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  1. Please note guys which some if not most of you noticed right from the start. That Rich had advertised this as a 1970 SS but it is NOT the correction has been noted by most but not all as I CANT change the title on the posting once it has gone out but a sub title was added. This is even more RARE because its a 1971 SS...... the vin number on the title and all the numbers from the block and so on indicate its a 71ss. Darren
  2. Hi Guys, Rich lives in Greenfield Indiana. also here are some more pics of the extra large parts he has that go with it.. he also has some smalls as well he says too. Darren
  3. So Rich just sent me a video of both sides of the Cowl and firewall and inside both door jambs and doors open and closing and fully latching. that damage is as cosmetic as you can get it and the smallest amount I have seen......I hope someone can buy this.....Willie or Leo.... the damage is nothing but cosmetic and no structural damage at all from what I can see and I stopped the video lots to look. even shows the tach and gauges in the video and floor pans. I think the picture wasnt clear enough as a stand alone single picture. the video spoke volumes to nothing to worry about just my 2 cents worth Darren
  4. Yeah I checked my 1970 402-4spd one and No L anywhere and also checked my other BB 71 and No L and the 2 Baltimore cars I had and No L's on either of those too plus my Gold Kansas Car I had and NO "L"...... Must be a Hoax...... hahaha or maybe a Hoax with an L............... Darren
  5. Hey Dan, yeah Rich had mentioned he spoke to a few of us here at the club on his car back when he first got it and when he posted it on facebook. The 5K was a good start point and was what he had mentioned to me others had said as well, I figured to see if it went to one of our guys it was a good idea to list it on here and am happy that Tom got his hands on it and that it will be saved.... Were is the L supposed to be on the Canadian cowl tags ? I only thought they used the Z20 to show the SS454 package. here is my cowl tag off the 71SS and dont see an L anywhere. Darren
  6. Congrats TOM....... Thats Awesome. Another SS saved and going to the right guy and parked next to another Classic Copper car later. Darren
  7. Deal fell through with Tom Weaks and the Misfit guys...... Monte back up for Grabs...... Tom I sent you an email......... darren.
  8. LS5

    Opinions everyone!

    I think if your Monte had the light Sandalwood Interior like Aaron's Monte then you could almost go with a Covert or Tan vinyl top to match the interior and would look good. But with that dark Saddle interior i think no vinyl roof would look better or you have too many colors on the car..... my 2 cents worth.. Darren
  9. Aha, so I have my Tom's backwards then....... haha I knew it would be you that would save it and not the other Tom. Rich tried explaining things to me but I was confused and makes sense now. he explained about his son and Tomas Weaks etc... So its the other Tom that has not left a deposit and yourself (our Tom) that lives in NY and would do the car justice, I did say to Rich that the TV show guys wouldnt do it like we would do it. shame Tom Cant do his show with another car and about his son and that you can buy this one to go with your 4spd .. Darren
  10. So Rich May have this Sold. He accepted an offer of $3500 from a guy in NY but is waiting for the deal to complete...... he doesnt have a deposit yet but..... will let you know when its sold for sure, Rich did say the guy is saving it and is going to restore fully. Darren
  11. Hi Guys, well after a lengthly chat with Rich. He really doesnt know where to start numbers wise as he and his son or more so his son didnt want to chop up a numbers matching 70 ss..... Smart young man.... it has a title so it can hit the road again and the title is current 2018, has the numbers matching drivetrain and the gauges are there in the dash . It is a classic copper car and built in Kansas, The frame is good and they want to sell in order to get something else. Long and short Rich is starting at $5000 but he has to start somewhere and its an Asking price and can go from there. he has two offers of $2000 right now but wants a little more for that next project. so he is not holding out for 5000 just wants a fair price He is open to offers and possible trades 317-319-6988 ask for Rich Darren
  12. Rich hasnt mentioned a price but I will ask him. He has asked for offers for now but because of the nature of facebook you can imagine the brutality of questions so far..... I will get back to you Darren
  13. Hey Guys, Rich Emery has listed his project car for sale on Facebook that he had bought for himself and his autistic sone to turn into a drag car. But alas Rich doesnt have the heart to tare apart a numbers car with drivetrain so he is selling it... He is a link to it .... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1945616128888147&set=pcb.2209748359275148&type=3&theater&ifg=1 here is some info as well... Must Sell! Rare muscle car. Rare color. Monte SS 454 with the factory horseshoe shifter. It needs paint, a bit of body work and assembly to make it decent. The 454, trans and rearend are all there and hooked up. The motor appears original, The frame and suspesnion are in great shape, doors are great no interior, floors and trunk have some rust, and some body damage on passenger side rear quarter. I did not care because was I was going to make it a drag car to have fun with my 20 year old autistic son. . Can't justify damaging the engine if it matches the body. Kind of old school that way . VIN and casting decoding. VIN 138571K189204 the block number up front 11K189204 and 10327CPD (curious about this number, think it means 365HP). The number on the back of the block is 3963512 (looked on ebay these blocks are expensive) LS5. Selling as a project if someone wants to restore it to her original glory. Mostly needs body work and interior. Has the factory big rpm guage built into the dash, reminded me of the SS chevelle dash clusters. Dog house is off and in my barn. My son ended up having a medical issue a month after I bought it, so ill never finish it. Its for sale, be a good car for a restoration. Think it has the turbo 400 transmission and 12 bolt position rear end. Rich Emery is his name on Facebook and he has listed it in the Monte Carlo 1970-1972 page. Darren
  14. LS5

    Little cold outside

    Well just north of us where Brother Inlaw is working outdoors....yes outdoors he says It’s Official that the Brass Balls froze off the monkey.... man o man. Even the windchill is worse -82
  15. But of course it is Doug....... look he even made it spring loaded so it folds up when not being used...... hahaha it has even removed some of the dir from the bumper slightly from where he has folded it up.... Must be Patent Pending I bet....!!!! Darren