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Twin Turbo "aspirations"

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Got it all buttoned down and I think we're ready to tune. I have a few exhaust leaks I need to hunt down, but it's getting there. My goal was to have it ready to show at the Midwest Meet next weekend and I met that deadline. Now for the fun part.


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Been a while since I updated so the project moves forward.

My current engine is seeing a little more blow by than I like so that's going to come out in place of a purpose built long block for the setup. When I pull that, I'll probably have to rering it and then sell it. Otherwise, the rotating assembly is fine, just not fully forged like is best for boost.

At any rate, what I have so far is a fully forged 489 short block with flat top pistons so I'm building from that. My plan right now is to add a Straub custom cam, matching valve train components, and AFR oval port heads. It'll be about 9-9.5:1 compression ratio with the heads I'm considering and the vehicle will be running on e85. Should be a very streetable combo before boost comes on.

Induction is where it gets more interesting. I will be retaining the Fitech TB EFI however, on e85 and boost, in its current state, the Fitech 1200PA is severely limited and this setup will blow past it's limit. I could upgrade injectors and retune accordingly, but sometimes I like to do things a bit differently so this is my plan. The Fitech 1200PA is a 2 stage 8 injector batchfire fuel injection. Basically, at low MAP, only 4 injectors are firing and at higher load values, the other 4 kick in. Well, my plan is to rewire it so each injector driver is controlling 2 injectors. This would mean I have the ability the run 16 injectors, providing the fueling capacity needed for this boosted big block. The 8 injectors in the throttle body would all be 1 stage and then I will have fuel rails and 8 more injectors in a multiport intake.

This vehicle use is mainly a street cruiser/bruiser, car show stopper, and occasional track duty planned. I've always liked boosted power via turbos especially because it'll be 1000hp capable with daily driver manners. 

Driveline is an already built 12 bolt rear end and plans for a built 4L80e transmission. 

So, does this sound rather crazy?

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