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    1st Gen Monteholic primary interest. Also enjoy outdoors (camping, fishing, exploring and time at the Beach watching the waves roll in). Of course, family is a Given...........
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    New Member Prattville, Al.

    Glen. Nice looking Monte................ Doug

    mysterious oil leak

    Check around the Distributor and any oil pressure line(s) that come out of the Block that may be positioned in that area of the puddle you saw. What about the Dip Stick Tube? I am assuming the oil is dripping down from below the Intake Manifold? Hope you find it and it's an easy fix. Doug

    Not so good.

    We are your support team if/when you need us Darren, although I'm uncertain we could provide the same positive tone you have communicated. I will simply say that you are my Hero Darren. Your positive approach and focus is the best medicine, so yeah, you're doing it right Buddy. Stay strong and positive................... Doug

    Lower Body Side Molding Trim

    Okay Aaron & thanx. Now I have a starting point. I was pretty sure I was missing something! I restored my sail panel badges and decided to go ahead and refresh the lower moldings to keep everything looking current. I was also curious what the sheet metal looked like underneath the moldings. I believe I have now inspected every nook & cranny of the ole girl While everything has been removed, going to spend some time using scratch removal compound on the paint. Just purchased a cordless orbital buffer/polisher from Ryobi and anxious to get started on that. So I plan to keep myself entertained this Winter inside the garage. See ya all in the Spring........................ Doug

    Lower Body Side Molding Trim

    Have removed most of my lower body trim and will recondition it. I still have (2) pieces attached right behind lower front fender & where door meets (One on each side)...................... Cautious putting much pressure on them as not sure how to remove. I see no screws visible & assuming it is clips hidden behind holding trim in place. How do these come off? Thanx for your reply(s) Doug

    2019 Western Meet: Penticton, BC

    Got confirmation today and am #200! Going fast so get registered early............ Doug

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    Link say's page no longer exists? Doug

    Dragging front brakes

    I just recently replaced my driver side front caliper flex brake line hose. I remember I used a 7'16" wrench to remove/install the brake hard line back onto the flex hose but can't tell you a hard line thread. You should be able to get that from a new or the old flex hose. All the best with your project. Doug

    Up she goes

    I'm confused, You are putting her up to do what again? what Rob said. That looks remarkable under there! Kudo's on your attention to detail Darren. Those ramps look really stout................... Doug
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Chevrolet-Monte-Carlo/223158094597?hash=item33f5424b05:g:pqkAAOSw7W1bpttK&vxp=mtr I have documented it for the Database.......................... Doug

    2019 Western Meet: Penticton, BC

    Am now officially Registered & Room booked for the event. They were right saying how Internet Explorer does not work well for this On-Line Registration. I tried 4 times and kept asking me to provide info for 2nd Car (which I don't have) So changed to Firefox and it was a SNAP....................... Doug


    Have you checked your thermostat? What Temp is it designed to Open/Close? Also, what is reading your Temp? Possibly a false reading? Historically, what temp was it running before? Do you have the correct Radiator Pressure Cap? I have a 402 and my factory temp gauge doesn't get above 190 degrees tops in the hottest days but I don't believe that gauge is all that accurate either. I haven't worried about it since I put a 2 Core Aluminum Radiator in around 7 years ago. I have heard Big Blocks don't like heat, so the lower you can maintain that Temp, I guess all the better. Good luck. Doug
  13. Yes, I saw that also Rob. It displays the A/C controls in the cabin but the entire A/C inside the engine compartment has been removed. Last but not least, no documentation that makes me wonder just what all has been changed. Doug
  14. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/1970-monte-carlo-super-clean/6700725214.html Doug
  15. Noticed on eBAY! Custom Badged but no other proof. An A/C car with indication under Hood? Lots to be considered here as price doesn't seem to match claim(s). I made a record of it for the 1972 Custom data base https://www.ebay.com/itm/Monte-Carlo-LS5-Factory-AC-TRIPLE-BLACK-WOW-454-BIG-BLOCK-POW/283165358601?hash=item41edf87a09:g:Q9AAAOSwn6Rbn7rr&vxp=mtr Doug