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  1. LS5

    Not so good.

    Thanks for the well wishes gents, Yes I was on the Transplant list the first go around after loosing the first one. The second Kidney was taking so long to sustain a constant GFR rate that I was put on the list, unfortunately the waiting list was 3-1/2 years at that time. Time had gone by and having a standing order for bloodwork weekly the Kidney did start to climb in numbers when after just over 3 years the kidney got to 41% and a Transplant came through but I was told the kidney was functioning well enough that I was no longer a candidate and it was given to someone else. So now the waiting list is almost 4 years, but the worse you get the higher up the list you get bumped. But still no guarantee that one will come up that matches blood type and tissue type on the last one. Thats it for now guys as cant be on the laptop too long, the rooms starts to spin from staring at the screen to long....... hahaha but wait thats the fun part................... Darren
  2. Well things are not so good so I am told as of Yesterday. A majority of you have followed my posts in the past about dealing with Chronic Kidney disease and going through loosing my first kidney. I have done what I am supposed to do in the last 4 years and kept my last kidney at 47% functionality and life carries on as there is no cure and 47% is the highest it will go they say. On September 6th they took me in thinking I had a heart attack and did what they had to do to get me through that including cardio tests and EKG and so on, I have been off work since but something slipped through the cracks on my bloodwork. Yep my Kidney function, Yesterday I was told I am in a little bit of trouble. I have dropped from 47% down to 31% functionality, so I am floating on a 2% window that would put me at Stage 4 CKD and in hospital on Dialysis if I drop below 30%. So I am off work indefinitely now and wait for more bloodwork and test related to that. The catch 22 is the meds I need will effect my Cardiology (heart) and the Cardio meds I need will effect my Kidney, so I am stuck. I am at home resting as much as I can and do go out when I can or need to but I get super dizzy and nauseated real quick if out too long and driving can be a challenge to say the least. Just thought I would share with my family here as venting sometimes helps, as sitting at home leaves the door open to thinking too much. Great to be 52 and have CKD and Heart issues already........ all I need is my TB to wake up and I am in real trouble hahahaha. But I push on as only I can so my kids and granddaughter dont know the full picture and the toll. Pain is not my friend these days, it takes such a lot out of you........ Darren.
  3. I guess it all depends on what someone is willing to pay. There are two markets out there someone that will buy it for what it is and enjoy it and continue to put their own spin on it. And then the other side who may want to put it back to oem and thats where it gets costly due to finding all the parts. Both ways will always have to bare in mind shipping costs which have risen greatly and border stuff to deal with, it does help when you have all bills and receipts for any engine work done and parts that are replaced. Those will help you get a better dollar, unfortunately with winter coming for some in the next 2-3 weeks if the sale doesn't come soon it may have to sit all winter as transporting it in the winter sucks in all aspects. Price on it........... Well being in US Dollars that makes it $29,543 Canadian and thats a real hard sell here, Stateside possibly but I see shipping is going to be a big dollar killer both sides of the border. My 1970 Convertible from Boston to Vancouver cost just shy of $7000cdn to ship and border stuff as well. Good luck with the sale Shawn. Darren
  4. LS5

    Which One and Why

    For me I have to stick with the 1971 Monte Carlo SS for first choice. After owing a 1970 402 4 spd car it was great but it does have some disadvantages, for instance that BB in our western meet cruises was great on the highway but uphills and down hills became troublesome and then up an incline on a stop with others behind you is more grief than it was worth (For Me) as to not roll back on start up. There are other reasons but it was 50 /50 for me. Now that I have the 71ss automatic no issues at all. Darren
  5. Thats Awesome Kev, I am number 71 going on the 71ss hahaha Darren
  6. LS5

    Up she goes

    I may pull the tranny and being at this height it will work out better than on the floor in the space I have. Plus the exhaust needs some adjustments and will also be easier too. Darren
  7. LS5

    Up she goes

    Well with a massive change in the weather up here and we have had snow on an off for over a week that luckily didnt stick around but temps as high as 5 degrees it was time to put her up for the winter on ramps that is. I have a real good Arborist Friend and one of our members was Super cool enough to help me obtain some height for the monte, this way I can keep her just as clean underneath as she is on top. But thinking she may not need much cleaning, I had her out about a dozen times this year and thats it..... figured I would share some pics... Darren
  8. LS5

    71 SS

    Hi Joe, I bought my combo and bolted it on my alternator 2 years ago from Ebay. Of course when I look back it only shows feedback on items I bought but doesnt shows the item itself, so I cant find the original listing or sellers name. But here is a link to some for sale on Ebay but dont seem to see one's with the Anodized Fan as well. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=chevelle+deep+v+belt+alternator+pulley+and+fan&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=chevelle+alternator+pulley+and+fan&LH_TitleDesc=0 Darren
  9. LS5

    71 SS

    Hey Joe, looks Awesome !! Could I suggest 1 item off Ebay that I bought, it spruced up the Alternator real nice Pulley and fan... Darren
  10. LS5

    2019 Western Meet Hotel

    Hey Guys Peach City Registration is Now Open and taking Bookings...!!!!!! All Booked and ready Aaron with Confirmation Number....! Darren
  11. LS5

    Replacement VIN tag

    I also agree with Dave as well, that is a Replacement Tag. Key word is Replacement, if It said Reassigned then that would hurt the value as the argument arrises that the build sheet could be from any other 71ss as a Reassigned number will look nothing like the original, But a Replacement displays the original VIN still. I also agree with Leo on obtaining what would or could be considered an original Tag from that company and spend the $20 for the correct rivets off ebay and then reattach the new one in its proper place. just my thoughts.... Darren
  12. LS5

    Green 4 speed

    Its the relay above the ac box on the firewall. The High side of the relay is shot and needs to be replaced. Darren
  13. LS5

    small world

    Hey Sam, I have met Aaron's Dad in person and Awesome sums it up quite well. With our Western Meet every 2nd year it seems in Penticton Aaron's Dad always shows up and fits right in even though he doesnt drive a First Gen Monte hahaha. He has had some Vettes though and had or still has his Special Edition 03 ? Monte.... Yes been watching and following your Facebook Journey with the C5 looks Great Bones....... Darren
  14. LS5

    Bandit passes away !!

    Sad to hear Burt Reynolds passed away today............. He did soooo many movies but always remembered as The Bandit.... Rest in Peace Burt.
  15. LS5

    wiring questions

    Willie, to start with did you get the right harness for your year ? a 1970 harness will not work in a 1972 and also the wiring diagram for a 1970 wont work for a 1972. There are obviously some same wires and colors but late 71 and 72's didnt have the same horn replay or Volt regulator as a 1970. Also a 72 AC harness is different than a Non AC harness. Long Orange wire is usually for the left side of the engine compartment not the right side if you are standing in front of the car looking down. Solid orange is for Blower fan/Heater. let us know..... Darren