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  1. LS5

    FGMCC Website?????

    I got this today on my cell phone 5 minutes ago while trying to get site up....... then tried the laptop and it loaded and then crashed to a solid white screen. Waited 5 minutes and tried again and now here I am. Darren
  2. LS5

    1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Custom

    Either our site is still screwed up or......... ? your link Doug takes us to "Start a New Thread " on our site rather than an Ebay listing you speak of ..... Darren
  3. LS5

    FGMCC Website?????

    Oh yeah its been over a month this issue, as Aaron mentioned several of us have reached out to Ian who is trying to resolve this but to no evail as of yet. The same thing happens to me as everyone else has mentioned that it crashes or simply wont load... It also says this which kind of is a bother..... it says while trying to load " Site is Not Secure" .......? With that said I am wondering if we have been hacked and being monitored and issues we are having logging in are due to a now un-secure site that someone else is controller through the server making it difficult for members to log in and of course all the people we recommend our site to as well that cant get access and then loose possible interest in joining us. Darren
  4. LS5

    different 700R4's ?

    Hi Ert, yes the Housing was changed on the rear as it was in a 1959 Impala before and he had a speedo in that. The previous owner said it was hooked up and didnt use a dash switch but worked great. how it was hooked up he doesnt know but thinks it had to do with the brakes ? doing lots of searching on this to make sure its done right. Thanks Guys for the input Darren
  5. LS5

    different 700R4's ?

    Ok Guys, time to help the simpleton out here.... I have seen plenty of 700r4's with the ability to thread in a switch into a port on the passenger side of the tranny and running the wire over the housing and connect to the 4 pin plug on the drivers side for the lock up. The Tranny I have is a 1992 700r4 and has NO port on the passenger side at all. I am assuming because it is a newer 700r4 this is different ? it has the threaded speedo cable gear already which is lucky for me and also the 4 pin plug is on the driver side with enough wires for pigtales. my question I guess is How do I hook up this lock up or is this newer 700r4 with a 4th gear different. I would prefer not to have a switch I have to keep turning on and off. I have heard there is a way to hook it up to your brake pedal and it does it all for you with no switch ? PS my car does not have AC or Cruise.. I plan on installing this in the monte for better gas milage over long distances. Thanks Darren
  6. LS5

    Air Shock Problem

    Keep me posted Kelly, I bought NOS ones from Larry and Installed them in my 71ss during the frame off that was completed this May. The ones I removed were also Factory air ride shocks and OEM ones That Ken put on the Monte 4 years ago and nothing wrong with them at all and the Correct ones. If you need them Brother let me know and I will sell you them..... I have not had that issue you speak of. Darren.
  7. I have been driving a 2018 equinox for a while and found it to be a bit too small for me plus with my health issues it wasnt that comfortable either. So I decided I would trade it in on something I saw a couple of years ago that GM didnt pursue and would make my own. With a little luck I managed to find a 2015 Impala LTZ and in Black and also came with a spare set of 20" buick wheels which the centercap emblem easily switches out for a bowtie. Looks like someone else had the same idea, but now I get to follow through on it. fully loaded with heated steering and heated seats which help with health issues. Took 2 weeks to get it due to having more sick days than good ones. but she is at home now...... first pic is gm's concept....
  8. LS5

    WTB OEM PW set up

    Hi Dennis, I will keep an eye open for some 1970 switches for you. I think George a friend of mine may have a full set. I will get back to you... Darren
  9. Hey Darrin,

    I'm not sure why I didn't receive your PM.  How do I delete old topics?


    1. LS5


      Hi Mike, I would really like to try and purchase your PW set up if you decide to sell them. I have a friend named George who has two spare rear regulators without the motors so that will still work with your set up. Could you please keep me in mind if and when you decide and please let me know a price of course I will pay for shipping as well.

      Thank you


  10. LS5

    WTB OEM PW set up

    Hi Mike, I tried to send you a PM but it wont go through. It keeps saying you cant recieve any pm's. your mailbox may be full. Please send me one and I will reply. Thanks Darren
  11. LS5

    WTB OEM PW set up

    Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply. I will try to search his user name and fire off an email. Funny how things turn so quick in health, after my kidney issues levelled out and I bought my 71ss I was able to do the full frame off lifting the body and pulling the engine and tranny and diff all by myself. Yes it took three years to do but was able to do it all, and then bang it hit again. Kidney went down the hill and was diagnosed with Granulomatous disease and Sclerosing Mesenteritis disease as well. I can no longer work and also have issues working on the monte on large items let alone other stuff. Vaughn and Keith have stepped up and offered to help out which is fantastic as trying to lift anything more than a water pump seems to be a challenge for me now as sad as it sounds. I would love to get my power door locks put in that I have had for a while and figured windows would be great to add at the same time if all apart anyways with the help of the guys I can get this all done. The superman cape I used to wear for years is now hung up for good thanks to health, so if I can find a full set up and buy it then I will get them to help install it. I have been told I will only be allowed to sit in a chair and point out whats got to be done and not allowed to help..... well I dont know about that I tell ya..... If the cape is hung up thens I must looks to see if I has a Can of Spinach somewhere that I may have to crack open uggggggggg..(old references)........ Thanks Dennis Darren
  12. Hey guys, I know you can buy the aftermarket Power Window set up kits on Ebay but I am looking for a full Factory OEM set up for a 1971/72. would need the full wiring front and rear and leads to each window. 4 regulators with motors 4 switches inc master if you have the relay for drivers side firewall then perfect as well. of course I am way up in Canada so I will pay for shipping as well. please let me know a price and what you got Thanks Darren
  13. LS5

    What finish is on shock protectors

    Did mine in a POR 15 grey as well as the swaybar so it was offset from everything else being Black. But as Steve mentioned they were just a bare metal color.. It is more like Slate Grey though now. Darren
  14. LS5

    1970 SS 454 for sale

    I also agree, you shouldnt have a problem selling your monte at that price. I think you have a Typo though...... yours has a 1972 front end on it, not a 71 as you have mentioned.... good luck with the sale. Darren
  15. LS5

    questions for 71 owners......

    Ok Guys, here are some questions for you as I Bought my Canadian built 71ss from the previous owner who owned it since new well almost as the original Lady owner only had it 4 months... Anyhow I have spoken with Ken and he said he never made these changes and figured I would ask for a general consensus...... Yes there are some differences between Canadian built cars and the US ones in subtle ways like the cruise control on ss cars and also Dual sport mirrors and so on... 1....In my 71ss it has the Large Tongue and Large Buckle for Both the Should belt and waist belt that are singles as the joint belts didnt start till 72. Some have pointed out that its wrong in 71 as they used the wide for shoulder and small tongue and buckle for the waist belt.....(Deluxe Belts)... What says you guys on this........ 2... My 71ss has the perforated headliner rather than the basket weave style which is correct and I also have the perforated Sun visors as well but mine are still joined at the rear view mirror... I actually prefer that style but do even notice myself that most 71's have the swing ones that Dont join at the mirror. yes some of the early 71's had the mirror attached ones using old stock in very early models but mine is a later model 71 built at the same time as Larrys and Bruces and am sure they have the small visors.... I dont know if it makes a difference but my passenger side visor has a vanity mirror on it.. Once again what says you guys on this........ thats my questions guys. Darren