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  1. 1970mcss

    FGMCC Website?????

    Its been a tough couple weeks logging in
  2. 1970mcss

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    Mike, what are you thinking on the tilt column??
  3. I would think with out the drive train and the body rusted out I would think parts car. Just my opinion. I might be interested in the tilt column if you part it out.
  4. 1970mcss

    Brake Booster

    I agree, I bought mine from the right stuff, perfect match
  5. 1970mcss

    repairing clock

    Mike, follow the write up that Dennis posted, very helpful. I took mine apart again, blew it out with air, re-oiled it and it hasn't stopped since. Nice to have the orginal clock running again. Now I have to pull the cluster out and swap it out with the quartz clock that isnalso not working and swap out the bulbs for led. Good luck..
  6. 1970mcss

    Air Shock Problem

    I also installed Monroe with no problems....
  7. Thanks, I'll give those a try...
  8. Has anyone had any luck removing scratches from the plastic lens covering the tach and clock. I have seen some vidoes on line where polish is used.
  9. 1970mcss

    not a monte but.....

    Darren, nice ride, I bought my wife a 2014 LTZ and she loves it. I hardly ever get to drive it. Be well
  10. 1970mcss

    old/new member

    Welcome and congrats on the new SS. Looks like a great car. When I bought mine it also had a horn that didn't work. I used a test light to test the horns. In my case it was the horn relay.
  11. 1970mcss

    repairing clock

    The contacts seem to be a bit apart. I will give it a close look tonight. I'll let you know, thanks again
  12. 1970mcss

    repairing clock

    Dennis, I got the clock cleaned up and rewound the spring and the clock works started up again. Very cool. I cleaned the contacts up and the clock would wind every minute and a half or so. I put the clock back together and hooked it to my test battery and it was running like new. I went back to check it 2 hours later and it had stopped. To took it back apart and the works are still working, I noticed the contacts were again kind of blackened. I hooked it back up and the works again began to work as the contacts took a charge and a while later it stopped again. Any Ideas?? Is the coil no good? Did I get oil on the contacts? Is there any way to test the coil? Does anyone have a spare coil? Let me know...thanks
  13. 1970mcss

    repairing clock

    Thanks for getting back to me, the inside of the housing had a coating of black dust or gunk but no arching. I will give it a good cleaning and see what happens. I will keep you posted and thanks again
  14. 1970mcss

    repairing clock

    Dennis, I'm in the middle of rebuilding my original clock. I have referenced your write up on your rebuild but I have a couple questions. Did you use any type of cleaner when you opened up the clock? Mine seems not to have a short but the gear and spring were loose inside and the gears seemed to be frozen or stiff. The second question is what did you use to lube the gears?? Anything else I can look for?? Thanks in advance, Paul
  15. 1970mcss


    I think that insert might be the same as the insert used for the headlight bezel