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  1. sredmyer

    Black or white shifter ball?

    WOW Learn something every day. Although mine is not original to this car (it is an SS454) I was told it was original to the donor Monte it came out of. I have also seen several others that all had knobs and shifters like mine so I just assumed that is how they came.
  2. sredmyer

    Black or white shifter ball?

    My 1970 has a white shift knob with the 4 speed pattern...was this different for 1971
  3. sredmyer

    2019 Eastern Meet Announcement

    Where and when was this year's event that just took place? I thought this years event was in June and at Carlisle
  4. sredmyer

    New ‘72 owner- already grinding away!

    I have a rust free roof removed from an Arizona car that I wont be using. PM me if your interested and we can see if we can figure out a way to get it to you.
  5. sredmyer

    TH400 dipstick tube

    Does any one know where I can get a correct dipstick tube (and dipstick) for the TH400 in my 1970 SS454
  6. sredmyer

    Just in time for halloween

    What is the difference between new cragars and old school cragars?
  7. sredmyer

    WTB: 1st Gen Monte Diecast

    I have two for each of my cars. One that rides (permanently) on the package tray and one I sit on the breather at car shows. The pictures below show the silver one but I have the same thing for the red one but it has already been put away for the season. I have the cars for the gold one (which is still in the body shop) but like Dennis, I will need to get them painted...they did not make a gold model as far as I know. One cool point, the silver models have what look like Crager wheels and my silver car also has Cragers The red models have chrome rallys and my red car has rallys as well.
  8. sredmyer

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    I am pretty sure that is a repost of a car I bought more than a year ago. I have the same picture from when I bought it.
  9. sredmyer

    Which One and Why

    My first choice would be a highly optioned 1970 402 in Cortez silver with an automatic and bucket seats. I had this car when I was in high school and have many great memories in and with the car. My second choice would be the 1970 SS454. I have several (3) of these cars now in various colors all with black vinyl tops and bucket seat interiors and I love owning and driving them all. My third choice would be a 1971 402 4 speed just because of the rarity. While I like all of the first gen Montes the 1970 is my favorite. I love the grill and parking lights of the 70 far better than the 71 or 72.
  10. sredmyer

    Monte Carlo Key chains ?

    I am interested...would be really cool to get them painted to match our cars. That would make easy to know which keys go with which car.
  11. Here's a link to one on eBay...really good price I think too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192672665105
  12. sredmyer

    Control arms

    Anyone have a full set (upper and lower) of factory rear control arms from an SS (boxed lowers) they want to sell?
  13. sredmyer

    Replacement VIN tag

    Thanks for all of the input guys. Can some one share a link for someone who can make the tag and for those special rivets? I want to be sure I can get a new tag made and the proper rivets to attach it before I pull the trigger on this project.