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  1. great thanks i will check it out
  2. jared ,i am looking for the trim piece that goes in front of the rear passenger wheel , above the rocker molding ,prefer nos ,thanks roger
  3. rsorg

    Opinions everyone!

    hi, my 72 custom is midnight bronze with dark saddle interior with light tan vinyl top , which was what the original owner ordered ,who also livesin the same town as me and are great friends, not sure how to show photos,thanks
  4. rsorg

    1972 MC Custom Numbers?

    doug, thanks for all the hard work putting together this info . do you want my vin # ,thanks roger
  5. rsorg

    New Guy Here

    doug, do you want the vin# of my 72 custom,roger
  6. rsorg

    front coil spring replacement costs

    have not had a chance to go to the local hot rod shop for an estimate,
  7. rsorg

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    hi, do you still have the wiper motor ,and is it in good working condition, what would you accept for this ,thanks roger
  8. rsorg

    front coil spring replacement costs

    guys, the front springs were replaced in 1980 , I remember my parents next door neighbor ,tom doing this on the car ,he is the one who ordered the car,I bought the car from him in 1981,the car has a 454 ,air,ps,pb,etc.I don't believe anything on the front end has been replaced the car has great steering and turns really free ,I don't believe i could do this myself there is a local auto restore shop i was thinking about going to talk to to get an estimate, thanks
  9. I have a 72 with a factory big block was wondering what it would cost to get the front springs replaced , thanks
  10. rsorg

    grandpa soon

    thanks, i forgot to mention i will be 72 years old when that happens
  11. rsorg

    grandpa soon

    I am going to be grandpa early next year,i was thinking of ( handing down ) my 72 monte carlo custom that i bought when i was 16 , i have already owned the car 39 years what would another 16 be , i wonder if this has been done in the car club before.,
  12. rsorg

    Well this is different

    plainfield n.j. or plainfield il. if it was plainfield il. i would go check it out
  13. rsorg

    hood latch color

    does anybody know what color the hood latch should be painted, the latch that is under the hood that has three bolts on it, thanks
  14. rsorg

    Exhaust manifolds

    35+ years ago i added headers to my 72 custom 454 do not know what kind they were but could have been hookers ,anyway had to move the proportioning valve and very little clearance from the ground up, removed them and went with original manifolds ,but with the headers ran loud and very strong
  15. rsorg

    Not having a great day today ...

    wow, sorry about your accident ,hope you are ok. i also have a 72 custom and insurance through hagerty , i believe you are in good hands with hagerty ,i did a lot of research with insuarce companies and decided to go with them ,I am coming up on 40 y ears of owning my car .