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  1. RealRed70

    steering wheel/column

    The thee spoke cushion grip was available in 1970, but only in black. The last picture that you have posted is a 1971/1972 steering wheel.
  2. RealRed70

    what to use

    Why do you say that the rear seat frames are too far gone?
  3. Pictures would really help.
  4. RealRed70

    Dash light out.... (circuit board repair)

    I always pull the entire dash as an assembly. Very easy and less chance for any damage. I can have one out in 25 minutes with the wire harness still attached to the dash. What ever works for you.
  5. RealRed70

    Dash light out.... (circuit board repair)

    Pulling the dashes from these cars is actually very easy. Installing them takes a little longer than removing them, but there are not that hard at all to do. There is really nothing complicated about them.
  6. I sent you a Private message. I have the parts your after. All GM pieces. My kit has everything you need. These pieces are in great shape.
  7. The small white piece in the kit in a post above is incorrect for a 1971. That piece would be correct for a standard 1970 steering wheel. 1971 used a different cancelling cam than a 1970. A 1971 has a notch in the cancelling cam for a tab on the small black piece in my picture to lock into. 1970 just used compression to hold the piece in. The 1970 piece is shaped different than for a 1971 and up.
  8. I have the rest of the parts needed also. Cap, retainer, horn button and so on. I have all the parts to make a bare wheel functional.
  9. You could also get these parts from me. $8.50 including the shipping. Private Message me if interested. Thank you, Dan
  10. No, you need this stuff. No wire used on the NK-1 four spoke wheel. You can get what I have shown below at your local GM dealer or on ebay.
  11. RealRed70


    For the orange wire you can tap into the orange wire for the glove box light. The orange wire for a clock will also work.
  12. RealRed70

    Turbo 400 swap

    You should be able to find them on ebay.
  13. RealRed70

    Turbo 350/400 swap

    Check out this link. It is what you are after. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-1972-CHEVELLE-CAMARO-70-72-NOVA-400-TURBO-FLOOR-SHIFT-CABLE-BRACKET/141621158296?epid=0&hash=item20f9476198:g:5h4AAOSwDk5TwDkB&frcectupt=true
  14. RealRed70

    passenger side visor mirror

    The mirror should have two plastic nubs that just push into holes that are in the visor under the fabric. You should be able to feel the holes. You will have to cut the fabric over the holes.