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  1. 1970mcss

    1970 monte grille

    I saw an NOS grille on ebay, 1800 big ones....yikes!
  2. 1970mcss

    tough post..........

    That's great to hear! I tossed and turned trying to decide if my 70 needed a baby brother. Glad you found a new home!!!
  3. 1970mcss

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Darren, I believe you are correct. My car has the valve but was missing most of the clips. I would love to find a complete set of the correct clips for my car. I also think the holes on the left inner skirt indicate that it once had the G67 compressor...Just my opinion...
  4. Willie, they look great, I did mine but can't remember how many staples...
  5. 1970mcss

    Upper Hockey Stick Part Numbers

    My old parts book shows 8705550 left upper, 8705549 right side upper: the Description is Moulding , RR End Side
  6. 1970mcss

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    They look to be in the same spot as my car.
  7. Very interesting interview, I didn't know the the history of the Coke machine.
  8. 1970mcss

    1970 SS 454

    Looks great, enjoy the ride!!!!!
  9. 1970mcss

    tough post..........

    Darren, so sorry to hear the bad news. I'm very interested and sent you a message. Hang in there, Paul
  10. 1970mcss

    New Member I think

    Looking good, great progress!!!
  11. 1970mcss

    New Member I think

    Thanks, I'll take a look at the Depot
  12. 1970mcss

    1970 SS 454

    Congrats!!! Very nice looking car, I'm glad you found what you were looking for and welcome to the Dark Green interior club!!! NO there isn't really a Dark Green Interior Club....enjoy your new ride.
  13. 1970mcss

    New Member I think

    Steve, what is that material called from the Depot???
  14. Enjoyed it, interesting to think back about digital cameras and dial up internet...funny how thigs have changed.
  15. 1970mcss

    72 bucket seats

    They look great, did you rebuild the cushions?? Or recover the old....nice job!