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  1. 35 members now! Going to be quite the party! 4 months to go
  2. Canuck

    72 @ Auction

    Nice car. Yes black was a special order in 1972.
  3. Canuck

    old/new member

  4. Canuck

    South East new guy

  5. My Canadian built 71 SS had the Z20 but not the L. Was the L possibly just a 1970 thing?
  6. Canuck

    Air Ride Compressor Color

    To my knowledge some were satin black and some were cadmium plated.
  7. Canuck

    Cloth replacement seat covers.

    I am happy with my covers from Legendary. Note that it took about 4 months before I received them. In these photos the front seat has the new covers and the rear seat is original. They match very nicely. They come complete with the carpet at the bottom on the back. I purchased new foam for the front. I got the new covers for the rear also but decided to wait until a later date to install those as my original rear seat is not in bad condition and I still have young kids. I did not bother getting rear foam as the seat was not used much so the foam is still in decent condition.
  8. Canuck


    Welcome! Sorry for what happened to your car. Looks to be in great condition other than the recent damage. Same colour combination as my 71. As stated the reproduction quarters are supposed to be well made and are a lot cheaper than NOS GM ones. Good luck with the repairs and keep us posted.
  9. It is a giant peach. Concession stand for frosty drinks and ice cream in the summer.
  10. Canuck

    Opinions everyone!

    To post photos there is a paperclip link below the window where you make a post that says “click to choose files”.
  11. Can't wait for winter to go away. Here's the "Peach" along Lakeshore Drive where the Peach City Beach Cruise car show will be held. It will be much warmer in June
  12. Canuck

    Opinions everyone!

    I like leaving them as they came from the factory but I sure do love my classic copper without the vinyl top. Here's a couple side shots of those two options
  13. Canuck

    Another new guy

    Welcome! Nice find. I have not seen markings like that on the hood before. The Montes did not have chrome valve covers from the factory.
  14. You know it’s my favourite 1971 colour!
  15. Canuck

    Little cold outside

    We're expecting a balmy -6C (21F) today! Almost time for shorts and t-shirts!!! LOL