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  1. 1970mcss

    1971 Front Bumper Brackets

    Carl, my parts catalog shows that the bumper brackets and braces for the Monte and Chevelle are the same for 1970. So the inner brackets are the same for 70 and 71, part numbers are 3987057 and 3987058. The outer braces are listed for the 70 are 3975431 and 3975432. I hope that helps. Paul
  2. I used United Routes LLC. I had my Monte Carlo delivered from New Hampshire to Chicago. They were reasonable and were easy to work with...good luck
  3. I was getting ready to order a first generation replacement washer pump from the parts place and I thought why not try to rebuild the original. The old pump was all seized up and I thought it was cooked. I took apart everything but the coil and soaked the small parts in simple green overnight. I cleaned the base with a brush and simple green and soaked the pivoting lever pivot with simple green. The lever started to move freely, I then cleaned all the small parts and started putting the pump back together. I applied all purpose grease to the moving parts. The plunger was still in good shape. I re-installed it the I was happy that it worked. I'm sure some members have re-built these pumps but I wanted to pass this along for those who might think the only way to fix them it to buy new.
  4. 1970mcss

    Not so good.

    Possitive thoughts , hang in there....
  5. 1970mcss

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Welcome to the club!! Nice looking Montes....
  6. 1970mcss

    Lower Body Side Molding Trim

    As Aaron said three nuts holding that molding on. They are a bear to get to, I screwed up a little spot on my passenger door when I didn't get then fender re-aligned. Good luck...
  7. 1970mcss

    Car Show Sunday

    Congratulations, that trophy makes a nice hood ornament!!!!
  8. The speedo cable is not electrical. That should be clipped to the speedo head.
  9. 1970mcss

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    Even with a build sheet, the car has a 73 motor so that alone would have me looking for another car. At 25000 it would have to have the original engine and documentation. The air ride could be re-installed. Good luck with your search..
  10. 1970mcss

    Back in the Saddle...

    Good looking car, welcome back!!!
  11. 1970mcss

    Batt Cables

    Willie, I ordered AC Delco cables from Rock Auto. Perfect fit. Good luck
  12. 1970mcss

    electric seat switches

    John, the gm parts book shows the switch in pieces. The out escutcheon, knobs and base were sold separately. I think you would be looking for the base the catalog shows : 70-72 Monte Carlo 4306608 BASE. This looks like it's listed for a bucket seat.
  13. Good Luck with the sale!!!
  14. 1970mcss

    Green 4 speed

    I was too late, high blower relay
  15. 1970mcss

    1970 New member in South Jersey

    Great looking Monte, welcome to the club!