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  1. RealRed70


    For the orange wire you can tap into the orange wire for the glove box light. The orange wire for a clock will also work.
  2. RealRed70

    Turbo 400 swap

    You should be able to find them on ebay.
  3. RealRed70

    Turbo 350/400 swap

    Check out this link. It is what you are after. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-1972-CHEVELLE-CAMARO-70-72-NOVA-400-TURBO-FLOOR-SHIFT-CABLE-BRACKET/141621158296?epid=0&hash=item20f9476198:g:5h4AAOSwDk5TwDkB&frcectupt=true
  4. RealRed70

    passenger side visor mirror

    The mirror should have two plastic nubs that just push into holes that are in the visor under the fabric. You should be able to feel the holes. You will have to cut the fabric over the holes.
  5. RealRed70

    CD2 and other options questions

    Does your car have the automatic leveling system installed on the car? I can not see it in your picture of the engine compartment.
  6. RealRed70

    CD2 and other options questions

    UF1 is the code for mirror lamp.I believe it is for the lamp on the mirror. In 1971 they called it a map light.
  7. RealRed70

    CD2 and other options questions

    UM2 is the option code for the radio.
  8. RealRed70

    72 bucket seats

    They look very nice. Great work.
  9. RealRed70

    72 bucket seats

    I have one original set of Monte buckets that has the buttons 10 1/4 inches down from the piping/ top seam to the middle of the button. I have two more sets of originals that have the buttons at 11 1/2 inches down. I would go with the 11 1/2 myself, but lets see what some one else has for a measurement. I would not go by any measurements from seats that have been recovered.
  10. RealRed70

    1970 454 SS on eBay

    Shouldn't the steering column be black? I know on a Chevelle SS it would be.
  11. RealRed70

    1970 454 SS on eBay

    The dash pad appears to be 1972 Dark Green in color, not 1970 Dark Metallic Green. The horse power decal on the air cleaner lid looks like it says 350 H.P. instead of 360 H.P it should be. It does look like a very nice car. I like the green exterior and interior. 👍
  12. RealRed70

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    Your welcome. It will ship tomorrow.
  13. RealRed70

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    Joe's car is a 1972. This is how it goes. Most 1971 A/C equipped cars do not have the shut off levers that 1970 cars have. No 1972 A/C equipped cars have the shut off levers. All 1970- 72 cars equipped with A/C have longer vent housings than non A/C cars for 1970-72. The ducting that connects to them is different for A/C to non A/C cars. A/C cars need A/C vent housings, non A/C cars need non A/C vent housings. My first picture is the non A/C vents, my second picture is the A/C vents for a 1970. The 72 version of the A/C vents are just as long as these shown in picture two, but do not have the shut off levers. Again, most 71's do not have the levers. Private Message me if you would like to purchase a 1972 A/C vent housing. I also have some non A/C vent housings for sale.
  14. It is not for the back of a console, nor is it from a 70-72 Monte.
  15. I have seen that light before. I still have one here. Pretty sure I removed it from a 77 Buick Regal we parted out.