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  1. 714024SPEED

    a little stuck

    When I did my Msd atomic EFI I had the same type of problem without a clean tach signal to hook up to. I tried a MSD module it worked for alittle bit but used the signal from the coil witch is not a clean signal kept fouling out o2 sensor. Your best bet is to get an MSD style multiple spark box like a 6a or 6al. It has a dedicated tach signal. Good luck
  2. 714024SPEED

    1970 gobie beige color input?

    If someone is looking for an original car changing the color may hurt the resale ,but you never know who is going to come look at it. I have a 72 Covert tan Monte and always hear from people that it is nice to see one that is not black,blue or red. I also have a Black and red Monte's in the family lol. So my vote is beige.
  3. 714024SPEED

    Rear bumper brackets and lights?

    In a short answer yes they will work for all three years.Some of the rear outside brackets were tubular but will work on all three years.The reverse light lenses are different in 70 but will work on all three years.
  4. 714024SPEED

    Connector and wire identification

    The first one looks like the connection if your car had a hood light.
  5. 714024SPEED

    71 monte carlo ss

    From what I know code 67 is classic copper .On the Monte Carlo it was only available in 71 making it a one year only color. It's a tricky color it depends on the light sometimes it looks brown but in the sunlight it's a burnt orange.
  6. 714024SPEED

    Bad short

    I had a problem like that years ago and after checking all the wires throughout the car several times . It turned out to be a bad negative cable from the battery. Drove me crazy for a week. Bad grounds can cause some strange stuff to happen. Good luck
  7. 714024SPEED

    71 monte carlo ss

    Looks awesome so far, can't wait to see the finished product !!! Great job
  8. 714024SPEED

    Independence Day

    Happy 4th to everyone!!!!
  9. 714024SPEED

    Cypress, TX

  10. 714024SPEED

    In Utah, at a crossroad

    Welcome!!!! I've fixed alot worse than that. I say fix it and enjoy it.
  11. 714024SPEED

    Hello All from PA

  12. 714024SPEED

    1971 402 4speed build...

    Wow looks like a lot of hard work. Lol looks great
  13. 714024SPEED

    Windows felt set for 1971?

    There is a little metal tab that is part of the weather strip that the screw goes into.
  14. 714024SPEED

    New SS listing at a dealer

    Not in love with the rally stripes either,just my opinion.
  15. 714024SPEED

    Awake after 34 year slumber!

    It was great to see the old girl come back to life after so long and the John Deere worked great as a tow vehicle.lol