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  1. stangeba

    New Member Prattville, Al.

    Welcome! Nice Monte!
  2. stangeba

    Better Call Saul

    I watched it yesterday, cool!
  3. stangeba

    Dragging front brakes

    Tony, I was looking at your pictures and I thought that the one "metal" brake line the hose is attached to, looked like it was made of copper. It is NOT copper, is it? I was always taught that copper was too soft and would "blow" under the pressure. If it's just painted steel, that's fine. Bruce Stange 71 Monte Carlo
  4. stangeba

    wiring questions

    There is a small fuse like 3 or 4 AMPS that will NOT have power on either side (using a test light) till you turn on the lights. After you turn on the lights the fuse will have power and should have power on BOTH sides, if only power on one side, the fuse is blown. If power on both sides the fuse is OK and the switch may be bad. There is a section of the headlight switch that is round, coiled, like a spring, and has been known to break, causing the fuse to blow or just an open circuit. I have also heard of people replacing the H/L switch with the wrong one (looks OK but may have a jumper missing).This also causes no power to the fuse and may have been replaced prior to you owning the vehicle. Good luck, Bruce
  5. After you lube the cable, make sure the speedometer cable is fully connected and clicks into place. I once replaced the internal shaft of mine, after it broke, and I cut it too long, this caused a problem till I replaced it again and this time cut it to the proper size. I have cruise control so two cables are involved.
  6. Perhaps this pic will help. I don't have one of the strg column, there is a "open area" where this clip will fit into then attach the small screw. Many times this clip is broken off when the strg col is lowered with out removing the screw and clip. Bruce
  7. stangeba

    New Member

    Welcome back!
  8. stangeba

    HEI conversion

    My 71 is still all stock so I have not done any changes. Many people have mentioned this web site for charging system information and changes. http://www.madelectrical.com/electricaltech/chevymain1.shtml I have read about using a 10 gauge wire for a GM HEI system not because it draws lots of power but because of ? interference / signal disruption or something like that. Good luck!
  9. stangeba

    test add a picture

    It made me download it to my PC then I played it. I didn't know that! Bruce
  10. Looks like the same set up for a new message. I tried a video this time.... Bruce Friday_News_2012.WMV
  11. stangeba


    I hit the "choose files" found a picture, clicked on it and it worked for me. Is it different when you first start a message? Bruce
  12. stangeba

    Fuel Tank collapse

    Sounds like the tank is not being vented. I believe the original gas cap was NOT vented like earlier 1970 models so it needs a vent somewhere. After 46 years who knows what someone did to it in the past, wrong tank, wrong sending unit, plugged lines. Do you have a shop manual to look thing up like hose routing and placement? See attached pictures of what my 71 looks like. When changing the hoses, I almost threw out a perhaps important restrictor / orifice. Good luck! Bruce
  13. stangeba

    New member in NJ!

    Welcome! Bruce
  14. stangeba

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Welcome! Great looking Monte! Bruce
  15. stangeba

    wiring questions

    Perhaps we are trying to compare apples to oranges? I don't have A/C, never did and my 71 is a 350 4 bbl, all stock (except I removed most of the TCS stuff 40 years ago.) I have the factory gauge package. Swapped from another 71 350 4 bbl, NO A/C car, I bought over 30 years ago just for the gauge package and all it's wiring. Good luck, Bruce