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  1. Dennis, your car looks great. I think you may have found a buyer...imr. imr welcome to the club. I would offer my car but it took me too many years to finally find one. Good luck with your search...
  2. 1970mcss

    Changing 454 ss badge

    Ditto what he said, hard to get to, good luck.....
  3. Darren, do you know if he has all the body parts?? Do you know where the car is in Indiana?? My wife says no but I would like to restore a Monte some day soon..
  4. Gm still sells that contact 474102 is the part number
  5. That's great to hear, those guys on misfits are clowns. Have fun with the restoreation
  6. Dito, The emblem I bought from The Parts Place was a perfect replacement
  7. 1970mcss

    Opinions everyone!

    No top in my opinion unless you are trying to keep it factory. The one in the picture almost looks like a tan top. That is a great color
  8. 1970mcss

    Another new guy

    Welcome to the club, I worked at a Chevrolet Dealer more many years and we had a tech that would write the date and coolant range under the hood. Nice looking car!! Enjoy the ride...
  9. 1970mcss

    A few hard to find parts

    Thanks anyway
  10. 1970mcss

    Tilt column

    John, I just bought the column from Mike B, he said that his car was a manual and I re-installed it in my automatic floor shift with no problem so I think they are the same. Maybe someone else can confirm.
  11. 1970mcss

    A few hard to find parts

    Jared, do you have any nice console top trim plates??
  12. 1970mcss

    air ride compressor

    Bob may have one listed on ebay,
  13. 1970mcss

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    The price does seem high but then on the other hand good for us, Maybe the Monte Carlo market is on the rise. Mark it is a great looking, documented car. The price is an asking price in my opinion, they may be open to an offer...good luck with your search.
  14. 1970mcss


    Good luck with your search
  15. I have a used emblem if you're interested, I'm not sure what it's worth, let me know