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  1. Canuck

    Not having a great day today ...

    Very sad indeed. I just saw that car in June for the first time too after all these years in the club. Good to hear that dealing with Hagerty went well.
  2. Canuck

    FGMCC Website?????

    It has been intermittent for me for weeks and I know several others with the same issue. It is an issue with the server. Ian has been trying to get in touch with the people who run the server but still no answer yet.
  3. Canuck

    Totally Not Monte Related

    If I was a customer at that store I would be “Out of my Tree!”
  4. Canuck

    old/new member

    Welcome to the club
  5. Canuck

    HI from NYC

    I’m having the same intermittent issue.
  6. Canuck

    HI from NYC

    Welcome Geo! Sorry for your loss. It looks like you are making good progress on the Monte.
  7. Canuck

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    It appears to have all the SS equipment and nicely optioned which is good. There's still a few things I'm not comfortable with at that price but it is a pretty clean car.
  8. Canuck

    1970 SS 454 ? @ Mecum

    The only SS items I see are a 454 and the SS454 emblems. I'm not convinced it is a real SS454. It is missing the shock protectors, has a small block fan shroud, no air shock compressor, no SS exhaust tips, has a colored steering column (1970 SS steering columns were black in most cases), has a 71/72 steering wheel painted blue. Clearly these are all items that could have been changed over the years but it certainly creates a lot of doubt about it being a real SS.
  9. Canuck

    Great driveway oil drip/spill cleanup product

    Great info, thanks.
  10. Canuck

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    It appears to be a nice car. One of the nicest colour combinations available in 1970. Here’s some of my issues with it if you want a factory correct SS: Rear bumper is bent, aftermarket vinyl top and trim, missing SS exhaust tips. It would be good to see under the hood and under the car to identify SS equipment.
  11. You should be able to select several images to upload in one post like I did above.
  12. I got out for a cruise in the 71 yesterday. Hopefully not the last drive of the year. I snapped a bunch of photos.