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  1. LS5

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    So on the Canadian GM Docs Steve the only way to get Vaughns name changed to yours as silly as it sounds is to call George Zappora or email him and order the GM docs again from him. the Doc forms will ask who is making the Inquiry and address and such so when its researched and found on micro fish its then printed out with Your Inquiry info and then sent off to you. when I did mine with Larry Demmings help it was $129cdn and took 6 days and it came all done. kebin will have to do the same now with my 71ss too. hope that helps. and the registration on the car should be a piece of cake but Take lots of pictures into get plates because after 10 years BC purges history into a different file. So when they first search nothing will come up and they will assume its an out of province car. but when you give and show them the Plate they now have something to visualize that it was registered in bc and look in purge files and reactivate the vin and re issue you plates without OOP issues.. Darren
  2. LS5

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Hey I recognize That car............. hahahaha....... So it Travelled 6000 miles yet the odometer didnt move at all LOL...... Great Steve.. Darren
  3. Hello Gang, I have a friend who is manufacturing these Elusive hockey sticks for the 71ss. He also happens to be a member of our club up here in Canada. I have known him for about 5 years and he is looking to see if there would be any interest from our members to purchase a set, as he needs enough interest to make getting them chromed worth the cost in quantity. He has some sets already but before he makes up a lot of them he wanted to make sure he wasnt making items that will sit on a shelf... These will be hand made from brass and then formed into shape and then off to get chromed. They will look as close to oem you can get besides the gm casting number. In the first picture you will see three raw made ones and then one finished product mixed in so you can see the work that goes into hand making them . These are all done by hand and will be sold as sets of 2 per car. I was asked to make up a post and see if there is any interest. This member was hoping to get $250usd a pair.... Please let me know and if you think the price is fair as I have seen nos ones go for $500-$550 a pair.... I have heard places are going to repop them inc The Parts Place Inc but nothing so far..... Thanks members for looking and I can vouch for this person and think very highly of him. Darren
  4. LS5

    A/C what was your choice

    I used to just hang my head out the drivers window like a dog with my tongue wagging in the wind..... works great but got some strange looks though..... Easter sunday humour........... OEM for me though... Darren
  5. Well fella’s lastnight around 11pm my time the 71SS found a new owner. He is from our club and from the US, the owner has asked at this time that I keep it under my hat. I will let you know at a later date when I have his permission to do so. heart broken but happy at the same time. darren.
  6. It would make it soooooo much easier if you removed the whole dash carefully first. the wiring runs up in behind and runs across the lower side of the windshielf to get to pass side. plus removal of the drivers kick panel for that hidden relay and wiring is easier to with no dash as you need to pull aside the e brake pedal to get kick panel off. Darren
  7. LS5

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Thats the valve that I cleaned up before bolting back in upside down Darren
  8. LS5

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    sorry for the bad pics gents but its not easy getting under the car with my difficulties hahaha hope you can see the clips and the lines... and yes the the Valve bolts to that same cross member and hangs upside down facing the diff Darren
  9. LS5

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Tiny rusty looking air line clips on the Top cross rail in background... hard to see but there are 3 then the single little air line clip on the line in both pictures those tiny little clips are slightly ovaled so the air line can run through it or have the line in place and the clip slides over it holding it up in place
  10. LS5

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    just hoping to help Paul thats all my friend not saying you are wrong at all.... just another set of eyes looking haha
  11. LS5

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    I would still check the codes on the Tubes on that diff as it may have been changed or robbed at one point. That differ is so much cleaner and fresher paint than anything else in those background pics of Ricks. That could be why the shock plates are missing if the diff has been changed which doesnt alter the car itself from being an ss still or the clips for the air lift lines. just means diff was changed and lose of plates.. All Possible thats all........Holes in the fender well do look to be in the right place and the holes are so circular they look to be pressed out holes not drilled with a bit... Just saying........ Darren
  12. LS5

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Ok hang on a second there Paul.......... look back at the pictures Rick has posted... There IS evidence.... You mentioned there wasnt but there is.... the two steel lines he shows in the one picture the out vapour line shows the Air Line Tube Clip on it and in another picture too. also the Diff Picture where Rick shows us the upper control arm.... above in the background look real close at the Cross rail you can also see 2 tiny air line clips going across and also the arm he shows twice is the Wrong side for the whole to be in for the arm to bolt to.... I have all those little clips on my 71ss and they are holding the air lift lines in place............ What do you think on that ? Darren
  13. LS5

    Identify this wire

    Yeah I would say thats the one....... same color wires and also same fitting end. Darren
  14. LS5

    Identify this wire

    I will go and look on my 71ss but am guessing its for the Vacuum/electric high idle plunger thats attached to the front of the carb on drivers side.. Darren
  15. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. writing a post that long makes me extremely dizzy and nauseated so had to go lay down for a couple of hours... Yes that code 26 isnt my choice of color as I would rather have it Factory colors but the paint has held up unbelievable. It was painted in 1981 and then repainted in 1994 when new full GM rear quarters were put on and GM full door skins and Both front GM fenders, the paint you see know is still the 1994 paint believe it or not. just some random pics of the work Darren