposed to be a different ring and pinion.. Here are some more pic's. Trying to look up the part specs by the numbers..
  3. Hello , I've had this 12 bolt rear end in the car since early 90's. (91/92) I bought the Housing and axles and the carrier and gears separately and had it built by someone I was told they knew what they were doing. I was told it was a 3 series carrier and I am running a 3.73 Gear. It may be built correctly I do not know that for sure.. When the frame was off the car we measured it and it measured square. When I was looking for wheels I was having trouble because the Driver side seemed inboard 3/8 to 1/4 and the Passenger side seemed outboard 3/8 to 1/4 . I never noticed or paid attention before. So I pulled the cover again and It appears the carrier was shimmed to one side in the 12 bolt. Drivers side is shimmed and in passenger side bearing sticks out enough I can read Timken on it. I am trying to figure out if it is actually a Chevrolet 12 Bolt carrier and if it is put together correctly . Too much reading and I am wondering if this is an Oldsmobile Housing? I have added some pictures with the cover off. I didn't find any numbers on the tubes but there are some on the housing. The Housing has two Straight ribs on the front. The Numbers I found on the housing that faces the engine were GM8 on the Left and and "3917124" NF" on the right side. On the side of the 12 bolt housing that faces the rear bumper I found L157 on the left site and what appears to be CON 1 on the right side. I can not find any info on the "CON 1" stamping. Below is what I found on the rest. http://www.myss396.com/ChevelleInfo/Differentials/Differentials.html L/15/7 .......................................... L - December 15 = 15th Day 7 = Production Year? 1967 ******************************************* 12 Bolt Housings Casting Year 3917124NF 1967 (Late) 3917124NF 1968 3917124NF 1969 (Early)
  4. snomobeelr

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    Hello, Rims and Tires were New at the Beginning of last Summer. Tires are BF-Goodrich G-Force Sport Tires (Cheap 😉). Its not off the line, but when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear she just spins .
  5. snomobeelr

    Wheel and Tire data base.

    Anyone know what the Widest tire you can mount on a 17 x 8 wheel? I like my wheels but when I hit 2nd she just spins. Now wondering If I need a different size rim ? Fronts 245-45-17 Rears 245-55-17 Just spins.
  6. Here pictures of the ones I bought from them
  7. For sale 1 pair of lightly used 4 x 6 speakers. Only used them last summer. They fit fine I didn't like the sound. I ended up wedging coax speakers in Driver side. $40.00 + actual shipping cost . http://www.turnswitch.com/speakers.htm Original Delco 4x6 dash speakers for Chevelle shown on top. Notice the difference in the magnet size and location between the left and right speakers for instrument panel clearance. If you look close, you will also notice the angle brackets are in different positions on the driver side verses the passenger side speaker. The middle picture is our 4x6 speakers bolted to the dash speaker support brackets. (Stamped dash support brackets not included with our speakers.) The bottom picture shows our 4x6 speakers with the angle brackets. Our speakers with the angle brackets installed for Chevelle/Monte Carlo sell for $89.95 a pair.
  8. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    Wow your headers look even closer to the Proportioning Valve than mine are. What size Tubes are the Super Comps, te Patriots that are still on have 1 7/8 Tubes
  9. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    If you look at the Patriot and the Dougs yous see the Patriot is one tube in the front and the Dougs is two tubes in the front. I reinstalled the Patriot Passenger side and you can see "Lower Control Arm" Mounting ear sticks out. This is where the dougs #2 pipe wqas hitting.
  10. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    I was shocked since so many people have seemed to use the Doug's and they fit.. If you look at the picture of the Patriot next to the Dougs ... The Patriot #1 tube swings down and left. The Dougs #1 and # 2 swing down and left and follow each other ontop one another. We could not get the dougs flange on the head so come up and seal. Only other thing is I have Brodix Race Rite oval port heads. But believe the mounting is close to stock.
  11. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    So I purchased a set of Dougs headers from Summit Racing I made sure i could rerun them if there were any issues which I can. The Original Dougs 313 headers for the Big Block Chevy do not fit my 1971 Monte Carlo . I attempted to install the passenger side and I believe it was tube #2 is hitting the frame Horn that comes out for the Control arm. My old Headers - Headman that are from over 20 years ago fit. My current Header Patriot Exhaust H8024-1 fit. My issue was I thought the Patriot Exhaust H8024-1 Collector Flange was hanging to low from the floorboard. Long story short I was able to place 1/4 inch shim Under my transmission mount .......... It raised the header flange 1/2 inch closer to floorboards. I had added a G/V and a new G-Force Cross member. I had placed a jack under transmission and happened to be watching it at the correct angle I noticed the new G-Force Cross member actually has some give/Sag , when putting the weight of the transmission on it. Since I had both headers available I took pictures of both headers to compare if anyone is interested. The older rust headers in some of the pictures are my 25 year old original hedman headers. Patriot Full-Length Headers : H8024-1 Doug's Headers D313
  12. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    Ya I did not rally it before but the patriots seem to be low.. The Patriot collector is 3.5 and I was thinking since the Doug's are 3 inches ,that itself would bring it up towards the floorboards some. Either way from the collector to the front of the muffler has to be reconfigured. I added a Gear Vendor and can't use an X-Pipe any longer. I am just not sure it is with the price of new headers to bring the headers themselves closer but the Patriots I have seem pretty low. When placing a level from bottom of collectors on both sides they ar 1 3/8 lower than my trans pan. I took some pictures and attached. Thanks Guys
  13. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    Mounts are all about 6 or 7 years old. My ace was a small block I changed to a 454, I never changed the frame mounts but thought they were the same. Never had issues.
  14. snomobeelr

    Big Block full length Header - Floorboard clearance ?

    Doug , I have only had it scrape on me once. I am trying to find out if other headers are closer to the floorboard. My headers also seem to pitch down towards the ground. I am trying to get the exhaust up towards the floorboards a little more. Thanks for the offer but if its a pain to measure from header to floorboard don't worry about it. Alan
  15. I have Patriot Headers 1 7/8 that fit fine other than close to proportioning valve and collectors do seem to point downward. My exhaust has always seemed low. I do I have 3 inch exhaust . You can seethe exhaust under car from distance , I attached a picture. I made some changes on car and have to remove the X-Pipe and re-do exhaust from Collector to front of Muffler. The top of the Collector flange is 3 /14 on driver side and 3 7/8 on passenger side from floor. Anyone else ever measured to see how far there collector is from from floorboard? I was wondering if the Doug's Headers would be closer to floorboard.