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    Shelby Township, Michigan
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    71 Monte Carlos and old In-Line six cylinder engines.
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    Bruce Stange
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    Retired from E. I. DuPont Automotive Finishes still working at Langdon's Stovebolt Engine Parts Company.

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  1. stangeba

    Who am I?

    Patrick, This pic was taken in early 1972 when I drove to visit my brother in Parma, Ohio, a 200 mile trip for me! Bruce
  2. stangeba

    New Member I think

    Great pictures! Thanks for posting. Bruce
  3. stangeba

    Who am I?

    Dennis, I thought it was an invitation to introduce ourselves to new members and others who didn't know us. 17 years, WOW! Next someone will say are cars are over 47 years old. Yes, I still own the Murray Peddle car from my profile. Someday I may even finish the restoration on it. Bruce
  4. stangeba

    Who am I?

    Greetings to all FGMCC members! My name is Bruce Stange, I am the proud original owner of my black 71 Monte Carlo. I ordered my Monte as a senior in high school and paid cash $3735.00 with money I earned from my Detroit News paper route, cutting grass and other tasks like this. It still has it's original 350 4BBL NO A/C and now has 161,250 miles on it. I grew up in Utica, Michigan and now live only 5 miles from my childhood home. Can't wait to go for a ride! Bruce
  5. stangeba

    trouble removing door pull straps

    I believe I broke all of mine trying to "slide" them off. I tried to release the latch with a thin piece of metal like a feeler gauge but it didn't work. To keep them in place, I added a hunk of "dum dum" and that has worked. Good luck!
  6. stangeba

    New member for about a week now

    Welcome Steve!
  7. stangeba


    Welcome to the club! Great pictures, we love pictures!
  8. stangeba

    Camber/Caster Settings

    I copied this article many years ago (1990) and had my 71 set up to these specs.
  9. Hooked up the battery charger, getting ready for nice weather!
  10. stangeba

    What is your preferred company for fuel/brake lines?

    I used In-Line tube and they fit great. Bruce
  11. stangeba

    Going Under The Knife

    Happy that it went well. Bruce
  12. stangeba

    2019 Detroit Autorama

    No, I earned all my gray hair. If I suddenly had black hair, someone probably would notice! Bruce
  13. stangeba

    New member

    Welcome to the club! I hope my 71 will still be around and in my family when I have Great Grandchildren. Our 10 and 8 year old Grandsons really like cruising with us now. Bruce
  14. stangeba

    2019 Detroit Autorama

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcvN58Zubd8&feature=youtu.be No Monte Carlos in this video but it was fun to watch. My niece is near the end at 26:05. Enjoy! Bruce