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  1. rsorg

    71 SS454 sold for $40k

    nice car, i agree with increasing the value insured for my car also, all it takes is an uninsured motorist to wreck my car,
  2. rsorg

    hagerty insurance

    thanks guys ,i have it appraised for 35,don't know if i need another one but will call ,roger
  3. rsorg

    hagerty insurance

    great ,thanks for the info
  4. rsorg

    hagerty insurance

    guys , i have hagerty insurance for my monte, but think the value is low ,do i have to get an another appraisal or can i just tell them to increase the cars value, thanks
  5. rsorg

    48 years ago today!

    Bruce, that is great , i will have my monte for 40 years on 6/15/20, i remember looking out my parents bathroom window at my monte in 1980 in the next door neighbors driveway saying to myself ,that some day that will be my car, Tom worked in michigan for gm also and ordered the monte and traded in a 1970 corvette lt1 350 ,with 350 horse ,to start a family, he wanted the room that a monte has ,hence the non power windows,etc.
  6. rsorg

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    I had a mechanic show me a trick ,but have a fire extinguisher handy, take a propane bottle and open it up, with the torch UNLIT ,and while the car is running at idle slowly wave the propane gas ,around the base of the carb, and see if the idle changes, i also had vacuum issues for a very long time and could not figure it out. the propane trick indicated i had a bad carb ,base gasket ,changed that now car runs great , i must have overtightened my carb bolts,
  7. rsorg

    opgi ac deco headlight switch oem

    thanks paul, it says that this part is not compatible to my 72 monte with 454 ,don't know why might have to call ,roger
  8. guys, has anybody bought the 59.95 ac delco headlight switch from opgi, if so how was the quality, and ease of installing the new switch ,compared to the cheaper 17.00 dollar switch, thanks roger
  9. rsorg

    white ceramic piece

    i tried the light switch, tonight without driving the car everything worked great , but i will be replacing the light switch and any thing else . thanks to all you for your help , roger
  10. rsorg

    white ceramic piece

    thank you very much i will look into this roger
  11. rsorg

    white ceramic piece

    yes, that is the piece that has broken ,a couple questions 1 can the car be driven ,at night with the headlight switch turned on in this condition, i do not drive my car at night only if needed, 2 how hard is it to change out this broken part, thanks to all for the information ,roger
  12. rsorg

    white ceramic piece

    while driving my car yesterday i had a piece of off white ceramic piece fall on my left foot . i looked up under the dash and could not see anything ,where it came from ,could it have come off the headlight light knob ,behind the dash?
  13. rsorg

    turbo 400 electrical plug

    great, i will look into getting a new kick down switch ,i know it is original to the car ,i have never changed that also, thanks
  14. rsorg

    turbo 400 electrical plug

    i will try cutting the boot, to further the install, could this be why my passing gear does not want to kick down when i mash on the gas ,sometimes it will kick down sometimes it wont,thanks
  15. rsorg

    turbo 400 electrical plug

    cody , yes the picture on op is exactly what i have also there is a clip above that ,that holds the wires in place ,my black rubber boot is really dry rotted and is original and won't snap onto the white or clear piece coming off the trans that might explain why my kick down works only some times, can that plug be bought and the wires spliced thanks a lot