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  1. can you guys recommend some people or companies move a car from stuart florida to new jersey enclosed? thanks jeff
  2. 70white402

    1970 rust free trunk lid

    thanks mike
  3. 70white402

    1970 rust free trunk lid

    Mike. I can’t go but can you send me some pics to luztree@hotmail.com. It’s rustfree? Also how much do you need for it?
  4. Looking for a clean, rust free original trunk lid for my 70. Jeff in nj
  5. Jeff in nj. Anyone have nos qtr panels for a 70 monte and a drivers door. Also need outer wheel houses and panel between qtrs under window
  6. 70white402

    wanted big block 4 speed z bar

    thanks guys thomas, do you have the part number for opgi i couldn't find it.
  7. 70white402

    wanted big block 4 speed z bar

    darren, thats what i was meaning to ask for, the bracket. soo, does anyone have a lead on the bracket?
  8. does anyone have a bb z bar for a 70 that they would sell? thanks jeff in n.j.
  9. 70white402

    noisy/loud valve train

    i would switch lifters.
  10. 70white402

    1970 Monte in Montana

    look at that interior! brand new i think its worth 18,000
  11. 70white402

    Console Install

    is this also for 4 speeds with console?
  12. that's worth $24,000.
  13. 70white402

    71 SS 454 MUST BE CRAZY

    thats great its complete!
  14. 70white402

    Richmond Gear set 4 sale

    hey bob. jeff in nj $200?