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  1. 714024SPEED

    1970 4 speed central fl

    Car was on CL a while ago. From those pictures yes does appear to be a real 4 speed car.
  2. 714024SPEED

    power trunk button

    I think that one is smaller than original.
  3. 714024SPEED

    Steering column color

    I know that SS cars all had black steering columns no matter what color the interior color was . My question is about our 71 402 4 speed car that my brother and I are restoring the car has a dark saddle interior that someone dyed black. What color should the steering column and the wheel be. Our 72 small block car has a dark saddle interior but column is black.I have heard big block cars would have it painted same color as interior but not sure.
  4. 714024SPEED

    1970 454 SS on eBay

    Yes I believe the steering column and wheel should be black.
  5. 714024SPEED

    1970 SS 454

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. Car was on eBay about a week ago. Has a light green painted roof,I don't think green was an option for painted roof color.
  7. 714024SPEED

    1970 SS 454

    If you go online and type in OPG customer car spotlight 1970 Monte Carlo SS 454 the article comes up. Good luck looks like a really nice car and has some good info on the car says owner spent $30k on the resto in 2010.
  8. 714024SPEED

    1970 SS 454

    Good memory MC1of80 .Car is on the cover of opg catalog 2015. Here's a good lead on the car hope it helps.
  9. 714024SPEED

    power trunk button

    Yes you need the green button. They are not easy to come by anymore. Good luck. I know the parts place makes the yellow one new .
  10. 714024SPEED

    Follow along with the build of a 1970 Monte Carlo

    I will be watching.
  11. 714024SPEED

    1970 454 SS on eBay

    Looks like a very nice car.
  12. 714024SPEED

    What is your preferred company for fuel/brake lines?

    I have always used steel lines in the past but on my station wagon I used stainless steel. Had issues with the stainless leaking after use ,had to keep checking them to make sure they stayed tight. After a while they have stayed tight and have not had an issues since. I guess to make a long story short is if you go stainless make sure you really tighten them up.
  13. 714024SPEED

    Matching Numbers Or NOT???

    The trans is not the numbers matching trans. The Vin on the trans is built for a Baltimore car and the date code don't work out for the build date on the car. Still a nice rare car with a great color combination. Good luck
  14. 714024SPEED

    What is your preferred company for fuel/brake lines?

    I have used both inline tube and right stuff. Both make good product but like inline tube customer service better.
  15. 714024SPEED

    New member

    Welcome . Hope you get it up and running again so more memories can be made. Good luck