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    1st Gen Monteholic primary interest. Also enjoy outdoors (camping, fishing, exploring and time at the Beach watching the waves roll in). Of course, family is a Given...........
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    Rear control arm bushes

    I had replaced mine several years back and can't remember if all the Bushings were identical. You might attempt a mock Order with a On Line Supplier and once have them all identified, compare P/N's and see if same. If you attempt this yourself, a Bearing Press would be the most helpful with removal and replacement. They are not that much fun................ Doug

    1971/72 Monte Carlo Front Fenders - Pick Up?

    Hi Doug, There is a Member (Vaughn) in Canada who has inquired and also wants them if, he can find a Member attending the Western Meet this year in Canada who can haul them. He is currently doing the Logistics and once I hear back from him, I can let you know where you stand. You would have next opportunity as you are the 2nd to inquire. I have $300.00 ea. into Fenders & that is what I told Vaughn and am willing to let them go for that price to Club Members only! These Fenders were an after thought when I traveled to look at a 72 Grill. I almost left without them until the Guy persisted & lowered his asking price. I didn't realize good Fenders were that hard to come by and am now glad I got them. I will advise when I have heard from Vaughn............. The other Doug

    tough post..........

    Just finished reading your Post Darren! So sorry to hear you need to sell your SS but more importantly your Health prognosis. Regardless of those Trials placed on you, you have continued to impress with your positive slant on a serious & complicated problem. I believe your Values are displayed in those projects you tackle and it shows in the work performed. In spite of your Health Issues, you have remained committed to your Core Values and that is hard to do under any circumstances these days. I am certain you are apprehensive on selling the ole girl to just anyone and whoever does end up purchasing, they will hopefully know what they have. Wished I were still working as I would seriously pursue that Nugget............. (wanna trade for 72 Custom)? Doug
  4. Some are aware I bought some 1st Gen Monte Parts a couple months or so ago in a Post I made. I went to view a 72 Grill and ended up with a few other items. I was on my way out when the seller pressed me to take another closer look and convinced me to buy them. The thing is I don't need them! I don't have ample storage for long term care and looking to see within the Club if anyone has a definite need for them? No pic's in this Thread, but look under (Cars and Parts for Sale) under (1971/72 FRONT FENDERS - GOOD SHAPE) where there are ample pic's for your viewing. I have more, but these describe the condition the best. The biggest reason I bought them was the fact these are difficult to find in this condition per conversations with Club Members and other Venus. I had originally settled on a Club Price of $850.00 for the set but have gotten somewhat more flexible with the realization for longer term storage. I prefer not to ship however! After some investigation, it appears Grey Hound is the cheapest (but not the safest way to ship)! A lot of labor required for Grey Hound to view them exposed and then wrapping them there for shipment. Grey Hound will only provide $100.00 Insurance for non OEM and OEM unwrapped parts. More coverage available for NOS Factory Wrapped Parts and don't have to unwrap NOS for Grey Hound inspection. If I am incorrect, please correct me but that is what I got from their Website and conversation. It had dawned on me that with the FGMCC Western Meet coming our way and anyone who might be interested, PM me and lets see if we can't make an exchange on your way back home or some other alternative plan. I am taking offers at this point. Obviously I have a minimum due to my investment in them and again motivated but not desperate................ There is about a 4X4 patch panel in the Heel behind the inner braces (both Fenders) and little else evident. You can get a better look by searching the Thread I provided above to view pic's. Let me know your thoughts........................... Doug

    72 Monte Carlo - $9000

    https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/d/kelso-72-monte-carlo/6861670545.html Doug

    1972 Monte Carlo - $4200

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/deer-park-1972-monte-carlo/6855587849.html Doug

    New member for about a week now

    to our Madness Steve! Doug
  8. Hey All! Another year of the Portland Swap Meet coming up at PIR (Portland International Raceway). We are set up in Space 2474 & 2475 (same as last year) on the Chicane which is on Straight-a-way about 2/3rd's down the South side straight-a-way on the paved inside of Track. We are right at the West entrance onto the Chicane. Weather so far looks like a typical Portland Swap Meet but we have a good Tent for protection and Propane Heat.. Some of the items I will be bringing are for our Monte's: 1971/72 Front Fender set, 1971/72 Core Support, 1972 Front Grill (Solid Core), Reconditioned 1972 Rear Tail Panel & both Corner Moldings/Clips. 1972 Front Turn Signal Lenses, 1971/72 Tail Light Lenses/Bezels, (1) Front Headlight Wiring Harness, (1) set rear Tail Light extensions (white & 1 partially broken fastening thread), (2) sets rear Tail Light Extension Harnesses, NOS Front/Rear Lower Marker Light Moldings & Hardware, 1972 1/2 Wood grain Dash Bezel, NOS Set (4) Rally Center Caps, used Front set Marker Light Lower Moldings), Core Support Brackets, A/C Condenser, A/C Condenser Bracket set , 2 Core non-factory Radiator (Pressure Tested to 17 lbs and held, Upper Radiator front Filler Panel, Lower front Filler Panel, Hood Latch, (4) New 14/15 inch (Made In America) Stainless Beauty Rings, (3) 1 Passenger Side & both 1/4 window Regulators, NOS Rear Tail Light Bezels (for 1971/72) Model Years. These are the main items but have many misc. parts also along with what other assorted car parts & misc. others will bring. Lookin for something? I just may have it......................... Hope to see a few there................................................... Doug


    to our Madness Chuck. Nice Find! Doug

    After a 3 year hiatus...

    Looks Sweet Vinny! Nice to see yo back on the road,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Doug.

    New be

    to the Boards Chuck. Doug

    Steering column color

    In 1972, the Monte steering column color was Black (if including NK33 Custom Grip Steering Wheel). Otherwise, the interior color determined the Column color I believe. I can't claim this was true in 1970 & 1971 Models that were not SS. Doug
  13. Hey, here is one for St. Patrick's Day! You know, for those into Green, this seems a pretty clean car.................. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/camano-island-1971-monte-carlo-original/6834032345.html Doug

    71 big block fl

    Huh? Has a small block Fan Shroud......................... Doug

    New member

    Walt............... Making new memories from the old, what a GREAT start on your project. Doug