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    1st Gen Monteholic primary interest. Also enjoy outdoors (camping, fishing, exploring and time at the Beach watching the waves roll in). Of course, family is a Given...........
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    FGMCC Website?????

    That is pretty much the reason I couldn't get on either Darren. It seems all related to the Website and not a Personal Computer error. Originally I thought it was at my end until further investigating it. On a good note, it did prompt me to go into my Files searching and I actually deleted Programs from my PC thinking any one of them may have caused it. Must have helped as the PC is operating much brisker than usual. Doug

    Not having a great day today ...

    That is very disheartening news Mike. All the best on disposing of your Parts. Are you looking at replacing her? Might be worth hanging onto those parts if you are as they at least in part may come in handy depending on your needs. Doug

    1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Custom

    Oops! Sorry about that! Well, auction closed with a Sold Price of $9300.00. If it's legit, someone scored what could be a nice price on a nice car. I queried the seller via eBAY messaging and they never bothered to reply. Seems awful suspicious to me. I was tempted, but again caution rules the day..................ps: couldn't reply until now because Website couldn't load. Doug

    FGMCC Website?????

    Okay, then it's not me! Since I had originally Posted this, until I tried again just now, it launched. Keeping my fingers crossed................... Doug

    FGMCC Website?????

    Okay then! Guess it's not just me. This has been happening often over the past 3 to 4 weeks. I believed it may be coming from my end but couldn't find any indication to support that theory. In fact, when I prompted "submit reply" the Site went down and figured my Post had not loaded. Doug
  6. Not sure on this one. I have it documented from earlier last year and was then up for sale by Mid West Car Exchange. A eBAY 3 day auction starting at .99 cents with very little info or pic's and with NO RESERVE! Wished I could remember those pic/s from then to determine construction. Anyway, seems to be a very low price for a optioned Custom with both Pewter as color with Pewter Cloth interior. Don't think one would get hurt on it if the price remained near current threshold. It's got me thinking about it....................... http://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/forum/30-cars-and-parts-for-sale-leads/&do=add Doug

    FGMCC Website?????

    Anyone else having problems with the Club Site? I can be online and while perusing the Forums the Website will crash, telling me the FGMCC Website can't be located! I even tried using Firefox and the same issue. Even when going to the Site I keep getting the same message until miraculously, it opens That happens without warning and can be offline for an extended period of time again intermittently. Doug

    71’ Seatbelts

    Makes things tougher when you have to mix & match! There should be (2) Lap Belts for the front seat that not only connect the Lap Belt(s) but also has a second slotted hole where you would connect the Shoulder Harness to and would decide for you which location they go. If you don't have this front seat design on any of the Lap Belts, not sure what to tell ya. In which case, I would consider they are for the rear Belts (but just my guess). All the best on sorting them out. Doug
  9. https://salem.craigslist.org/cto/d/chevy-monte-carlo-classic/6723168022.html Doug

    Totally Not Monte Related

    Hope with all that traveling that those trees are still in good condition when they arrive. Here in Oregon, we are experiencing a Christmas Tree shortage due to the drought we had this past year in particular and the prices reflect that. Many can't afford them this year. Seems kinda funny in a State where the Douglas Fir is king, they are harder to come by. Doug

    old/new member

    to our madness. Doug

    Well this is different

    Might look more appealing had they completed the Paint but yet is interesting to look at. Doug

    not a monte but.....

    Nice Darren! Now make sure you don't fall asleep while driving it. She looks pretty darn comfy.................. Doug


    Okay, found the plastic style clip going thru my Brothers spare nut/bolt/washer Pavilion. He saves everything and most often I can find it in his. Just an FYI - The Plastic Clip is a 5/16 X 5/16 snap in body in case your looking. There is a machine screw hole through it of course. Got it all back together now and the Rockers hold tightly now and the refresh of the paint made a noticeable difference. Not a machine screw as I had described it in pic, just a sheet metal stainless screw. Doug

    WTB OEM PW set up

    Hey Darren, Here is an email address for Rainer Seinz (Malibu 400) rainer.seitz@hotmail.com; We have not had any communication the past 3 or so years but this is what I used when I wanted to contact him. He lived in Vancouver, WA. just across the river from me. I bought my Power Widow/Power Locks set up from him as well and all was complete, probably around the same time as Dennis had. Rainer does buy/part 1st Gen's along with Chevelles & the like. He has an eBay store also. Don't know if this number is still good but is how I contacted him by phone in the past (360)608-0093. I used to see Rainer at the Big April Portland Swap Meet but again, not for the past few years. Nice to hear Vaughn & Kieth have your back as those type of friends are hard to come by. Kudo's to you guys. Wished the news was better on your health Darren and am encouraged by your activity regardless. I hope Mikes 72 Custom can be brought back to life but if not, offering you the opportunity for a complete setup is awesome. Having to gather all the pieces can take forever. Doug .