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  1. I made my Sport Mirrors years ago. Used a set from a Pontiac Ventura. I added to the bottom with Metal filler so they would sit correct on the top of the door. They really looked correct. Last year I was walking into my garage and stepped on the air hose and tripped and was falling forward. My Right side sport mirror saved me from falling right down on my face. I was okay but not the mirror. Now the car was covered and the mirror was hanging on a thread. I was lucky it was only the mirror and not my door. All was well. I'm working on a new set as of now. These came off a 1970 Nova. Same as the Ventura but the attachment is different to mount to the door. This set I made new gaskets out of ABS Black Plastic. The angle is 1/2" to 1/16" and you use the original gasket from the mirror onto the ABS one. Very time consuming but worth it for the Monte. I also have a Convex mirror for the Right side. Just buy a oversize convex replacement mirror and lay out the glass to fit your right side mirror and bring it to a glass shop and ask them to cut it out for you. I tried it myself but found it to be real hard to do. They know how to do it. My next project is to make that right side mirror a "Remote".
  2. MC-71

    1971 Front Bumper Brackets

    Thanks guys for all the reply’s. I have a 72 Monte sitting in my yard and it has the 71 brackets on it. So I’m going to remove them and put 70 brackets on the 72. Thanks for all the help. Carl
  3. Try South Florida Auto Transport. I had a reservation last Dec but my 87 Monte broke down and I had to cancel. They had the best price from Ct. to Vero Beach. And I seemed to get good vibs from the owner. I think the number is 239 970-5730. His name is Bob. Carl
  4. MC-71

    1971 Front Bumper Brackets

    I have been going thru parts and trying to save at least one set of everything correct for my 71 Monte. I just discovered that front bumper brackets for 71 are not the same as a 70 Monte. I have sets I think for the 70. Anybody sure that these will work on a 71. I'm only missing one bracket for a complete set for the 71. It is the larger one that bolts to the bumper. Don't know right now what side is missing. I will post that info tomorrow. Any body have the 1970 part numbers for the brackets. I could only find the 71 part number. They are 3982483 and 3982484. My 1970 Assembly Manual has no info on the 1970 Front Bumper. I can't find anything about bumpers in that manual. Thanks, Carl
  5. Can anyone confirm this info? The Parts Place lists inner fender housinga at 229.00. The part number is BP1056M. Is this for L&R because they don't ask what side if its L or R. Does anyone know if they charge over size shipping because they don't tell you when you check out but only when they ship the item. If the two are 229.00 I think that is a great price. has anyone bought these? Thanks Carl
  6. MC-71

    New member in Ct

    Welcome Mike. I live in West Haven. Hope to meet you some day. Carl
  7. MC-71

    Needs some help identifying these parts

    They first came out from Dixie Monte Carlo. I posted the info in new products on our web site. They still have them but changed their name to Dixie Restoration. They are located in Manchester, Connecticut. Carl
  8. MC-71

    Back window ?

  9. MC-71

    AC Delco Battery

    Thanks. Not looking for the original battery. Just the series 78. I would prefer a AC Delco battery. I have the battery topper I will put on it.
  10. MC-71

    AC Delco Battery

    Trying to make a decision on a new AC Delco Battery. I used to buy the 78-5YR but seems to be discontinued. I'm looking at a AC Delco 78-AGM. Price is from 156.00 to 300.00 bucks. What the heck is up with these prices? Tires up, wheels up. so glad I did my resto years ago. Give me some AC Delco numbers if you guys have them. Carl
  11. MC-71

    71 SS

    Can you give me information on your resonators? Where did you buy them?, Part number, price. the measurements. Would be appreciated. Thanks. Carl
  12. MC-71

    Hood hinges?

    How about the spring? I'm sure the 70 spring is a larger diameter> let me know what you find on the difference of the springs. Carl
  13. MC-71

    Headlight Squirter's

    GM ran out of them. I know a guy that had only one on his 1970 Monte. It was the Right side. You can buy everything From A Camaro Supplier. Carl
  14. MC-71

    Hood hinges?

    Sorry. I was looking at the 71 hood spear in your picture.