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  1. Just wondering what transport services you guys may have used to ship your montes around etc. Just picked up a clean shell that i wanna bring up from Dallas Texas, roadrunner transport quoted me 1500 which isnt bad but curious if i could do it cheaper...the car has no front clip just firewall back and no hood etc so maybe it could be shipped in a container or something. Let me know any info you guys got. Thanks
  2. Hey guys still looking for a clean body to swap onto my 72, the quarter panel/roof/floor repair is too extensive ive realized and would be better off finding another monte..looking for something in the sub 5k range and around the seattle, tacoma and portland area. If anyone knows of one please let me know! Thanks, Mack
  3. MonteMack

    Vinyl Trim Holes

    So I finally peeled the vinyl off my 72 and was pleasantly surprised to see 0 rust. Anyways this weekend i plan on taking the vinyl trim off and mig welding all the holes shut. Anyone done this before and have a more effecient way of doing so? Cheers, Mackenzie.
  4. MonteMack

    Dana 60 swap

    Is the c clip eliminator kit hard to install? Any welding required? Thanks!
  5. MonteMack

    Dana 60 swap

    Currenly have a 12 bolt open diff in my 72' wondering if anyone here has swapped a dana or something alike? C clips kinda scare me haha. Cheers
  6. MonteMack

    Converting into a 72

    Ya both front ends and hoods are in equally as good of condition, appreciate the feedback MC and others it helps alot! Now lets hope this 71 is as rust free as the pictures and ad say it is 🤣
  7. MonteMack

    Converting into a 72

    The 71 nose is fine i just love the 72 alot, trying to remake one my dad had in the 80s, so i would have to change the core support too? Or would the 72 fenders bolt onto the 71 fairly easily?
  8. MonteMack

    Converting into a 72

    Found a 71 in seattle, would wanna swap my good parts from my 72 on it
  9. MonteMack

    LF Drivers Side Door/Fender

    Dang those freight charges! How far off are you exactly?
  10. Hey guys just wondering if anyones able to bring any monte parts that im in need of to the meet? Looking for 71/72 fenders, drivers door, quarter panels, bucket seats, cowl hood etc please let me know what you got and if you have room for it
  11. MonteMack

    LF Drivers Side Door/Fender

    that would be amazing canuckle! Keep me posted i may need more even
  12. MonteMack

    Converting into a 72

    Hey guys just wondering if anyones swapped a 72 front end on a 70 or 71 monte and if so what it took to do so. Cheers
  13. MonteMack

    LF Drivers Side Door/Fender

    Oh really i thought the 71 fenders were different as well, thanks for the headsup
  14. It is with great sadness but my 72's quarters and trunk are too severely rotted to continue restoring it, Looking for a clean body or complete car for 5k or less, in British Columbia or Seattle/Washington if possible. Any leads would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  15. Hey guys im in desperate need of a clean drivers side door and fender for my 72' let me know what you got Cheers