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  1. stangeba

    Fabric seat covers

    Try CARS.INC https://carsinc.com/1970-1972-monte-carlo-3.html
  2. stangeba

    Another Paint Question...

    I would check on powder-coat (short story if interested) The lower gloss black items under the hood back in the early 70's was (at DuPont) called Black Dip Primer. The parts (body's also) were just dipped into this product, removed to drip off, flashed for a few minutes then baked 30" x 400 F. Good stuff and all they had Prior to PPG's Elpo / Electrodeposition Primer. Black dip is no longer available. I worked at DuPont Automotive finishes when I restored my 71 and was lucky to use "black-dip" on many of my under hood parts back in the mid 1980's. There is a test for verifying or reading the actual gloss level that requires a special machine and is read / taken at different angles based on the gloss level. We reported it as Gloss @ 20 degree angle (for really flat stuff) or Gloss at 60 degree angle for the semi gloss look Good times.
  3. Drove all over and had fun!
  4. stangeba

    Pictures not showing up

    OK, went to look for a pictures of other 71's using this: And got this:
  5. stangeba

    Pictures not showing up

    Ian, an error message popped up but I didn't write it down. I will try again to post a picture from my PC right now using choose files on the lower left and................ it worked!
  6. stangeba

    Pictures not showing up

    Are we testing here? Testing Yep got an error message, darn. 7/11/2019 3:58 PM Thursday here in Michigan, USA PC running Google Bruce
  7. stangeba

    71 monte carlo ss

    Joe, the more I look at it I think it's Burnt Orange.
  8. stangeba

    71 monte carlo ss

    Can't find one panel that looks like the color in your picture or what I remember it to be. I thought I had them all...... Bruce
  9. stangeba

    71 monte carlo ss

    The names listed were DuPont names. Chevy and other s like Pontiac also changed the names of the same colors. I may not have EVERY color however but I thought I did. I will see if I fine it and scan it for you. Bruce
  10. stangeba

    71 monte carlo ss

    Very nice! See if this link works, its a spread sheet of actual 4" x 6" painted color panels from DuPont I have from the Automotive Paint lab when I worked there. Shows the DuPont numbers and names and what cars they went on. Bruce DuPont color codes 1971 Chevy Pass Cars
  11. stangeba

    Uploading pictures from phone

    I have no idea how to do this from my I phone. No problem from my PC at home. Bruce
  12. stangeba

    My hood sits high in the back.

    I remember having the same problem and like Larry said I had to adjust the hinge but not like I assumed.
  13. stangeba

    Happy Fathers Day

    Sadly, my father passed years ago. I remember the day he went with me to the Chevy dealership to order my new 71 Monte. He is the one who suggested I order it in black. Since I was only 17 the title had to be in his name so I guess I am not the original owner like I thought. I changed to title as soon as I turned 18.
  14. stangeba

    It's Official

    cool cool cool........
  15. I was in Rochester, Minn. for the last week or so, visiting our daughter and her family and had time to play with my I Phone. I searched for a POD Cast (first time ever for me) related to Monte Carlo's and found this: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/carstuff/id297680411?i=1000405448652 This is the 2nd one, I lost the url to the first one. It's not new and most of you have probably listened to it years ago. Enjoy, Bruce
  16. stangeba

    Wheel bearings

    I bought replacement rotors and after a few years one of the race's went bad. Bruce
  17. stangeba

    32 year old paint job

    I can't believe it's been 32 years since I brought home my 71 from being painted. Still looks OK from 20 ft but I have polished off the paint in several areas.
  18. stangeba

    32 year old paint job

    Joe, yes I did. I think it was code 99U or 99 something, Lacquer no clear coat and since I worked there then, it was free! Bruce
  19. I got one over 20 years ago and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I did purchase a back up unit from a member 10+ years ago, used the main part for a replacement try out and it did not work correctly, kept going too much then dropping off. Took apart my old main driver, cleaned it (looked fine) reinstalled and it worked again. I have had a few problems with it and this years first ride took several tries for it to work.
  20. Ticking noise in radio, does it change with the engine speed? Solid copper spark plug wires I believe can cause this. There is some small round thing attached to the ign coil that looks like a condenser but it's a ? noise suppressor. Back to the tach, the ground is critical to the dash. I posted a picture or two of my 71 NO A/C Monte if it helps. I think these are two different grounds, sorry I don't remember for sure but I don't think the IP ground (left pic) attaches to the screw on the parking brake (right pic). I think the IP ground attaches to the steel frame of the dash assembly and another wire from the steel frame to the parking brake screw, I think! It's been a while..... Bruce
  21. stangeba

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Built at the same plant as mine, built April 27th 1971, just a few weeks older, cool! 1385711540975 1385711532433 8542 cars later Looks like a DNA match to me! 😁
  22. Paul, I may have missed this but is this a factory OEM tach / gauge package or aftermarket? My 71 has the gauge package I took from another 71 350 (NON SS) car. Perhaps 70 to 71 they changed the wire layout but my tach runs off a single brn wire that has it's own hole in the firewall. (picture) I am going by memory so I could be wrong, sorry... I'm looking for more pictures but no luck yet. Bruce
  23. stangeba

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Great find!
  24. stangeba

    48 years ago today!

    48 years ago today I picked up my new 71 Monte Carlo from Bill Fox Chevrolet in Rochester Michigan. I remember it well but there is a sad memory, my new car had two dents in the roof (probably from the car above on the car hauler and a dent in the very front, tip, of the hood. I did take it back after a week of fun for repairs but still made me very angry! The weekend after I took delivery I drove it and 5 of my family members to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my brother. I also remember driving South on I-75 almost into Ohio when my dad asked me how fast I was going. I replied 80 and about 2 minutes later I got pulled over for speeding! Good times! See if this link works: https://1971montecarlo.wordpress.com/2015/12/14/1971-chevrolet-monte-carlo/ Bruce
  25. stangeba

    48 years ago today!

    Rob, I will think about it, thanks! Bruce