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  1. Canuck

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    It is referring to “bright accents dual exhaust” with the bright accents being the chrome exhaust tips.
  2. Canuck

    Just Sayin...............

    All I know is that after posting that you better keep an eye on your car. signed, Mayhem
  3. I picked up the awards and dash plaques today for the Western Meet. Dash plaques for each member attending and 12 award categories for our banquet.
  4. Thomas is right. This car has reproduction SS454 emblems with the “SS” in red on the lower fenders. The “SS” was white on the original emblems. The steering wheel horn pad is for an SS Chevelle or Nova. The Monte Carlo never had SS emblems in the interior anywhere. I’m not picking on this car as it is very nice but with the work done to it I just question the mileage. Putting it back to factory correct would be pretty easy so it is still a good car for someone that wants a stock 71 SS454.
  5. It seems odd that such a low mile car would have the incorrect steering wheel, missing woodgrain on dash, tinted windows and reproduction SS454 emblems (red SS).
  6. Is that the one that they claim is only 9,000 miles? Based on the level of restoration I question the 9,000 mile claim but still a nice car.
  7. Canuck

    Newbie - 7vntyMnty

    Welcome! Great looking Monte.
  8. Here is a map of the hotel and the truck/trailer parking in relation to the hotel. One section is accessible from Rosedale Ave with the other section for longer trailers accessible from Ross Ave. The church parking lot across the street from the hotel is a good place to unload the car from the trailer. The parking lot of the hotel is tight so please only park your cars there. The trucks and trailers should park in those designated areas near the hotel. The second map shows the surrounding restaurants and other amenities.
  9. Canuck

    New to Group

    Welcome! Glad you joined us here. Great group.
  10. I am starting to consider plans for both my Montes. The 1970 Monte (stock 350 4-barrel) currently has a TH350 trans and 2.73 non-posi 12 bolt rear end. The 1970 is now at 122,000 miles so I know a trans rebuild is not too far away. I drive that one roughly 4,000 miles a year to work and back so an upgrade to an overdrive trans is considered. It gets pretty decent gas mileage in its current configuration. The 1971 Monte SS (stock 454) currently has a TH400 trans and 3.73 posi 12 bolt rear end. The car had 3.31 gears originally. I drive this car to FGMCC meets so the 3.73s aren't the best for the highway use. Ideally simply want to change the rear end back to 3.31 or something close. I would like advice on the following: 1. I am considering that when the time comes to put a new trans in the 1970 I would upgrade to an overdrive transmission and move the 3.73 gears over to the 1970 from the 1971. Both are 12 bolt rear ends so I assume this isn't too involved? Based on my research the common 200r4 has a 0.67 final gear ratio which would put me at slightly lower RPMs than my current stock configuration. It would not be significant gas savings but would be a lot more fun to drive and still save a little. Woud 3.55s be a better match with the OD trans? 2. After moving the 3.73 over to the 1970 I could put something more ideal for my driving habits in the 1971 Monte. Maybe 3.31 or 3.08 would be a nice all round gear? I'd like to keep this one stock (ie no OD trans or gear vendor). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Very nice! Good luck with your sale!
  12. Details of colour and options would be helpful.
  13. Very cool! The FGMCC founder Kevin Wiles also built a street legal Coke Machine. It is now owned by Coca Cola.
  14. Jared has been working on it recently too. http://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19311-ss-hockey-sticks/