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  1. 714024SPEED

    Oil dipstick color on 402

    Found info on a Chevelle website but think it should be the same for Monte Carlo,s
  2. 714024SPEED

    Oil dipstick color on 402

    Top dipstick was 69-early 70,middle one is 70-early 71 and bottom is 71and newer. All have yellow tips.
  3. Great to see someone get lucky and to get it back with the car. Nice Job !!!!
  4. I got them on eBay company name is Fusick. They have them listed as 1970-1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme outside Vertical Quarter window weatherstrip set $65.00.ebay # 152659902704
  5. 714024SPEED

    ‘74 Olds 98 posi....will it fit?

    A 74 Olds did not come with a 12 bolt but may have had a 12 bolt custom made for it .It will not bolt into the 70 Monte without changing the control arm mounts. The 74 has different mounts for the control arms and shock mounts. Hope this helps good luck
  6. 714024SPEED

    Black or white shifter ball?

    I think it should be a black plain knob. GM part #3992308.
  7. 714024SPEED

    AMD Full Quarter Panel Review

    Yes I would highly recommend them. The thickness of the metal ,fitment and body lines are great.I used both quarters,rear package shelf and tulip panel on my 72.
  8. 714024SPEED

    Which One and Why

    #1 = 1971 402 4Speed #2=79 more 1971 402 4 Speeds so I can have them all
  9. 714024SPEED

    Winter trailer check up

    Just wanted to tell everyone that has a trailer for their pride and joy to take a look at it over the Long Winter months.My brother and I were on our way home last week from getting our newest Monte a 71 402 auto. We were about 10 miles from home when the U bolts on one of our trailer axles broke, luckily no one got hurt and we were able to limp it home with some not so good side of the highway fixing. It makes for a good story that we can laugh about now but it could have been much worse. So take the time and look at your towing equipment this winter. Here is a picture of our 6th first gen Monte on our trailer.
  10. 714024SPEED

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Welcome. I love the color combo, it's definitely not one you see.
  11. 714024SPEED

    New member in NJ!

    Welcome. You got lots of work ahead of you ,but have fun. I have the 72 shell for sale so I know what your facing.lol
  12. 714024SPEED

    1972 Monte Carlo Shell/ resto project

    Love updated site easy to add pictures
  13. Hi I have a 72 Monte Shell.Car has new AMD full quarters, package shelf,tulip panel,trunk floor and one outer wheelhouse installed.Car was taken down to bare metal from doors back and put in sealer primer.Car is super solid but is all a part. Car was Covert tan tan interior.I have two build sheets for it, was a small block a/c car .It is the car in my profile pic,but is all apart now.Would make a great resto project or if your body tub is rusted . asking $3500 call or text 917-567-1996 thanks Kevin
  14. 714024SPEED

    How would you do it?

    Take a good look at the rest of the wheel well. I had the same problem on my 72 had to replace a lot of the area around the brace (once i ground down the area i put a flash light from underneath ) and it looked like i was looking at the pretty stars in the night sky with all the pin holes it had LOL. I also had to replace the brace. I did fix it but looking back on it now i would have replaced the whole wheel tub. I hope yours is better than what i found good luck.
  15. 714024SPEED

    1972 MC Custom Numbers?

    Hi I will be taking apart a 72 Custom unfortunately .Car has major rust issued ,it is a small block Custom. Let me know if you would still like the info on the car for your data base.