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  1. 714024SPEED

    71 vs 72 Radiator support cross bar

    I looked at my 71 and 72 for the difference. The core supports look to be the same except for the hole on a 72 for the marker light socket. The brackets that go from the upper tie bar to the bumper filler that the headlight bezel srew into(body colored part)are different.the pictures are from the back side of core support the first one is 71 the second is 72.
  2. 714024SPEED


    Great idea.like how you covered it ,well done
  3. 714024SPEED


    It's not a big difference between the two tires one is a little taller and wider. In a radial size I would use a 225 70r15 it is equal to a G70 15. Good luck
  4. 714024SPEED


    Welcome !!! As for the original tires it depends on what wheel your car came with. I own two 72 Monte's and one is a hub caps car so has a 15x6 wheel and came with h78x15 white wall tires. The other was ordered with 15x7 rally wheels and had G70x15 white walls. If you can find the build sheet it would tell you for sure. Good luck with your Monte
  5. 714024SPEED

    Car value

    Color combo,#matching , over all condition.
  6. 714024SPEED

    fuel pump outlet size?

    That's weird I have the same pump and had no problem. Maybe they taped the pump wrong?
  7. 714024SPEED

    Side Air vent deflector orientation

    Checked two of my Monte's . California built 72 A/c car and a Baltimore built 71 non A/c car both have the nub on top like this
  8. 714024SPEED

    fuel pump outlet size?

    If you want to use an AN fitting you would need one that has 3/8 NPT to -6.just an fyi if your car is a small block car it has a 5 /16 metal fuel line so the -6 hose might not fit tight over the metal line.good luck
  9. 714024SPEED

    SS Hockey Sticks

    The hockey sticks is the small trim piece that bolts to the end cap on 1971 SS .top piece in picture
  10. 714024SPEED

    Rad bushings

    Most of the gm cars I've worked on the bolt goes up from the bottom with the nut on top. I think gm did this because it's easier to send the bolt from the bottom then to get the nut up inside the frame.
  11. 714024SPEED

    old/new member

    Welcome !! Nice Monte good luck with it
  12. 714024SPEED

    71 dash knobs difference

    I thought maybe you got the picture knobs when you ordered a certain option in the interior like light group package.
  13. 714024SPEED

    Hagerty Article

    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing
  14. 714024SPEED

    Rad bushings

    Hi here are pictures of the bushings on my 71 big block Monte 1st picture is driver's side 2nd is pass side. You may have a four core radiator but a core support for a 3 core. HD cooling cars have a tab welded an the bottom driver's side where the tank sits to accommodate the larger tank .
  15. 714024SPEED

    Any idea why this hole is here?

    That's an odd place for a hole to be cut not much in there that you would need to get at. Maybe hiding his cigarettes from his wife .lol