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Sam (Bones)

TC-W3 2 cycle oil in the gas

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been reading some interesting stuff about adding TC-W3 2 cycle oil to your gas, they have done tons of testing on the LS forums


you add 1 once of it to every 5 gallons of gas, new cars, old cars, turbo'd cars, nitrous cars, there's over 50 pages to read, I have found it discussed elsewhere too


they claim smoother idling, better fuel economy with no side effects at all


kinda interesting to read, I'm going to try it on my Saturn Astra for a guinea pig :D 



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I've heard and read a little on that before, never tried it on anything other than a car I ran out of gas in, and only had some 2 stroke from my dirt bike available. It smoked like crazy! Mixture would be much different though! Let me know how the Saturn does Sam, I'm curious.

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Intriguing,....  Think I may try it and see how it works.  Since I have a good number of marine outfits near me, I will see what they stock.  Gonna have to wait til I get the LS back but will give a report when I can. - Dave

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