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  1. Murphy

    Manual Transmission Montes

    1971, 355 sbc, M20 w/Hurst, black interior & vinyl top, Burnt Orange
  2. Thanks guys! Is the horn wire the this one?
  3. Trying to determine what I'll need to convert from the standard Monte steering wheel to the 4-spoke sport wheel (NK4)? Found a really nice wheel without any parts.
  4. Murphy

    Steering wheel repair???

    Hi Dale, search for a product called PC7, it is a 2 part compound and works great. I've restored 2 wheels with this product. Lots of sanding and detail work, but you'll love the result!
  5. Murphy

    window crank tool

    Most auto parts stores carry the removal tool for only a few bucks...
  6. Question for the experts, will a factory sport steering wheel from a 79 camaro fit on my 71 Monte?
  7. Thanks Leo! I'll pass your number forward.....
  8. Murphy

    Coolant reservoir

    This isn't exactly stock but it was cheap & effective. O'Reileys Auto Parts has these universal tanks for about $8 and a piece of aluminum 1/2" stock from Home Depot for $3 or $4
  9. Murphy

    Need bucket seat suggestions

    Michael, I just search on Craig's in Minneapolis at found these from a 72 Monte https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/pts/d/70-to-72-monte-carlo-parts/6656034395.html
  10. Not sure if the 72 Monte's had this style of seat belt but my close friend has a 72 Malibu convertible, low miles, excellent car. One of the seat belts exploded. I have since learned that is the nickname of this particular belt (Exploders) as GM only installed for less than a year as failed testing miserably...… Let me know if anyone has any?
  11. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/pts/d/monte-carlo/6678037753.html thought maybe someone would be interested as I found here in Phoenix...…….
  12. Murphy

    71 on Ebay

    It's the wrong color for that year, I beleive that color was a 72 color.??
  13. Murphy

    1971 Grille

    Yes Terry, there is chrome on that front edge of the slats. I've refurbished 2 of them and its a bit of work since we're dealing with pot metal. I also hand painted the vertical bars satin black after spraying everything else the stock silver. A simple trick to cover the chrome edge is to use a crayon on the chrome edge, rubbing a good layer of the waxy coating only on the chrome edge. After the paint is dry, you can then rub off the crayon wax. I've used a wooden tongue depressor to rub off the crayon as it won't scratch the chrome. Good Luck!
  14. Hey Vince, here's a few photos in the stock configuration. Good Luck!