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  1. Canuck

    Fabric seat covers

    Cloth is always more expensive than vinyl. Legendary is also better quality. I do know CARS Inc has cloth bench covers too and know people that were happy with the quality. As for PUI I agree with what was said. My door panels from PUI are OK but not the best quality. I had issues with them within a year. They also aren’t completely factory correct but will be sufficient. PUI sent me a replacement set which I have not installed yet.
  2. Canuck

    Eastern meet XX Headcount

    He’s saying that someone who attended the Western Meet has also signed up to attend the Eastern Meet.
  3. Canuck

    Fabric seat covers

    I got my 1970 cloth bench covers from Legendary Interiors. I am very happy with them.
  4. Canuck

    1970 gobie beige color input?

    I certainly like to keep them original but my 71 SS is not the colour it was born with and I don’t think it hurts the value. It was originally Rosewood but now is Classic Copper.
  5. Canuck

    70 SS454 in Kentucky

    I sent him your contact info.
  6. Canuck

    New membership

    I think Jared is referring to the fact that the member badges don’t appear on mobile devices when viewing the message forum.
  7. Nice green 70 SS in Kentucky. The owner posted it in the group Monte Carlo 1970-1972 on Facebook. Here’s the description: I just purchased my dream Monte Carlo SS454 and now due to reasons out of my control I may sell it. I’m sick about the idea because this thing is so nice and very original. It has had one very nice, high quality repaint years ago that still looks stunning. Under hood is very clean and very original. Numbers match down to the carb. New tires and exhaust with original tips. Trunk is as nice as rest of car with original mat in place and original spare wheel/tire that appears to have been mounted one time by looking at it. The rim has had a beauty ring on it one time and tire looks brand new still but is definitely the original tire (I’ll add photos of the trunk). Interior is truly 10/10 and by all appearances is 100% original. Driver seat and carpet show no wear. Everything on the car works as new except the original radio and clock. A/C is all original and blows as cold as it did in 1970 with R12 still in it. Car shows 70k on the clock and is quite obviously easy, well pampered miles. The only rust spot is in one photo and is underneath right front fender and is not visible unless viewed from under car. It must’ve collected debris there early on and held moisture. The car runs very strong. Trans shifts firm and works as new. No leaks or drips anywhere. I can send more pics on request and welcome anyone interested to come look in person and drive the car. In fact, I prefer personal inspection before purchase. I want nobody displeased. I’ve been as honest as I can in my description of the car. It truly needs not one thing to drive/show/enjoy. The car did have a thorough eight page appraisal done in May 2018. I am happy to send photos of that to anybody interested. The appraiser valued the car at $42,300 based on its originality and condition. No, I do not expect it to bring that kind of money. I’m in it right and can give the next owner a good deal on a killer car but I’m not going to give it away either. Thanks for looking! One last thing...I know this car came with 2.56 gears originally and I can tell it now has 3.31’s, so that is not original. I did not post a price. If anyone is interested enough, please PM me and we will discuss.
  8. Canuck

    1971 4-speed in Ontario

    The buyer should check the authenticity. Not the correct woodgrain on the console makes me wonder if it was a 4-speed conversion.
  9. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/pembroke/1971-monte-carlo/1447216959
  10. Canuck

    In Utah, at a crossroad

    A member of the club built that black 71 years ago here in British Columbia. He had a lot of money in it with an LS swap, custom interior, nicely done. He sold it when he moved to Mexico. I saw it sell once more at an auction near where I live and lost track of it from there. As for painting you are discovering the reality of what it costs. $10k is not out of line and could be more if they discover more issues along the way. Many shops are busy enough with insurance work that they don’t take on restorations. They are guaranteed to get paid by insurance companies too so less risk than dealing with individuals with old cars.
  11. This is a member's car for sale. It has been to several Western Meets. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/d/snoqualmie-1972-chevrolet-monte-carlo/6923483089.html
  12. Canuck

    In Utah, at a crossroad

    Definitely a few patches needed but not too bad. Typical issues. There is a company that makes the rear window channels and the filler panel.
  13. Canuck

    In Utah, at a crossroad

    Great story. Project cars go for very little money and as stated you will not get much money in its current condition. Having owned mine for 23 years I have a lot of great memories and you have even more with your car. I can only imagine what the feeling would be like for you to drive your Monte again once it is restored. Well worth the wait to save up to restore it in my opinion. Keep us posted on your progress.
  14. Canuck


    Not a Monte but you can see the location on the passenger side of the intake.