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  1. Dorknozzle

    Another new guy

    Sorry non-ss guy here. They don't all come with tachs? Thanks for the insight
  2. Dorknozzle

    Checking in from Michigan

    Hey Tim, Welcome to the forums. I literally just blew through Vassar on Sunday while on my way to Bay City. That wind was brutal. Seems your fond of the 72s; anything particular that stands out on those vs the 70 or 71 that you really like? Again, welcome and thanks for sharing
  3. Dorknozzle

    Stock cylinder heads small block

    Thanks guys. The panel truck is at my dad's house in Florida for the winter, so I won't be able to check out any numbers until spring. Unfortunately I was just there 3 weeks ago, but didn't think about this until I got home and started thinking about upcoming car projects. Just my luck. I will be revisiting this thread as I start to dissect my current 350 in the Monte and a set of extra camel heads I have on a shelf to see if I can make any sense of this while I wait for the panel to get back to Michigan. Thanks again for all of the info above.
  4. Dorknozzle

    Stock cylinder heads small block

    Hey guys. My first car was a 1970 MC triple Green with buckets and console shifter. It had a 350 / 300hp engine at the time. I wore that engine out and replaced it with a used 327 prior to selling the car. My old 350 sat on a stand for years before my dad rebuilt it and put it in his 48 Ford Panel truck. I was young and dumb at that period in time and did not care to follow the progression of the rebuild all the way to my dad's truck, so parts may have been switched or possibly cores could have been swapped. Now I have finally replaced my first car with a clone and the only thing that will make me happier is when I swap my original Monte motor out of my dad's truck and put it into my current Monte. That will bring me as close to my first car as I will probably ever get. The reason I am about to ask for some help is because I was telling this story to a guy that I know is a 1st Gen nut and when he looked at the engine in the panel truck he said that it was probably not my engine because it did not have camel hump heads. I can't seem to find any information that calls out the heads for a 1970 350cid 300hp Turbo-Fire engine. So.... Questions: 1. Where do I look to get the complete specs (including the heads) for the 1970 350/300hp engine? 2. Did they in fact have double hump heads? 3. What should I look for on my old engine in my dad's panel truck to identify some of the markings and confirm that is is in fact my old engine? (I do not have my old VIN) Thanks for your time, Jason
  5. Dorknozzle

    Vinyl top molding retainer clips

    Thanks Mike. Now the vinyl top guy seems to have misplaced the 4 clips behind the 1/4 glass windows. I left them on the studs when I was fitting all of the halo trim, unaware that he was going to show up the next day to install the top. The clips slide onto the studs but then the molding is installed by lining up the notches in the back of the molding over the clips and then sliding the molding down into position; essentially locking it onto the clip. Anyone have any idea where to find these, or at least the part number?
  6. Dorknozzle

    1971 Monte Carlo Project Zeus

    Looks amazing. Great work Thanks for the update
  7. Dorknozzle

    1971 Monte Carlo Project Zeus

    Hi Clay, How is this project coming along?
  8. Dorknozzle

    Vinyl top molding retainer clips

    Anyone know what these clips are referred to as, and are they available anywhere?
  9. Dorknozzle

    Ontario canada

    Chris, did you black out the grill because it was in need of rechroming? I believe I may have to do the same for the time being. My grill needs to be re-done, but I got a quote for $1500.00 from a well known chrome company here in Oakland County, MI. I can't afford to do that, so I was thinking about powder coating it for now, until I can afford a nice used one. Anyone else know if that quote is just ridiculous, or is that the going rate? I was told it was because it is extremely tedious to clean out between the squares and then to make sure the whole thing is polished well in all the nooks and crannies. Anyhow, your Monte looks awesome. Great work and great vision.
  10. Dorknozzle

    WTB 1970 Monte

    Tommy, do you still have the SS? Are you going to post a sale ad?
  11. Dorknozzle

    New member package

    Great. Thanks for the info, and getting the starter pack initiated. I guess I got 5 more years of looking forward to installing my badge
  12. Dorknozzle

    New member package

    Hi guys, My profile says that I have been a member since August 2016 but I have never paid any dues until this past March. I finally paid membership dues March 5th, but have not received any type of official notification, decal or newsletter yet. I read that it could take 4 - 8 weeks, but I'm on 12 weeks now. Is there a chance I am not receiving anything, because my profile states I was already a member? I've been looking forward to placing the badge on my grill. Thanks, Jason