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  1. Hoodicoff1

    Kaslo Maydays

    The only Monte out of 250+ cars today, if you ever have the opportunity to cruise this part of British Columbia, never hesitate to do it!
  2. Hoodicoff1

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    I still have the original registration for the car. If I can get some signed transfer papers from the original owner (if he's still alive!) It should make thing a lot simpler. Just wasn't sure if the registration was already transferred into Vaughn's name or not
  3. Did some polishing to the faded blue paint, new plug wires and fixed all the burned out lights, this ole faded beast wants to be on the road. Everything I touch has been an easy fix.
  4. Hoodicoff1

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Vaughn shoot me a message. I need your phone number. Gotta get the paperwork sorted out so I can get it in my name! This ole blue beast is itching to be back on the road
  5. Hoodicoff1

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Loaded with lots of cool options too. Most of which I have gotten working again after sitting all these years. The last time it was insured and on the road was 1990
  6. Hoodicoff1

    Bring parts to the western meet?

    I'm gonna need some 71 parts. Just got the 71 from Kev Things I need: 1971 Parklight lenses. the long chrome strip that goes in between the trunk and the bumper SS tips (even if they are crusty and not perfect) Blue drivers armrest and bolster that screws to the door battery tray what else does anyone have for blue interior stuff??
  7. Hoodicoff1

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    A lot of cleaning, shampooed the rug, armour-alled the vinyl, even got some soap and water in the trunk. Gonna have a long road ahead of me. But I will looking forward to every minute of travel
  8. Hoodicoff1

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    A well travelled 1971ss that went halfway across the continent, to return an hour away from its original home :p .Been giving it some lovin' in the past few days.New plugs cap and rotor, lotsa penetrating fluid on everything. Got the trunk release working, lights, dome light, even the underhood key reminder buzzer is working! The more I get into this car the more she wants to come alive and work. :)
  9. Unsuccesfully tracked all my interior parts coming from OPGI, hopefully they can find the package tomorrow DSC_0221 by Steve Hoodicoff, on Flickr
  10. Hoodicoff1

    Too much space between converter and flexplate?

    the space was there before, always had starter problems with misalignment problems, grinding etc.... few weeks ago transmission was making a weird whining noise, changed the fluid and filter, quietened down for a bit, then started to slip, I decide to pull the cover off, discovered the flywheel was bent, straightened it out, and discovered the huge gap, installed spacers and everything worked fine until last night when it really started making a racket which is when I discovered the crack
  11. Hoodicoff1

    Too much space between converter and flexplate?

    something is wrong with the pump, I'm sure of it, yeah flexplate is in the right way, with the bumped out portions facing the transmission, haven't pulled the torque converter out yet to see if there is some damage on the snout. Car won't move unless I put spacers in between the flex plate and converter, which then leads to the issue of the flexplate moving around too much and causing it to crack.
  12. I'm stumped, if I bolt the torque converter directly to the flexplate, the pump will not engage on the transmission, I have to install some washers in between the flexplate and the torque converter for the pump to engage? Is something screwed in the transmission? The odd thing is the car seems to drive just fine with the washers in place, just concerned on damage to the new flexplate I install, the old flexplate was cracked and I don't think the washers helped with the situation.
  13. tried to race my dad in his new toy ( I lost) can't compete with twin turbos and all wheel drive, I'll still beat him at roasting tires
  14. might be your hazard light switch as well
  15. pulled the distributor back out, moved it back one tooth, modified the throttle bracket to fit the new intake, built another bracket for the downshift cable, refilled the coolant and got all the air out of the system. Test drove and adjusted the timing, car breaks the rear tires on command just the way it should Now with the 160 degree thermostat car seems to hold its temperature at around 175 ish when hot as opposed to the 190+ it would sit at before so all is good!