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  1. Recently picked up this 2006 Malibu Maxx SS. It's heavily optioned with leather seats, power sunroof, 6-disc CD player, etc. etc... It's a LOT of fun to drive, with plenty of power and it handles well too. I've always liked the looks of this car ever since they came out in 2004. The hatchback/wagon design with fold-down rear seats is great for hauling parts or other bulky items, and the cargo cover slides out a ways to make a small table for tailgaiting or picnics. Everyone I've talked to in the past loves their car and the Maxx version is relatively hard to find (especially the SS as it was only made in in 2006 and 2007 - the models last year). They also seem to hold their resale value. It was different-looking when it was introduced, but now just about every manufacturer makes something similar. Note: the photos were taken before I had polished the chrome exhaust tips (it took a lot of elbow grease but the chrome is nice and shiny now). They were the only neglected items on the car.
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