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  1. rsorg

    Independence Day

    happy 4th to all ,enjoy
  2. rsorg

    Plainfield IN car show

  3. guys i have a 72 with a 454 and the last time the front springs were replaced in1980, i was thinking of having my front end rebuilt ,car rides great and have no issues but the other day i noticed the rubber bushings on the top a arms are shot, i have a local shop that i would like to get a quote from ,but don't know what a good price would be , my biggest FEAR would be installing the one of the many different big block springs available ,andnot liking the correct car height, thanks roger
  4. rsorg

    burning eyes while driving my car

    hi, i had adjusted my mixture screws out 1 1/2 turns car ran a little rough, died on me at the stop sign ,then turned out the screws 3 turns car runs better but will probable have to go to 3 1/2or 4 ,does the vacuum gauge connect to the hose coming off the front of the carb? and do i try to get the most vacuum while adjusting the mixture screws thanks rogeri
  5. rsorg

    what kind of air cleaner filter?

    i have decided to go with an ac348 air filter for my closed or original air cleaner thanks for the imput from all roger
  6. rsorg

    what kind of air cleaner filter?

    thank you might go with the k and n but there are two different kind for the same application ,
  7. i have a big block and original air cleaner what kind of air cleaner filter is everybody using ,i heard that k and n are good and bad, or what kind of good paper filter would be good for good air flow, thanks
  8. rsorg

    burning eyes while driving my car

    hi, i checked the mixture needles on my carb and if you are facing the front of the car the right one was out 3 1/2 turns and the left one out 4 turns i set them at 1/1/2 turns out from seating and have not had a chance to start and drive yet
  9. rsorg

    burning eyes while driving my car

    great ,thank you for your help , i will start out with baby steps and let you know ,the last time i had the original carb rebuilt and is in the car now the carb was professionally done ,the carb also had worn out throttle body shafts that were creating a vacuum problem for me, used a propane torch unlit of course and went around the throttle body plate ,and the rpms went up as the car was idling telling me there a vacuum leak from the worn out brass shafts, thanks again roger
  10. rsorg

    burning eyes while driving my car

    hi, this has been going on for a while the carb was rebuilt a very long time ago there are points in the distributor,so do i turn the screws clockwise all the way in then out 1 1/2 turns ,? i will try this first, not sure how to check the float but will also check the timing after i adjust the mixture screws ,thank you
  11. rsorg

    burning eyes while driving my car

    hi, i have a stock rochester quad carb, stock ignition, timing maybe a little advanced and the exhaust out the rear off the car, yes that could be that it is a little rich ,the car turned off at the car show will also have a rich smell to it until it cools down,thanks
  12. the car show we went to ,on the way there my wife and my eyes got irritated from the fumes giving off on the inside of the car with the windows down, could it be that the carb is set to lean or rich, i would not know how to correct this,i think it is a carb issue ,but the car runs great at idle and exceleration, thanks
  13. the club i belong to is having a car show on sunday from 2-'6 p,m, at the moran ac club on nichelson st in joliet ,i will try to be there weather permitting
  14. rsorg

    driving lights / flasher lights k

    yes the rear red side marker lights ,mine will not flash when i have my emergency switch on at the steering coloum, but go on when i have the driving lights on with the pull out light switch,thanks
  15. not quite sure what is going on maybe normal, when i have my emergency lights on the rear red parking lights are not on, but when i have the driving lights on without the headlights on they work ,but my front yellow parking lights flash when my emergency lights are on but the rear red lights don't work