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  1. stangeba

    block off plate

    I may have one, if I can find it.
  2. stangeba

    71’ Seatbelts

    Found a picture I took of the right side, after I added the MORRIS 3 Point belts. Bruce
  3. stangeba

    71’ Seatbelts

    On the floor just inside the doors, (between the door and seat) should be a "stand" with a tapped hole in it on each side. I think it is an an angle. I don't have a picture, sorry. Bruce
  4. stangeba

    71’ Seatbelts

    Your missing one (male) end for the ft center seat belt. (bench seat only) You have the DELUXE seat belt package (like my 71) that came with the smaller lap belt buckle for the driver and passenger that are "self adjusting" The remaining use the larger buckle, Left & Right Ft seat shoulder belts and Left, Center & Right rear seat lap belts. I believe the color change is due to sun fading the material. I added the MORRIS ft driver and passenger side lap/shoulder belt combination and really like them. Bruce
  5. stangeba

    Meet Maxine

    Very nice Monte! Welcome! Bruce
  6. stangeba

    Washer Pump Rebuild Success!!!

    I like to rebuild everything I can (or have it rebuilt) Aftermarket stuff is not always very good. Bruce
  7. stangeba

    questions for 71 owners......

    1....In my 71ss it has the Large Tongue and Large Buckle for Both the Should belt and waist belt that are singles as the joint belts didnt start till 72. Some have pointed out that its wrong in 71 as they used the wide for shoulder and small tongue and buckle for the waist belt.....(Deluxe Belts)... What says you guys on this........ A: My 71 (Built in Canada) was ordered with Deluxe seat belts. It has (retractable self adjusting) small brushed female buckle for the right ft passenger and driver only. All 6 of the others have a large manual adjusting buckles. 2... My 71ss has the perforated headliner rather than the basket weave style which is correct and I also have the perforated Sun visors as well but mine are still joined at the rear view mirror... I actually prefer that style but do even notice myself that most 71's have the swing ones that Dont join at the mirror. yes some of the early 71's had the mirror attached ones using old stock in very early models but mine is a later model 71 built at the same time as Larrys and Bruces and am sure they have the small visors.... I dont know if it makes a difference but my passenger side visor has a vanity mirror on it.. A: My 71 (Built in Canada) has the perforated headliner and sunvisors, that are small, no anchor at the mirror. NO mirror on the right visor. Bruce
  8. stangeba

    New Member Prattville, Al.

    Welcome! Nice Monte!
  9. stangeba

    Better Call Saul

    I watched it yesterday, cool!
  10. stangeba

    Dragging front brakes

    Tony, I was looking at your pictures and I thought that the one "metal" brake line the hose is attached to, looked like it was made of copper. It is NOT copper, is it? I was always taught that copper was too soft and would "blow" under the pressure. If it's just painted steel, that's fine. Bruce Stange 71 Monte Carlo
  11. stangeba

    wiring questions

    There is a small fuse like 3 or 4 AMPS that will NOT have power on either side (using a test light) till you turn on the lights. After you turn on the lights the fuse will have power and should have power on BOTH sides, if only power on one side, the fuse is blown. If power on both sides the fuse is OK and the switch may be bad. There is a section of the headlight switch that is round, coiled, like a spring, and has been known to break, causing the fuse to blow or just an open circuit. I have also heard of people replacing the H/L switch with the wrong one (looks OK but may have a jumper missing).This also causes no power to the fuse and may have been replaced prior to you owning the vehicle. Good luck, Bruce
  12. After you lube the cable, make sure the speedometer cable is fully connected and clicks into place. I once replaced the internal shaft of mine, after it broke, and I cut it too long, this caused a problem till I replaced it again and this time cut it to the proper size. I have cruise control so two cables are involved.
  13. Perhaps this pic will help. I don't have one of the strg column, there is a "open area" where this clip will fit into then attach the small screw. Many times this clip is broken off when the strg col is lowered with out removing the screw and clip. Bruce
  14. stangeba

    New Member

    Welcome back!
  15. stangeba

    HEI conversion

    My 71 is still all stock so I have not done any changes. Many people have mentioned this web site for charging system information and changes. http://www.madelectrical.com/electricaltech/chevymain1.shtml I have read about using a 10 gauge wire for a GM HEI system not because it draws lots of power but because of ? interference / signal disruption or something like that. Good luck!