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  1. RealRed70

    Steering wheel compatibility?

    A standard wheel used a wire like this.
  2. RealRed70

    Steering wheel compatibility?

    Yes, it will fit. It will be a perfect fit. As he mentioned, you will need the proper horn contact. It will look like this.
  3. RealRed70

    What's the Best Paint to use on Interior Parts?

    I second the use of the SEM products.
  4. RealRed70

    Tip over jig

    You could sell that on Craig's list after you are through with it. Someone would buy it.
  5. RealRed70

    Hello MC Lovers!

    Welcome to the club. I like your picture.
  6. RealRed70

    71 Monte Big Block

    I see he has a trade value of 20K in the ad.
  7. RealRed70

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    Yes, the style with the flow shut off levers are only on A/C equipped cars.
  8. RealRed70

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    Just a little more reassurance. All my dashes have them like this. If they are on the bottom slat they are wrong. This dash still needs the wood grain panel put back on.
  9. RealRed70

    Rally Wheels

    Personally, I would not buy a chrome rally wheels. You are so much better off with a painted rally wheel. Why. If the wheel ever starts looking shabby all you have to do is blast it and re paint it. Once a Chrome wheel rusts it is pretty much junk. A freind of mine bought the chrome style and the chrome did not hold up long at all. He could not hardly give them away. He then went with a painted original set. Wished he would have listened and not bought the chrome wheels.
  10. RealRed70

    Tip over jig

    I like it.
  11. Could they get the number off the frame. I think there is one there somewhere.
  12. RealRed70

    72 in MN

    Looks real nice to me. Not a bad price, and it is a big block car.
  13. RealRed70

    amp gauge

    Before removing anything, be sure to remove the negative battery terminal. If you put threaded rods in the upper dash housing mounting holes where the bolts are now it will be easy to slide the dash toward you. You need one on the drivers side and one on the passenger side about 12 inches long will work. You will still have to remove the other five bolts that hold the dash housing frame to the car. Be sure to support the center of the dash housing so that you do not crack it.
  14. RealRed70

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    I just saw the updated list. Thanks.
  15. RealRed70

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    Sorry for your loss. If you could post which parts have already sold, it will cut down on the number of emails you will get. It would also help all of us to know what is no longer available. In the end you will sell more parts with less time and energy spent on it. Posting prices would also cut down on the no so serious emails, but would increase the number of serious emails, which would lead to more sales in less time. Good luck with the sales.