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  1. 1970mcss

    CN air cleaner decal

    I would also be interested in the CN sticker. I haven't found the correct one ether...
  2. 1970mcss

    2019 Western Meet: Penticton, BC

    I wish you were closer by, have fun!!!!
  3. 1970mcss

    Blower Saga Continues

    I ran my hood light to the relay like they used to do, maybe someone ran some accessory from he block years ago and used the wrong colored wire????
  4. 1970mcss

    Blower Saga Continues

    Confirmed, page A5 UPC 12 in the assembly manual
  5. 1970mcss

    Blower Saga Continues

    If memory serves me correctly the other relay is for the tcs system for the transmission. Maybe someone can confirm. I would think your problem is the dash blower switch. I will try to confirm the relay....good luck
  6. 1970mcss

    what kind of air cleaner filter?

    Ac delco for me..
  7. 1970mcss

    Body Trim

    I just used PB Blaster, WD-40 may work as well...
  8. 1970mcss

    Body Trim

    Did you try to spray them with some pb blaster and let them soak??
  9. 1970mcss

    Something different

    Very nice, Price seems fair....
  10. 1970mcss

    Original Master Cylinder rebuild

    I think Rock Auto has the rebuilt kits
  11. 1970mcss

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Ok, thanks
  12. 1970mcss

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Mike, I can't send you a message, box might be full. Do you have the weatherstrip/moulding the fits in the front of rear window? I'm looking for the passenger side but would take both sides if the price is right. Send me a message. Thanks Paul
  13. 1970mcss

    New Member from Cincinnati

    Welcome to the club!!!
  14. 1970mcss

    Body Trim

    I loosened the fender skirts an the lower fender bolts. It is still a very tight fit to get your hand in that tight space. Be careful not to scrape the paint at the front door....ask me how I know....good luck
  15. I will check the plug wires although they are new. I looked at the brown wire at the fire wall and noticed that the grommet was pushed in, I'm going to take a close look at the wire and make sure it didn't rub threw. I have to try to push the grommet back into the hole so it stays put. I will look into a radio suppressor. Thanks